Cathedral Ward

Lamps 2
Bosses Vicar Amelia
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
20 to 30
+2 or +4
Secrets Discovery Insight: 5
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer Yes - After Shortcut
Changes in NG+? Yes/No

Cathedral Ward is a location in Bloodborne. The player will initially enter from Central Yharnam and then have optional routes to progress from here.

Cathedral Ward Information

  • You cannot summon in this area until you have opened the main gate, either by lever or by Hunter Chief Emblem.
  • One of the Snatchers who take you to Hypogean Gaol spawns here after encountering the Blood-starved Beast . To find him, go through the door directly in front of the Cathedral Ward lantern and hug the wall to the right. He will be waiting for the player in the shadows. He is however extremely dangerous and will kill the hunter with 2 hits in quick succession. Do not engage him unless you are ready to give up your current blood echoes.
  • When you first arrive, the door to the right of the lamp will be locked. Defeat Blood-Starved Beast and it will unlock a passage to Healing Church Workshop


NPCs in the area






Lore Items

  • ??
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You will enter the area from Central Yharnam immediately after defeating Father Gasciogne and the Cathedral Ward lamp will be directly in front of you. The NPC Odeon Chapel Dweller (Agatha) is to the right of the entrance door, and you should talk to her twice to make sure you have triggered the right dialogue, which allows you to invite NPCs to take refuge in the Chapel. You can return to Central Yharnam now and find the woman hiding near the dog kennels, invite her to the chapel and receive the gesture: Triumph after speaking to Odeon Chapel Dweller.

Back in Cathedral Ward, the old woman from the dog kennels will be wearing white and sitting in the chapel. Exit through the door to her left. Two lantern and Cane enemies await here, deal with them and you can pick up the Hunter Set - but quickly move away as you will otherwise be grabbed by an invisible "blue light" enemy that can one-shot kill you. The rest of this open area has some Blood Vials

Exit through the stairs going down, and defeat the other cane/lamp enemy if needed, then continue downwards until you see a small bonfire and torch mobs and hounds. Stick to the right side of the map and wait for the patrol to come near, then defeat the dog and its master. You can pick up Molotov Cocktail and Coldblood Dew here. You can now proceed to kill the other outside enemies, beware of the one wielding the pitchfork as it has deceptively long range. Ignore the chapel entrance for now, and go to the opposite side and up some stairs. Two extremely fast dogs will attack you, aided by a rifle mob. After defeating them, go into the room and look right for an alcove that has a lever: once pulled it will move the altar underneath, revealing the path to Old Yharnam. This floor also houses a Madman's Knowledge. Exit the lever room and go right, then right again, and you will meet the friendly NPC Alfred, if you choose to cooperate you will receive the gesture: Pray and 3x Fire Paper. Please see his page for detailed information.

Go back all the way to the lantern downstairs and into the chapel, and proceed without going under the altar so you can pick up a Madman's Knowledge in the far end. Beware to your left, an enemy will attempt to ambush you. Once that is dealt with, head down under the altar and claim Tempering Blood Gemstone. The room down the stairs from this one houses a werewolf, but you can run past if if you wish. Ahead of you is the room with the Old Yharnam lamp, and 4x Antidote.

(( Click here if you wish to continue to Old Yharnam)
(( Click here if you wish to continue to Healing Church Workshop)

If you wish to explore this area fully, head back the way you came and take the right stairs leading up from where you first met the Lamp Gravekeepers. You will find your first Reaper, and a Blood Stone Shard. If you don't want to deal with the Church Giant, then wait for him to go up the stairs, sprint down them and operate the lever which closes a gate behind you. Go left from the giant down the stairs towards two Trolls and several crows. Deal with them separately, making use of parry as appropriate. This area hides the Monocular item. Continue along the path towards a ball and chain Reaper. Next to him, there is a "Loot enemy", which are like Crystal Lizards in Dark Souls (enemies who run away and will drop materials if you can catch them before they vanish). After you have defeated the giant, claim a Blood Stone Shard from the nearby corpse, and head down the stairs to its right to find a Tempering Blood Gemstone in a chest next to a locked Door.

