Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice


Root chalice that breaks multiple labyrinth seals.

When used in a ritual, this sinister chalice summons the Sinister Resonant Bell. The bell-ringing woman appears to be a mad Pthumerian.
The old labyrinth was carved out by the Pthumerians, superhuman beings that are said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth.

Note: Additional rite Sinister Bell is for online use only. The bell-ringing woman does not appear offline.

Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. Combining the Materials listed below in the Chalice will create a Chalice Dungeon. You must be at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream to do this. This dungeon randomizes the Bosses, layout and loot. This is one of the few Chalices that allows PvP.



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    • I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy!

      • Anonymous

        Went through first layer hoping that it would be there. Found it in the fourth layer with the two hounds, Keeper of the Old Ones (?), and about four spiders.

        • Anonymous

          that this chalice is sold in a level 4 layer yet the level 5 sinister chalice is sold in the level 3 layer... I think that is a bit reversed, perhaps a overlooked mistake from developers?

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