Messenger Skins are special looks for the in-game Messengers in Bloodborne. You may obtain them based on your product purchase or as DLC, they are also found throughout the game world.

To equip Messenger Skins, in the Hunter's Dream, head to the top entrance of the house and take the path on the left where you will find a Stump Messenger that allows you to equip the Messenger Skins you've collected.

Name Location

red_messenger_ribbon.jpgRed Messenger Ribbon

Drops from Giant Pig in Central Yharnam sewers after returning the Red Jeweled Brooch or telling Viola's daughter about Oedon Chapel.

white_messenger_ribbon.jpgWhite Messenger Ribbon

Following Viola's daughter's questline, after obtaining Red Messenger Ribbon and killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, go back to the house and give the sister the Red Messenger Ribbon (Warning: you will lose this item). Exhaust her dialogue and when loading this area again, you will find a corpse at the bottom of the ladder with the White Messenger Ribbon.

messenger_urn_festival.jpgMessenger Urn Festival

Above Oedon Chapel. Reached by the door that opens up in the Cathedral Ward after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. Exit the elevator through the opening between the floors.

black_messenger_hat.pngBlack Messenger Hat

In Cathedral Ward, from the lantern, go straight and head right up the stairs. After the gate, climb up the ladder on the right and drop down onto the rooftops where you will find a corpse with this item.

messenger_top_hat.pngMessenger Top Hat

Reached by the door that opens up in the Cathedral Ward after defeating the Blood-starved Beast. After the machine gun wheelchair, walk to the Healing Church Workshop and turn right, drop down the broken walkway then drop down onto the wooden beams where you will find this item on a corpse.

Worn_Messenger_Top_Hat.jpgWorn Top Hat

Available via the "Nightmare Edition" (EU Only) as DLC.
Also available in the "Limited Hunter Edition" (Japan Only)

Yharnam_messenger_hat.jpgYharnam Messenger Hat

Available via the "Limited Hunter Edition" (Japan Only) as DLC.

Messenger_Head_Bandage.jpgMessenger Head Bandage

Retailer pre-order DLC (also available via the "Limited Hunter Edition").

Bloody_Messenger_Head_Bandage.jpgBloody Messenger Head Bandage

In Old Yharnam, accessible by climbing up the first ladder to Djura and dropping to the right then performing a jump onto the wooden platform where this item is located on a corpse.

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    • Anonymous

      There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not you can get the red/bloody ribbon and the white ribbon in the same run. You can! Though the red ribbon won't be in your inventory anymore, you can still have your messengers wear it at the stump.
      I prefer the top hat myself though.

      • Anonymous

        Would've been cool if they had extra effects, kind of like extra runes/ rings. I.e. letting them wear the urns makes the beasts weaker or easier to sneak up on.

        • Anonymous

          I can confirm that I got both Ribbons in one playthrough. I just completed the Quest with Violas Daughter and have both Ribbons when talking to the Stump Messengers. Idk if it's intentional or a Glitch and if it is consistent but yeah... It happened in NG+2 to me.

          • Anonymous

            Skins, seriously? Who made that up? They are not computer program interfaces. This page should be titled messenger adornments, because that is what they are officially called in the game and in the game manual and in the game guide. I swear this site drives me crazy why does it always pop up number one on Google it is the worst bloodborne site I have found. The information is usually incorrect this strategies are normally terrible and a lot what is written sounds like it's written by an 8 year old.

            • Anonymous

              I randomly just got the worn top hat, even though I got the Complete edition of the game in late December of 2015. And I live in the US..

              • Anonymous

                I just NG+'ed for the first time the other day and I still have all my Messenger Skins. I think what's confusing people is that the Messenger Skins aren't in your inventory and most just assume they don't have them anymore but if you go to the Messenger Skins stomp you'll see that you can still switch to any of the skins you previously picked up. I don't know if that means you could go through a game, get the Red/White Messenger Ribbon, NG+, get the other one, NG+ again and permanently have both. Someone will have to check that.

                • Anonymous

                  White messenger ribbon is missing. You get it by giving the red messenger ribbon to the same window where you talked to the little girl. Her sister is inside, and will ask whether you've seen her younger sister anywhere. I gave her the red ribbon, and she said "at least I have something to remember her by." Upon leaving and returning to the area, the window is now dark with no response to talk attempts. If you look down the ladder, you'll see a dead girl at the bottom with an item, beside the brick giant guy. This will be the White Messenger Ribbon. Not sure if you can have both - I immediately gave her the red ribbon. Maybe it's possible to send this sister to the chapel and have her die on the way too, so you get both ribbons?

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