If you don't have the Hunter Chief Emblem, go to the Healing Church Workshop and head down the large hole, and then continue through the bottom area hugging the left wall. Take a couple lefts and then take the lift up, then drop off the ledge to be beyond the gate in Cathedral Ward.

If you have obtained the Hunter Chief Emblem, you can now go back to the first Church Giant and continue up those stairs, unlocking the gate leading to the round plaza. To your right, a Thick Coldblood (4), and to your left another one but guarded by a Firesprayer enemy and a crow. Beware of this attack that can be extremely deadly. Once the enemy is defeated, you can push on to pick Poison Knive and reach the bottom floor to find many doors to speak to. If you have defeated the blood starved beast already, then one of the people you talk to is the NPC Arianna, whom you may convince to send to one of the safe zones. If you have not defeated the blood starved beast, she will tell you that she "doesn't take clients when it's dark". After talking to her, you can talk to the NPC " Skeptical Man" in the window on the other side. Eventually he will ask you about safe places, and you can send him one of the known ones. He will go to the OPPOSITE Location, so if you want him to go to Oedon Chapel you must send him to Iosefka and vice versa. Beware of the incoming patrols of 4-5 enemies. On this lower floor, you will find the Black Church Set, along with more Poison Knive. Once you have picked up the items, a rifle enemy will have spotted you and be shooting, so head forward and use the tree and available structures to block his view as you deal with the other mobs.

Continue on until you are at his level and can defeat him, and then pick up the Thick Coldblood next to him. Go into the nearby structure and up a ladder, then walk forward in parallel to the round plaza and drop to some roofs. From the last roof, watch down so you can perform a falling attack on the underneath dog, then pull the lever that opens the round plaza gate and gather the two Thick Coldblood next to each side of the stairs. After that, find a side alley that will lead you towards the next shortcut to open, next to point N.5 in the map, which is the Wooden Shield. Once the shortcut is unlocked, go up the ladder to your left, and claim Numbing Mist and Messenger's Black Hat items.

Drop from the roofs and head down the stairs, defeat the crow to your right and the gravekeeper to your left, and then find Eileen the Crow and talk to her to further her questline. You can also pick up a Madman's Knowledge amongst the crows on a corner.

When this is done, head back towards the round plaza and take the side exit next to one of the Church Giants. Ahead, a crow and a strange enemy will attack you. Deal with them and then find Twin Blood Stone Shard and an Adept Blood Gemstone. Alfred will later on move to this area.

You can now backtrack to the large stairs leading up from the round plaza. The enemies here can be challenging if not divided, so go carefully and make sure to back away if you aggro too many. At the top of the stairs, you can go right to proceed into an area with two hunters and access to the Nightmare Frontier (as long as one possesses the Tonsil Stone), go left to go to Hemwick Charnel Lane, or challenge Vicar Amelia. Having high insight will allow you to hear Amelia's voice during the fight.

Chikage Hunter Walkthrough

Once the blood moon has been activated by killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, and you have been following Eileen's quest line, you will come across her lying on the ground injured outside the Vicar Amelia boss room. She has been hunting a mark that went terribly wrong, and she worries will be killed permanently if she dies again. To save her and complete her quest line, you must kill her mark for her. Easier said then done...
The Chikage Hunter, her mark, can be found inside the boss room waiting for his prey. He is by FAR the most difficult thing you will have to fight at this point in the game. His health is incredibly high, he moves with extraordinary speed, and has super human reaction times. Fighting him will require patience, strategy, and luck in order to win.

First what must be noted are his items. He will make liberal use of the Old Hunter Bone, and will almost never not have its effect. He will also throw Numbing Mist if you stay still too long or have low health, so keep moving, and he will occasionally heal up, however, thankfully, this is rare.

For the fight itself, he will use the Chikage and the Repeating Pistol. The Repeating Pistol is what you will most have to worry about. The damage is capable of halving your life with a single shot, and he will use this as often as he can. Constantly move to avoid the hail of gunfire, and whenever he dodges, it's best if you do so too, as he often follows up his dodges with gunfire. Beware: When either you or he reach low enough health (around ten percent for me), he will begin spamming his ranged weapon in a last second bid to kill you. Keep calm and keep dodging. If you can, try to return fire with your own ranged weapon to try and finish him off, but if you can't, keep dodging around in a circle around him until you can get in striking range, where he is less likely (though not certainly) to use his ranged weapon.

