Maps for Bloodborne are available in this page as general guidelines for item, NPC and enemy positioning.
  • See Overall World Maps for beautiful inter-connectivity maps by Hypn0tyk.
  • This page and the maps are a work in progress. If you spot errors, please report them in the comments so they can be fixed! More maps coming soon,
  • Note: The locked door next to the Loot Enemy in Cathedral Ward - It should lead to the Cleric Beast bridge but cannot be opened from either side, this has been confirmed by using shining coins to mark the door from one side, they will also show on the other side. [1]


Nightmare of Mensis (in progress)

World Progression Maps currently WIP
See Game Progress Route for details.

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Area map by Muffinstien/Muffiethegreat:

Area map by Hypn0tyk - see more in Overall World Maps
Bloodborne Wallpaper_small.jpg

Perspective map by Ultima - see more in Overall World Maps
  1. ^ The "So You Want To End A Nightmare" Map is not 100% correct in terms of game advancement. Some changes include: Cleric beast as a dead end branch since its area does not lead anywhere, Hemwick Charnel Lane branches off of the Blood Starved Beast, the Blood Starved Beast is before Vicar Amelia.
          • Blood Starved Beast is a required boss that is not listed. A way to cut down required bosses is to jump over Iosefka's Clinic wall and gain immediate access to the forbidden woods. If done you skip Gascoigne, the Beast, and Vicar leaving only The Shadows, Rom, The One Reborn, Nicolash, Nurse and Gerhman. 6 required bosses to beat the game.

    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2018 08:39  

      Not only are half of these just wrong in terms of item placement, but theres also half missing, didnt fex and co not like bloodborne, too hard for them?

      • Anonymous

        01 Feb 2017 00:15  

        The Forbidden Woods are all screwed up. Snake pits are in the wrong location, graveguard set is in the wrong spot, and the right spot for it doesnt even exist on the map. There's also a few drop-downs that arent shown, like the one at topbof bubblehead valley.

        • Anonymous

          Very nice but05 Jul 2016 14:39  

          Can you guys please please please make these PNG? The text and symbols is very low quality with JPEG. JPEG is good for many things. This isn't one of them. Drop the background texture and use a palletized PNG and pngcrush if the filesize is an issue. It's just tragic to see such nice original content and a lot of work getting destroyed by JPEG artifacts.

          • Anonymous

            Forbidden Woods05 Jul 2016 14:39  

            can't wait to see a map for the forbidden woods. I feel like there has to be a handful of hidden spots that I missed, which might be the reason why it hasn't been done yet.

            • Anonymous

              THANK YOU05 Jul 2016 14:39  

              Kept going in circles trying to find the Shadows of Jerknam in the Forbidden Forest. Nice to have some bearings in the larger areas.

              • More paths to add05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                Forbidden woods > Byrgenwerth > Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (Only after boss is defeated and only once per NG) Lecture Building > Nightmare of Mensis Grand Cathedral > Yahar'gul, Unseen Village (Generic route, available continuously after Rom boss fight.) > Yahar'gul Chapel > Lecture Building (Possibly only once but most likely.)

                • Anonymous

                  lost05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                  I've killed three bosses in yarhnam and the witches abode in the frontier. Can't find anywhere else to go

                  • Anonymous

                    Cathedral Ward05 Jul 2016 14:39  

                    On the star for the Temporing Blood Gemstone by the !Loot Enemy on the Cathedral Ward map there is a locked door. Does anyone know where that goes? It's easy to miss. The hallway to the treasure chest is tight, but the door is right next to the chest

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