Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice

lower hintertomb root chalice

Root Chalice that breaks multiple labyrinth seals.

Root Chalices, used in rituals to break old labyrinth seals, are said to change the labyrinth's form each time.

The hintertombs are unceremonious homes to graves and death, cesspools of noxious snakes and insects."

Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon randomizes the Bosses, layout and loot.


Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Information







Item Info Glyph Offering* Location
Deep Sea Frenzy RES +100 qtk768rc Inactive Layer 1 pre-lamp side area
2xe8g93y F/R Layer 1 pre-boss side area
kfwgav9g F/R Layer 3 pre-boss side area
Great Deep Sea All types of RES +50 nynpssra s/None Layer 1 pre-lamp side area; Layer 1 main area  Messengers Bath
2r8ghidm s/S Layer 2 pre-boss side area
Great Lake All DMG reduction +3% 8jv9v6bc s/None Layer 1 pre-boss side area; Stunning Deep Sea on L1 pre-lamp
qft7c6dw F Layer 2; Stunning Deep Sea on L1; Uncanny Stake Driver on L3
3j22s3z6 Inactive Layer 3; Uncanny Stake Driver on L3
Stunning Deep Sea Rapid Poison RES +100 8jv9v6bc s/None Layer 1 pre-lamp side area; Great Lake on L1 pre-boss
qft7c6dw F Layer 1; Great Deep Sea on L2; Uncanny Stake Driver on L3
qmu2iuhk None Layer 1 pre-boss side area; Great Deep Sea on L3
et562z7x Inactive Layer 1
Uncanny Stake Driver radialwaningradial 2qignhi5 s/S Layer 1 pre-lamp side area
jj3p3537 F/R Layer 2 pre-lamp side area
qft7c6dw F Layer 3; Stunning Deep Sea on L1; Great Deep Sea on L2
yeze4xs4 Inactive Layer 2
3j22s3z6 Inactive Layer 3; Great Lake on L3
s3y724yz Inactive Layer 3 pre-boss side area

* F=Fetid; R=Rotted; C=Cursed; s=Sinister Chalice; S=Sinister Offering


  • All items are randomly generated and are therefore not guaranteed when creating a new root chalice dungeon
  • Use Chalice Glyphs listed above to find guaranteed item drops
    • You must have made a chalice of the same type with at least the original offerings before you can search and join a chalice glyph
    • If a chalice becomes inactive or is removed from the host's game, the glyph will no longer work and this page should be updated
  • For all Hintertomb Chalice Runes, use this Chalice Glyphs: 7tiz3d68 (fetid + rotted offer). At level 1 and level 2 you can loot:
    • Deep Sea (Add frenzy RES +100)
    • Great Deep Sea (Add all types of RES +50)
    • Great Lake (All DMG reduction +3%)
    • Stunning Deep Sea (Add rapid poison RES +100)



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      I just got the worst possible glyph. Nothing but gauntlets of summoners, cannon giants and dogs with the levers as far as possible from the lamps. The hintertombs are so trailer park trash

      • I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy! docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O8N7xnoSS935oL6eqfqDngmK0bUqqYpy1Ytoc5_cwwQ

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