Church of the Good Chalice

Blood-starved Beast
Changes in NG+?

Church of the Good Chalice is a lamp in Bloodborne, it is also a Boss arena.

After the Blood-starved Beast is defeated, some new enemies ( Snatcher) holding bags over their backs will start appearing around the area. If you die to one of these enemies, you will be kidnapped and wake up in a prison ( Hypogean Gaol). In addition to the new enemies, the remaining locked door in Cathedral Ward will open.

Church of the Good Chalice Information


  • In Old Yharnam, Church of the Good Chalice is the boss fight room for the Blood-starved Beast and a lantern will spawn here when it is defeated.

NPCs in the area

  • None


  • None


  • None

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    • Anonymous

      Are you sure the lamp deactivates after rom? I just beat him and its still active for me. Old yharnam one aswell

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