Grand Cathedral

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Vicar Amelia
Co op Allowed?
PvP Allowed?
Changes in NG+?

Grand Cathedral is a Lamp in Bloodborne. It is within the Cathedral Ward location.

Grand Cathedral Information

NPCs in the area





You will approach this area after proceeding through Cathedral Ward


See Cathedral Ward

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    • Anonymous

      I killed Amelia and then lit the map, but when I inspected the skull I got a black screen. I closed the application and restarted, but now I can't light the lamp. Anyone else have this glitch or know any solution?

      • Anonymous

        I don't know if this has been mentioned, and I'm sure this is where it should be, but there is a lore note in the grand cathedral as soon as you enter through the doors immediately to the right. It's on the short ledge with the candles.

        • Is it possible to do Co-Op/Pvp and have one person be in the Grand Cathedral while the other is up above? I mean when you are in the GC and look up, you can see the Call Beyond item and when you are in the area up above, you can see the lantern down below. I just tried jumping from the window to see if I could make it over the wall and fall down, but I came up just short of making it.

          • Anonymous

            Balls =Created Friday 05 June 2015 So since they patched the Bloody Crow (goddammit From, way to take away our cheese), he's a lot more difficult to beat, especially for lower-level players. I had a freaking hell of a time with a Level 4, since every missed dodge against the Repeating Pistol was an instakill and I had no poison knives. It took a few tries, but I worked out some tricks to find victory (and there's even a small side of cheese!) 1. You have to be much more engaged in the fight this time. He will sheath the transformed Chikage when he has taken too much damage from it, so you have to constantly re-aggro him to get him to switch the weapon back. Keep dodging around him, but don't attack. He's too quick to retaliate, and at low levels this results in very quick deaths or a lot of wasted Blood Vials. He almost always fires the pistol after a dodge, so watch out for that. 2. He will heal at about 1/2 - 1/3 of his health remaining. However, in at least ten tests against him, he only healed once, even when not completely aggo'd. 3. He can be slightly cheesed by drawing him down to the bottom of the stairs and attacking as he begins to back up, since he doesn't retaliate often. I found this unreliable (probably due to my dodging skills) and was constantly getting hit on those occasions when he did fight back. Got parried a couple times too. Super fun. 4. At around half health (after he has healed), use the strategy from Point 9 above. Watch out for counters. You can get him to dodge behind a door and get stuck behind it, constantly walking forward. Stand off to whichever side he has dodged to and hit him through the wall with a long-range attack (Ludwig's transformed R2, Hunter's Axe transformed R2, Threaded Cane transformed (probably). Be VERY careful with when you attack, since he will go bonkers at his last few hitpoints and will constantly charge into the invisible wall between you if he gets out from behind the door. He will dodge most gunshots and thrown objects and will counter with the pistol, so be especially cautious (don't want to waste all that hard work). If you dodge to one side of the door, preferably the right, he won't be able to hit you but your long attacks should do the job. This can also work if he is refusing to get stuck behind a door. Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to help people out who were wishing for an easy, cheesy option after the latest patch and didn't have access to/were too impatient to farm Echoes for Poison Knives. It's definitely not as easy as letting the stupid bastard kill himself, but it's definitely easier than fighting him straight up.

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