Lower Hintertomb Chalice


A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal. Hintertombs are the peripheral catacombs of the old underground labyrinth.

To this day, the Watchers continue to expand the hintertombs, unceremonious catacombs filled with graves and death."

Lower Hintertomb Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon never changes Bosses, design or loot.


Lower Hintertomb Chalice Information




  • Hintertomb Chalice Dungeon
  • For higher chances of co-op with the Fextralife community, join Fextra Lower Hintertomb dungeon via this Glyph: znzx9fjg











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    • Anonymous

      The undead giant on the second layer, literally, snipped me with cannon fire when I went for the item on the upper dome catwalks. The item was a pebble. I aggroed him on the bottom level, and he took it quite personally. One of the best laughs I have honestly had, being blasted off the top section, falling to my doom.
      Bloodborne was the first, and very last of its kind.
      Often imitated, and I think you all know the rest!

      • Anonymous

        When I fought the brainsucker in this dungeon for the first time, it also dropped a bloodstone chunk for me, but I don't see it listed here. When I reset the dungeon and fought it a second time, I didn't get one. Is it a one-time drop or is it just rare?

        • Adding onto my previous comment, another thing to mention that's unique here: An Odd Bloodtinge gem, which adds purely flat Blood Atk. It's +19 damage, which is much better than % up gems for shotgun-type weapons like the Hunter Blunderbuss or Ludwig's Rifle.

          The gem is located in the layer 3 main area, in a chest with a lot of enemies and poison mist braziers around it. It's a relatively easy suicide run if you want it!

          • I usually never run the Hintertomb chalices, but I rushed this one on my current Skill build with Blades of Mercy. It's an offline PVE run, and the Brainsucker boss here is the first consistent farm you can do for Tempering triangles with flat Arcane (or just Arcane triangles for that matter). Just save scum via flash drive until you get a decent gem!

            • Anonymous

              Okay but **** all the poison in these dungeons. Black Church ftw, but still. It's not even deadly, just.....annoying as all hell. An honest nuisance.

              • Anonymous

                Happy ;>
                I'm. So. Happy.
                Everything is crumbling... everything is shutting down...
                I need eyes to leave the ground...

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