Locations in Bloodborne are the places and areas you may visit during gameplay. You may visit the areas to find detailed walkthroughs, Items and Maps, as well as other information about Bosses and Enemies. For more information on Chalice Dungeons please see that page.


Bloodborne Locations

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    • Anonymous

      lack of lore21 Aug 2016 15:59  

      the lore is very much intresting.. but the lore is kinda short and only a few sentences. it has very fascinating lore but it needs a little bit more lore. there could be more lore of yharnam, even though i find it intresting. its just not anoth storyline, if were stuck on one path there isnt anymore to discover, its mostly just about the plague and the city of yharnam.this is my personal opinion but u can have another! :>

      • Anonymous

        Lack of Areas05 Jul 2016 14:49  

        To be honest, I wish there were more areas in this game. They could have had a prison, a marsh, a theatre-like area, a tower-like area like the one you can see from the Nightmare of Mensis and maybe even an underground city. I would have happily taken that over the chalice dungeons since they really don't add anything to the game and get really repetitive.

        • Anonymous

          Hunters dream graveyard05 Jul 2016 14:49  

          Does anybody know how to open the gate to the right in the hq I want to see in it but can't find out what to do for it

          • Anonymous

            Locations05 Jul 2016 14:49  

            This page needs some serious work. People need to decide whether plaves or lanterns are designated as locations. If you're looking at a location page and scroll to the bottom there's a box where you can quickly see other location in pages. I've won the game twice and I'm pretty sure "old town" and "dream refuge" are not places.

            • Anonymous

              Lighting and Shadows05 Jul 2016 14:49  

              Has anybody else noticed that in almost all locations in Bloodborne, the moon in the sky and the shadows cast by you character are not aligned? I mean how can you screw that up? If you're directly facing the moon, your shadow should be directly behind you on the ground, not pointing 50 degrees to your left. Byrgenwerth, Upper Cathedral ward and the Hunter's Nightmare being some of the most notably bad examples of this.

              • Anonymous

                Help05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                I need help getting to the forbidden woods. It's my first time playing blood borne and I can't seem to find the way into the second world. I woke up in the third world but haven't been able to go anywhere as all doors are shut, I'm not sure what I've missed from the first world. Please help thanks

                • Anonymous

                  Help?05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                  Hi i was just wondering if anybody would be able to help me get past the forbidden woods as i have watched many walkthroughs and i still cant complete it i have all three bells so if you would like to help then just add Saint Leavis on psn

                  • Anonymous

                    I need help05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                    Can somebody help me get through the forbidden woods i need help. Im new to the from software thing and im loving but i cant finish the game if i cant get through the forbidden woods Thx

                    • Anonymous

                      Cainhurst has connections05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mU1jMd0MBQ Anyone seen this video? I think it does a good job on theorising on a connection between Cainhurst and the Moon Presence.

                      • Anonymous

                        Any significance?05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                        Just before the advent plaza and the one reborn boss there are these kneeling guys that are on fire. They are in some sort of small crater and dont really do anything. There are 2-3 ish of them around this area. However, when attacked their fire goes out. Is there any signifigance to them? or is it a random aesthetic thing?

                        • Observations05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                          Anyone notice that if you do certain emotes to the doll she will do an emote back?For example, i you do any form of bowing she'll bow back, most other emotes result in her tilting her head at you, strangely enough if you do the beg for life emote she claps at you.....don't know how i feel about this

                          • Anonymous

                            Pronouncing 'Oedon'05 Jul 2016 14:49  

                            To me, it sounds like the characters in the game are saying 'erden'. How is it really supposed to be pronounced?

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