General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
?? 11280 Lower Hintertomb Chalice Tempering Blood Gemstone (3)
?? ?? Great Isz Chalice Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6)
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
?? ?? ?? --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
?? ?? ?? ??
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
?? ?? NO YES

Brainsucker is an enemy and can also be found as a Chalice Dungeon boss in Bloodborne.

Brainsucker Information

The Brainsucker mob has 2 variants, hooded and non-hooded.

The hooded variant is the elite version. The elite version is able to cast spells that paralyze the player.

The elite version's hood comes off, when they use their Insight-draining grab attack (this does not alter their behavior).

Locations (Boss)


Locations (Mob)


Drops (Boss)


Drops (Mob)


Combat Information

  • Brainsucker possesses extreme Blunt resistance but is highly vulnerable to Thrust, Bolt, and Fire.
  • The moveset of this enemy is the same for both the standard version and the Chalice Dungen Boss version. The Boss version, however, has more HP.
  • By its namesake, the Brainsucker has a unique grab attack which upon landing, allows it to suck on its victim's brain with a large tentacle by driving it directly into their head. It will then drain 2 Insight from them, inflicting high damage in the process. Be sure to keep in mind that this will make you die inside.
  • The Insight drained is lost permanently, even if the Brainsucker is killed afterward.
  • Mashing R2/L2/R1/L1 allows the player to break free of the grab faster. They will however still lose at least one Insight and receive roughly half the grab's full Damage.
  • The Brainsucker also uses a binding attack that snares its victim in place, to be savaged by other enemies or the Brainsucker itself. There are 2 versions of the binding attack: long range single targeted projectile, or short range AoE.
  • The Brainsucker also utilizes physical attacks, all of which can be parried.
  • The Brainsucker is staggered as easily as other human-sized enemies and thus can be stunlocked like the rest.
  • Note that the brainsucker is immune to being staggered and interrupted while it telegraphs its grab attack. Always be ready to take evasive actions.
  • Dodge the binding attacks and get close to begin a combo, stopping right before you use the last bit of stamina. Dodge back or to the side with that sliver of stamina quickly after your assault and keep your distance while you recover stamina and continue dodging its bindings and physical attacks.



Attack Name Attack Description
Arcane Prison Flare Releases a trio of moderately quick Arcane Flares that imprison you and allow it to close the gap and suck out 2 Insight and cause massive damage. Mash R1/R2/L1/L2 to escape early and limit the insight drain to 1.
Roar + Grab Emits a roar while raising its arms and then does a grab after about 2 seconds
Arcane AoE Slams its hand down and creates a small AoE of Arcane Prison Flares around itself. Very short range. Usually used when the player is within striking distance.
Charge + Grab Suddenly charges in your direction and goes for a grab when in range
Flail Combo Rapidly attacks in a surprisingly quick and powerful melee combo. There is little warning of this attack and it is hard to interrupt.


Strategies (Quick Kill)

Brainsuckers are possibly the most infuriating enemies as they can spam you extremely quickly and drain your precious insight. Always try to sneak behind them for a charged attack but it should be noted that, unlike most enemies, as soon as you get within striking distance, they will sense your presence and turn around even when walking slowly to sneak behind. Their AOE and ranged stun attacks are very difficult to dodge and after each brain sucking attack (which puts you on the floor) they will immediately repeat and it will often grab you again before you have the chance to get up or dodge.

If you have a secondary weapon upgraded a bit, equip Kin Hunter gems into it (can be obtained from beasts made of corpses that replace the pigs after defeating Rom, in Yahar'gul Unseen Village in the outside area.) As soon as you come into the vicinity of a brainsucker (assuming you do not have the chance to sneak attack) run towards it and prepare to dodge left/right for its ranged stun attack. Alternatively, a safer method is to stun it with a pistol, walk a bit closer, stun again and repeat until you are close range. When you are in striking distance, spam R1 keeping it stun locked and when stamina is expended, immediately dodge back once or twice then left/right (by second or possibly first backward dodge it will use it's ranged attack) and immediately after it attacks use pistol to inch closer and repeat. You'll want a fast weapon as it attacks quickly once it recovers from being stunned.

