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    • Anonymous

      shadows of yharnamites on the ground05 Jul 2016 14:47  

      as the title says. ive recently bought bloodborne and going on my first playthrough and i noticed them. at first i was a bit startled and confused. there were no more enemies but theres shadows of yharnamites on the ground. ive found 2 so far, 1st one in the sewers and 2nd one is in the cave entrance where you fight the 2 npc hunters in cathedral ward

      • Anonymous

        Altar of despair05 Jul 2016 14:47  

        After hours of fighting ebriatas, daughter of the cosmos, there's an altar with what appears to be the corpse of a smaller version of rom the vacuous spider sprawled over it. I has the option to inspect it and brings up the option "do nothing". What exactly is this altar for?

        • Anonymous

          insight vendor progress bar.05 Jul 2016 14:47  

          Whats up with the progress bar that fills when you buy stuff at the insight vendor. Does anything happen if you fill it? Looks like it would take 40-50 insight to do so. Im about 40-50 shy if that.

          • Anonymous

            what's going on with the tainted dogs???05 Jul 2016 14:47  

            I haven't finished my first run thru yet but I decided to try to help people in other world's in central yahrnum cuz its an easy map. so I rang the thing...didn't get beckoned and decided to run through the level and wait. But then I came to the area with the dogs in cages and the three loose ones. I killed the one by where the drop by the crows is but then the one hanging out on the next level down decided to come for me. I have the saw cleaver and have upgraded it with blood chunks and have fire on it and atk boosts and such so it normally takes one to two good hits to put a tainted dog down but this one jerk would.not.die. I unloaded my full clip, threw knives at him, hit him with a molotov, kept swinging but ever time I got his health all the way down and should have killed him he got back up with a full health bar... finally had to run so I could fight another day... is it a glitch or a tainted under dog?

            • Anonymous

              Day Night Cycle05 Jul 2016 14:47  

              So the day night cycle exists. Does anyone know how to advance it? Like does it advance when you level up? Or does it advance by collecting insight?

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