His sword is actually far less terrifying to fight. To most hunters he will actually do less damage with the sword, though he is quick in his strikes. He will often two-hand his sword as well to do more damage, though he is actually easier to fight as his gun is gone. This is by far the best place to parry him. The Hunter when two handing will either A) Roll towards you for a rolling attack, or B) Walk slowly towards you and attack. If he does A) keep dodging, he's too fast at this part, but if it's B, is is incredibly easy to parry him. As soon as he is in range with his sword, fire your gun. He will most likely have started attacking at this point and will be stunned. If not, dodge back. For the parry, I suggest equipping the Clawmark rune (Stronger visceral attacks), The Blood Rapture rune (Viseral attacks restore HP) and the Oedon Writhe rune (Visceral Attacks restore QS bullets). These will help you keep going as the fight draws out.

Most of the danger comes when he has both his sword and gun. If you have a fast weapon with enough stagger damage, hit him once then dodge back. If you follow up he WILL use his super human reflexes and parry you, killing you almost certainly. If you don't have speed, try range instead.
Keep this up throughout the fight. High damage parry when he two hands, quick strikes when he has gun and sword. And remember the most important rule: KEEP MOVING. If you stay still, he will hail you with bullets and mist. Keep this up and after a few tries, you might be able to beat him. But don't worry if you don't, he is stupidly overpowered, so stay calm.

Alternatively, if you don't mind cheesing him, you can just wait until he switches to the blood mode of his weapon, then walk outside the doors. He'll kill himself from the continual damage and won't follow you outside. This is much easier than fighting him.


Video Walkthrough





    • Anonymous

      22 Jan 2018 03:01  

      Lore note from Cathedral Ward:
      "A Watchman of Byrgenweth guards the gate with a password, the sacred adage of the Grand Cathedral"
      (found on a tower accessible from ladder after killing mob w/ armed hunstman and beastman; overlooking main square"

      • Anonymous

        23 Aug 2017 08:07  

        Just a heads up for anyone whos doing this fight. I found that you can land a guaranteed charged R2 just after you finish the visceral attack animation when you parry him. Basically doubles your damage each time you parry, and sometimes you can get a third hit in too (might need to be in blood form, he started dodging out before the third attack landed for me)

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2016 21:33  

          Easiest way I've found to kill the Chikage Hunter: Liberal use of the Augur of Ebrietas. If it hits, it'll knock him down or parry him, along with dealing a decent chunk of damage on its own, and the AI just doesn't learn. Bait out a lunging attack, and just...tentacle him in his stupid face.

          • Anonymous

            No enemies30 Sep 2016 05:40  

            Im up to the part in the game where Rom is dead, technically im up to mensis but i don't think that affects it. Anyway, all the white dudes with staffs are gone, idk why this is but im sure it's to do with the bloodmoon. Does anyone actually know why this occurs?

            • Anonymous

              Sad Peeps05 Jul 2016 14:49  

              All of the npc's i've fond so far are just sitting around crying except for the old lad anyone know why

              • Anonymous

                *Sigh* What have I done?05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                Okay, everything just hit the fan in the cathedral ward. The old lady is dead, Eileen went mad, Arianna's preggers, and the Old Hag still doesn't know what the hell is happening. All thanks to that god ***** beggar (And possibly me skipping some parts of the NPC quests). Had me by surprise when his power-level just went over 9000, almost killed me, but thanks to that Greatsword, I finished him without expending much of my vials. God ***** beggars, should've never let him touch my baby-mama. Nevertheless, after killing the pretentious human, I searched for Eileen. Turns out, she be pissed and wants to shove her blades down my throat. Still can't kill her, god ***** Eileen.

                • Anonymous

                  I went right before the boss.05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                  I went to the right before the Boss. I came to an area where you met two hunters who will attempt to kill you. I recommend to fight them one by one. One of them has a blunderbuss which is extremely annoying - auto-stuns if it hits. Here you can also find a Frenzied Coldblood (7). After this you come to an area with two axe-wieldibg reapers(?) and a rifleman ( cannot reach him). After beating them i came to a room with a door. When i went for the door a huge hand descended from the ceiling and killed me! After that i gave up on this route...

