Church Cannon

church cannon
physical atk blood atk arcane atk fire atk bolt atk
- 160 - - -
slow poison rapid poison VS kin VS beasts durability
- - 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
strength skill bloodtingue arcane qs bullet use
27 - 16
- 10

Church Cannon is a Firearm in Bloodborne. This was added with The Old Hunters DLC.


Church Cannon Description

"An oversized weapon used by the Healing Church. A type of cannon that fires with a curved trajectory and creates an explosion upon impact.
Originally designed for use by brawny men with deteriorated brains, not for just any ordinary hunter.
But the men lacked the wits to effectively operate firearms, and the weapon was quietly ushered into permanent storage."


Church Cannon Information



  • Found after activating the altar elevator to the Research Hall with the Eye Pendant activate the new elevator to go down. The send the elevator back up, which will reveal an altar with Laurence's Skull. Send the elevator down again via the switch and stand at the altar. This will take you down to a hidden chest. Step back onto the altar to go back.


Player Notes

  • Similar to the regular Cannon fires a cannon ball at a large bullet cost, 2 less than regular Cannon.
  • Contrary to the cannon, it deals 100% of its damage as an AoE explosion. This makes it better than the cannon at dealing massive damage to big groups as the cannon only deals 50% of its damage as an AoE, the remaining 50% on the target on which the bullet explodes. Bone Marrow Ash adds 25% to the damage of the explosion. This results in the Church cannon being able to deal well above 1000 damage to a large group of mob when the Cannon cannot, being more tailored for massive single target damage. See video  for the full demonstration of these mechanics.
  • Normally the Church Cannon will have less range than the regular one and will also arc down when fired. However if you choose not to lock on and instead aim your camera upward, it actually travels further than the regular Cannon since the cannonball does not explode midair, making it a good fire-and-forget long-ranged artillery.
  • The Monocular can be used for manual aiming when used as an artillery piece.
  • It also reloads faster than regular cannon.




trick weapons
physical atk
blood atk
arcane atk
fire atk
bolt atk
slow poison
rapid poison
VS kin
VS beasts
qs bullet use


  160           100 100     E   10


  192           100 100     E   10


  224           100 100     E   10


  256           100 100     D   10


  288           100 100     D   10


  320           100 100     D   10


  352           100 100     D   10


  384           100 100     D   10


  416           100 100     D   10


  448           100 100     D   10


  480           100 100     D   10


Movesets & Videos

Regular Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo ?? ~ ?? ?? Light/Regular/Heavy?
Dodge ?? ~ ?? ?? ~ ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
R2 Attack ?? ??  
Charged ?? ??  
Dodge ?? ??  
Dash ?? ??  
Leap ?? ?? (+run)  
Transform Attack ?? ?? (+x)  
Transformed Moveset
Move Damage Type & Modifier Stamina Effect
R1 Combo ?? ~ ?? ?? Light/Regular/Heavy?
Dodge ?? ~ ?? ?? ~ ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
R2 Attack ?? ??  
Charged ?? ??  
Dodge ?? ??  
Dash ?? ?? (+run)  
Leap ?? ??  
Transform Attack ?? ?? (+x)  



Other notes go here or in the comments.


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    • Anonymous

      Oddly silly lore on this one. "Hmm yes well we have all of these dumb brutes we've employed.. have we tried giving them giant explosive firearms? ...What do you mean they cant use it!?"

      • Anonymous

        After blasting players escaping up elevators or around corners I can confirm that this is absolutely the better of the two cannons. Shoot at them with the reiter to make them dodge then use this on the backspin. Fun at parties too, wait until they're cozied up then let the AoE do the talking. Also the combined use of the reiter, churchie and hunter's boner can be hilariously devastating and they have no idea what just hit them.

        • Anonymous

          "Making it a good fire and forget weapon" Bruh, you only have a handful of shots per world reload, you better not forget your shots.

          • Anonymous

            "Fire and forget" is a term referring to self-guided munitions. Indirect fire could be applied, assuming you were firing at a target you did not have a clean line-of-sight to, but maybe just stick to "longer range with some practice"

            • Why on earth is this listed as a Trick Weapon?!? I mean, I can understand someone mistaking the Fist of Gratia for a trick weapon, and I can even almost understand putting the Loch Shield there too, but this?? It's literally a Firearm! Is there not a Firearm list that could be at the bottom of the page instead of the woefully inaccurate Trick Weapon list?

              • Anonymous

                At +10 and about 50 bloodtinge how much damage from scaling does it get. Does it out damage the plain cannon

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