Monocular used to View things up close.

Not a hunter's tool, but a simple antique, to be used as one sees fit.

Monocular is a Tool Item in Bloodborne.


Monocular Usage

  • Use this item to see far away.
  • Use this item again to stop using it.



  • From Cathedral Ward lamp, go down and left and pick the right path on the area with two bell enemies. Ahead lies the first Reaper, the Monocular is on a body next to the broken carriage behind two Brick Trolls going down the stairs to the left of the Giant.



  • You can aim your weapon and items with this.
  • You can move slowly while using this item.
  • Using this item puts you into a "locked on" state, allowing for dashes.
  • This item is great to use for Simon's Bowblade in it's transformed mode.
  • It also works well with the Church Cannon for manual aiming.



  • The character does not keep holding the Monocular, unlike other similar items from previous Souls games, but makes it stay on the eye like a regular monocle.







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