Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice


Root Chalice that breaks multiple labyrinth seals.

Root Chalices, used in rituals to break old labyrinth seals, are said to change the labyrinth's form each time.

The old labyrinth was carved out by the Pthumerians, superhuman beings that are said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth.


Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. Combining the Materials listed below in the Chalice will create a Chalice Dungeon. You must be at the Tomb Altar in Hunter's Dream to do this. This dungeon randomizes the Bosses, layout and loot.



Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice Information







Item Info Glyph Offering* Location
Formless Oedon Max QS bullets +2 vy8hiwxx s/S Layer 1 pre-boss side area
868i2ga3 F/R Layer 3 pre-boss side area
p3anuwen s/None  Layer 2 pre-lamp side area
Uncanny Kirkhammer radial.pngwaning.pngradial.png 6shtucek F/R Layer 2 pre-Boss side area; Lost Saw Cleaver on L3 pre-lamp
vy8hiwxx s/S Layer 1 pre-lamp side area
e6tvmya5 F Layer 1 pre-lamp side area; Lost Saw Cleaver on L3
Uncanny Rifle Spear radial.pngwaning.pngradial.png 2fvj36xy None Layer 1 pre-lamp side area
8cu74x96 F/R Layer 2 pre-lamp side area; Lost Saw Spear on L1 pre-lamp; Lost Saw Cleaver on L4 pre-boss
jch62fmh Inactive Layer 3; Lost Saw Spear on L2
p6fndphh Inactive Layer 1
3ukjayjk Inactive Layer 1 pre-boss side area; Lost Saw Spear on L3
md96ycev Inactive Layer 2 pre-boss side area
Lost Saw Cleaver radial.pngtriangular.pngwaning.png 6shtucek F/R Layer 3 pre-lamp side area; Uncanny Kirkhammer on L2 pre-boss
8cu74x96 F/R Layer 4 pre-boss side area; Lost Saw Spear on L1 pre-lamp; Uncanny Rifle Spear on L2 pre-lamp
8tjfc79q Inactive Layer 3
e6tvmya5 F Layer 3; Uncanny Kirkhammer on Layer 1 pre-lamp side area
Lost Saw Spear radial.pngtriangular.pngwaning.png 8cu74x96 F/R Layer 1 pre-lamp side area; Uncanny Rifle Spear on L2 pre-lamp; Lost Saw Cleaver on L4 pre-boss
jch62fmh F/R Layer 2; Uncanny Rifle Spear on L3
hw3kwfj8 Inactive Layer 1
5sxfkxmh Inactive Layer 2 pre-lamp side area
3ukjayjk Inactive Layer 3; Uncanny Rifle Spear on L1 pre-boss

* F=Fetid; R=Rotted; C=Cursed; s=Sinister Chalice; S=Sinister Offering


  • All items are randomly generated and are therefore not guaranteed when creating a new root chalice dungeon
  • Use Chalice Glyphs listed above to find guaranteed item drops
    • You must have made a chalice of the same type with at least the original offerings before you can search and join a chalice glyph
    • If a chalice becomes inactive or is removed from the host's game, the glyph will no longer work and this page should be updated



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    • Anonymous

      8cu74x96 "You don't meet the requirements to join this dungeon." What the Hell is that supposed to mean? What requirements? I have all the chalices, so what's the problem?

      • I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy! docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8N7xnoSS935oL6eqfqDngmK0bUqqYpy1Ytoc5_cwwQ

        • Anonymous

          Pre First Layer: Oedon
          Pre Second Layer: lost Saw Cleaver
          In Third Layer: uncanny rifle spear

          Glyph 367ukqq8 Sinister Lower Pthumerian Lab. W/ Sinister Bell

          • Anonymous

            Unfortunately, some of these glyphs aren't working anymore.
            Glyph: wmncfs6u, I found Lost Saw Cleaver (Layer 1 - pre-boss if I remember correctly) and Uncanny Kirkhammer (Layer 3 - also pre-boss probably).

            • Anonymous

              Im just curious as to what exactly the Fetid and Rotted offerings do, also i ran this chalice without the offerings and only fount 2 of the 4 lost/uncanny weapoms that are told to lie within

              • Anonymous

                I don't know what I am doing wrong but I've vear this dungeon 3 times now and still haven't got the defiled chalice. What gives?

                • Anonymous

                  How many layers does this Chalice have? I've beaten the layer 3 boss and there's no way to get to level 4, so does it end at layer 3? The reason I'm asking is because I've heard of people unable to get to level 4 in some dungeons because of a bug that doesn't create an exit from the layer 3 boss rooms.

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