Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 910
Drops Bolt Paper, Blood Stone Shards, Twin Blood Stone Shards
Weak Poison
Strong Above average defenses against Physical, Thrust, Blunt, Blood & Arcane

Snatchers are an enemy in Bloodborne.

Snatchers are tall, hooded monsters that appear in and around Cathedral Ward after the Hunter defeats the Blood-Starved Beast. They sling a large bag over their shoulder that they use to attack. If killed by a Snatcher, the Hunter will be brought to a prison called Hypogean Gaol. This is the only way to enter the Unseen Village before the red moon. Much of Yahar'gul will remain inaccessible until Rom is killed. However, after Rom is dead and the red moon hangs low, all Snatchers will mysteriously disappear from Yharnam.


Snatchers have a large amount of health and a high damage output, however they are very slow and are easily capable of being backstabbed even in the middle of a fight. However, when about a third of their health is depleted, they will enter a frenzy mode and begin attacking much more quickly as well as having a larger move-set.

  • These enemies have an extremely weak poison resist. If you throw a single poison knife, the HP will be drained until 1/4 of his life remains.
  • The opening attack against this enemy is usually the decisive one. Heavy-weight weapons will stagger the enemy with a fully-charged attack and will enrage it, if it has lost around a third of it's health. During the enraging animation, rain a flurry of heavy blows upon it to dispatch it quickly.
  • A snatcher becomes a really formidable foe after losing about one third of their hit point and going frenzy. They must however channel for a while to do so, which gives the player a wide enough window to reposition behind them and charge up a R2 attack for a viseceral attack.
  • One of the easiest ways to kill a Snatcher is to get a backstab-viseceral attack combo before it goes into its frenzy mode. It immediately channels its frenzy animation after getting up, with their back facing the player, leaving it open to another backstab-visceral. However, the first backstab can be difficult to pull off, in which case lowering its health enough for it to start its channeling animation, and then performing a backstab-visceral then is enough to deal a formidable amount of damage.
  • They can also be knocked down with Burial Blade and Hunter Axe's two handed charged strong attacks, providing you enough time to reach their back and prepare your backstab-visceral attack combo.
  • When it raises up its right arm to land a punch, it can be staggered with guns and subsequently land a visceral attack.
  • A Snatcher will kill any hunter in 2 or 3 hits. Do not under any circumstances trade hits with them.
  • Do not engage more than 1 Snatcher at the same time. One would stagger the player with their singularity pull move while the other can quickly kill them.



Cathedral Ward 910 1368 (x1) Drop% (x2) Drop% (x1) Drop%
Forbidden Woods 910 1706 (x1) Drop% (x2) Drop% (x1) Drop%
Hypogean Gaol 910 1368 (x1) Drop% (x2) Drop% (x1) Drop%


Notes & Trivia



Snatcher Power Up 1 Thumb.png Snatcher Strafe Thumb.png Snatcher Frontal 1 Thumb.png
Snatcher Strike 1 Thumb.png Snatcher cast 2 Thumb.png Osmund Snatcher Thumb.png Snatcher Blood Thumb.png Rabid Dog Snatcher 2 2 Thumb.png Rabid Dog Snatcher 4 Thumb.png Snatcher Laugh Thumb.png


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    • Anonymous

      30 Sep 2020 20:29  

      Do the ones in the forbidden woods take you to hypogean gaol if you die to them? Also do snatchers appear in the forbidden woods if you never kill the BSB?

      • Anonymous

        30 Mar 2020 13:20  

        Playing this game over 3 years and I’ve only just discovered the snatcher at the church which leads to old yharnam. I was on my way to collect the rune Alfred drops after he’s done with the queen and the snatcher walked below me and I was genuinely shocked.

        • Anonymous

          22 Jan 2020 03:22  

          Ok, I bet you can guess this, but they are most likely grabbing people for the mensis ritual. I mean, why else would they kidnap people, and bring them to Yahargul, where the boss is a massive being made of human bodies, and many enemies are made of dead bodies.

          • Anonymous

            02 Jan 2020 22:32  

            I've been wondering, has anybody noticed if the pull or the energyshield-attacks do anything else than mild stagger? Like do they lower defense, attack etc? I think it's weird that they have such useless attacks

            • Anonymous

              06 Sep 2019 15:30  

              I’m curious to know what these things do. Like we hear from the nun that she has been hearing “moans” and that they collect women (mostly) my mind is pointing to something I hope is not happening.