                  • Anonymous

                    God ***** it05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                    Dropped my controller and demolished the red robed undead. Poor guy. "I only wanted to be your friend..." I feel so guilty!

                    • Anonymous

                      Blood?05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                      If you take a right while facing the vicar Amelia boss room I found two hunters but after I killed them there were two doors that when you knocked on them they asked for blood. Has anyone managed to get inside? What is its purpose?

                      • All Survivors that can be sent to Havens05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                        Video with all the people you can send to safe Havens and how to find them.Link:

                        • Anonymous

                          Eileen the Crow05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                          I would really like some input on this. If I go about the game normally, and kill the Blood Starved beast before opening the gate with the emblem will Eileen be out the door in front of the Cathedral Ward lamp? Because I skipped the Shh gesture accidently on 3 characters and would like to get it on my fourth. I know NG+ but I would like to try and get all gestures in NG.

                          • Anonymous

                            Killing Chikage hunter without engaging him directly.05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                            Here is a super useful tip on how to kill the hunter without even touching him I discovered. When confronting him DO NOT attack him instead let him attack you, dodge his attacks and wait for the moment where he switches to the bloodied Chikage when that happens IMMEDIETLY run away to the exit as fast as you can! The hunter will follow you with the bloodied Chikage until the exit after that wait until his sword drains the health of the hunter completly, the funny thing is his AI doesn't realize he has a draining weapon therefore he doesn't switch back to the normal Chikage when waiting for you at the lamp; draining his health away without realizing it and he doesn't even heal either after a a minute or two he will die with his health drained! Hope this helps everyone who is having pure hell with the hunter!

                            • Anonymous

                              got snatched05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                              so that really dangerous guy just outside of the cathedral ward entrance ( the middle one, wen u spawn) that can kill you in two hits got lucky on me while i was farming him... i got teleported to the jarghal hidden village place. woke up in a cell, some npc is downstairs praying and crying and wont talk to me. the area boss is that huge blue lightning beast... is this a glitch or what? i havent beaten that spider... i just killed the blood starved beast. i am stuck here with no vials and no way ( from what i can find) to return to the hunters dream... no lamp... bold hunters mark dont work, or the hunters mark. can i continue this game or what? i have no chance at killing the boss solo and coop wont work.......... help please

                              • Anonymous

                                Locked door05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                Does that locked door by the giant with the ball in chain go any where? The one directly left of the chest

                                • Anonymous

                                  Accidentally closed the gate with the monocular behind it05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                  I accidentally hit the lever of the gate by the first Church Giant, panicked, and ran outside the gate (yea, stupid). it's now locked by a device and the area it "protects" has the monocular, a loot enemy, and a tempering blood gemstone. Does anyone know how to reopen the gate or if this area can be jumped into or accessed from another area later on?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    locked door by the tempering blood gemstone and the loot enemy on the map05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                    does anyone know how to open this door?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Huge Room With Candles And Ritual Bowl Thing and a Big Door05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                      Make your way up to the Vicar Amelia boss fight. Just before the two dudes with huge tree branches you take the path on the right, kill the two bad hunters and from here there are two paths (that lead to the same area). If you take the left path with the snatcher, you'll wind up going down a cliff with two riflemen and then an area with two executioners. After this area is the room I'm talking about. If I try to open the door some huge ghostly messenger thing grabs me, takes a huge chunk of health and frenzies me, then proceeds to drop me which the fall kills me. Nothing happens after that What is this

                                      • Anonymous

                                        upper cathedral help05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                        I have the key to open the upper cathedral, but the door to get there is still closed. It's the door immediately right of the cathedral ward lamp. What did I miss to get that open?

                                        • Anonymous

                                          cathedral ward ,the red door by the many urns05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                          Does anybody know if you can pass this door ? near the spot of the tempering blood gemstone?

                                          • Anonymous

                                            twin blood stone not listed on the items section05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                            twin blood stone not listed on the items section.. plz add

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Hunter Henriett05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                                              Added the summonable npc Henriett to the page, summon is directly in front of the Church Doctor (Servant), the one who has his back faced to the shortcut gate that leads back to the first lamp's location.

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