If it grabs you spam R1 and L1 on the controller and be very cautious when trying to recover. It is not recommended to attack directly after getting up as there is an insanely small window to did anything before it attacks again. It has resistance to blunt and arcane, but is extremely weak to thrust, bolt, and fire.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Resembles the mindflayer, a creature from Dungeons & Dragons that kills by wrapping the tentacles adorning its mouth around the victim's head and draining their psychic life-force.
  • Madman Set loosely resembles the robes worn by these twisted creatures, it is possible the Brainsuckers are the eventual result of Forgotten Madmen succumbed to the desire for more Insight.
  • They carry a strange amulet.






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    • Anonymous

      29 Sep 2020 15:18  

      I hate nothing. I love all the unique enemies in the game for their challenge, move sets, and especially designs. I absolutely hate the brain suckers with all my being.

      • Anonymous

        29 Aug 2020 04:42  

        I've never got grabbed once by these guys, I didn't even know they had a grab attack until I came to their wiki article.

        • Anonymous

          31 Jul 2020 03:49  

          Try the untransformed Holy Moonlight Sword's charged R2 combo. With the right runes it absolutely destroys these insight leeching *******s. The second hit will fling them comically far.

          • 28 Jul 2020 16:07  

            Today was the day I had the worst luck in UGC, and had 12 insight sucked off by one of these. 3 years of playing this game, yet this is the first time I have ever experienced a rage quit.
            Although, the quit/log back on method works. That's a relief.

            • Anonymous

              26 Jul 2020 20:09  

              (sorry if I double post I can't see if the first post sent even after reloading the page.)
              Holy Moonlight Sword untransformed charged R2 combo can pretty much instant kill them up until NG+3 and the first Isz Chalice. I tested it on arcane/strength build, idk about further NGs than 3, but it can take them out with just those two hits and the right runes.

              • Anonymous

                06 Jun 2020 18:54  

                Worst enemy in the souls series by far. Jailers from DS3 are nothing compared to that. Playing BB for the first time. It’s very good but areas like yaarghul (gank city), upper cathedral, bosses like Rom and Amygdala, are an enormous dissapointment for me.

                • Anonymous

                  29 May 2020 14:16  

                  If you can, spam augur of ebrietas on them. Keeps them knocked down if you are lucky, and it's fun to see these cocksuckers helpless.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 May 2020 09:27  

                    I left BB for 'bout half a year, and totally forgot how to deal with these fxxkers until re-checking this page. Great.

                    • Anonymous

                      10 May 2020 16:26  

                      I think most players would be (begrudgingly) OK with their grab attack if the F*CKS DIDN'T IMMEDIATELY SPAM YOU WITH ANOTHER. It is literally an endless loop of slurp slurp dead. You get caught in one, you are repeatedly grabbed, killed, and left insightless. It feels cheap... Luckily I play bloodtinge builds.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Apr 2020 15:07  

                        For those who think they are master players and act like they never died in bloodborne: 1- We know they are not hard. 2- We know how to dudge them. 3- We are unlike you aware of the importance of the insight 2 insights can buy me a good thing! So we are nervous about losing them not afraid of these mother suckers. 4- for those who are afraid about their insight go and spend all of them and come back to whip these *****ers ass! Imagine their faces when they try to suck your insights but you have none this us amusing! And like what they said a person with nothing to lose is terrifying!

                        • Anonymous

                          08 Apr 2020 01:16  

                          *****, and i cannot stress this enough, these guys. In the narrow hallways of upper cathedral ward they're absolute nightmares, not to mention the sheer number of them around every corner just slobbering over the opportunity to drain half your health then proceed to immediately do it again.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Dec 2019 16:31  

                            I never had problems with these *****ers. I dont get why people freak out so much about them. I'm *****ing average BB player so if I can do it, you can LEARN IT.

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