              • Anonymous

                04 Mar 2019 04:00  

                So apparently they can grab you??? Just encountered one in the dungeons, it grabbed my character, held 'em in the air and slammed 'em on the ground, one-shotting me?

                • Anonymous

                  04 Jan 2019 20:39  

                  they dispear after you find yharghoul in the main story, i found one of their dead bodies (with two stone chunks) in the place where you rescue adella, what happens to them?, the town folks transformed into beasts kill them?

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Dec 2018 03:37  

                    just encountered one for the first time. no word in any language can describe how much i utterly loathe these things.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Sep 2018 20:36  

                      Do you guys know if I can access the Hypogean Gaol by dying to a Snatcher in Chalice Dungeons? Cause I'll start a ng+ run soon and I'd like to obtain the gesture from Djura, but to do so I must enter Old Yharnam from the Unseen Village side, that means loose Adella (lost in my game cause already died in that part of the game).

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jul 2018 02:09  

                        I always assumed these bros were Pthumerians like the wiki always says, but then I noticed how weird it was that they're the only ones that spawn outside of a Chalice Dungeon AND a Nightmare (I'm counting the Unseen Village during the Paleblood Moon a "Nightmare" on account of the otherworldly enemies). It's also curious that the Chime Maidens are unhindered by any of the strange beasts called forth during the Paleblood Moon, whereas all of the Snatchers have been ruthlessly slaughtered. Under their robes, they're actually quite different from the Pthumerians, and don't seem to have the characteristic black eyes, nor is their skin quite as pale (also they have a sweet tat on their chest, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything).

                        Actually, I started wondering if maybe these guys are similar to the Tomb Prospectors sent into the Old Labyrinth that were driven mad by eldritch knowledge. Their garb is remarkably similar to the Madman's Garb, minus the bottles of blood, noose, and weird choice of scarf. Second, the Prospectors were commissioned to collect materials and treasures from the Old Labyrinth, so perhaps the sack they carry, though now it is used to collect test subjects, once served as a means of transporting "specimens." Going back to the topic of their unusual skin tone, it's noticeably more akin to that of the Forgotten Madman boss in the Chalice Dungeon than it is the pale Watchers. Their bizarre use of "gravity" attacks might also be related to the eldritch Hunter Tools used by the Forgotten Madman, especially the Augur of Ebrietas.

                        I imagine that some of the mad Prospectors could have "evolved" into these strange brutes, and eventually found their way back to the surface, then disbanded from the Healing Church along with the School of Mensis and became gatherers instead. Once the Paleblood Moon finally comes forth, the failed and vengeful experiments are revived and exact revenge upon their captors, leaving their mangled corpses behind. However, not all of the madmen were able to resurface, and still wander the Pthumerian ruins in an endless pursuit of answers.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Mar 2018 22:06  

                          I haven't taken down Rom yet, but being killed by a Snatcher no longer sends me to the Gaol. Am I locked out for the time being?

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Jan 2018 01:43  

                            Imagine being so retarded that you imprison someone without even locking the door. These things are Pthumerian, no? Some insight. If I were them, I'd ask the Great Ones for a refund on the Eldritch knowledge thing.

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Jan 2018 01:18  

                              Hypogean Gaol is by far the best early-to-mid game Echo farming area. Hunter's Axe + spin-to-win your way through the snatchers, the eye collector, and the two pigs outside, and you've got yourself 10,000 echoes. Rinse and Repeat.

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Jan 2018 15:25  

                                Okay but I don't even know where the ***** I'm suppose to go. One way is a dead end with a pig and the other a dead end with 15 dogs...

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 Oct 2017 18:42  

                                  After killing the Blood-starved Beast, I had a strange encounter with a Snatcher. I had opened the main gate with the hunter chief emblem and gone around to the Oedon Chapel shortcut. When I opened the gate there, expecting to fight the Church Servants around the bonfire, I instead found them dead in their spawn locations. At the bottom of the stairs there, the other Servant was slumped dead against the carriage. Then I encountered the snatcher. Scared the piss out of me.
                                  I had not been to this area since resetting the area, so I could not hace killed them. My only guess is the Snatcher killed them. Anyone else had an encounter like this?

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