Overall World Maps of Bloodborne created to give you an idea of world inter-connectivity and lamp locations, as well as a graphical representation of zone overlap

Maps courtesy of Hypn0tyk (@Hypnotyk on twitter)

Bloodborne Map_small.jpg
Dark Color Scheme
Bloodborne Map Printer Version_small.jpg
Printer Friendly
Bloodborne Map Parchment_small.jpg
Parchment Colors
Bloodborne Map Printer Version lanterns named_small.jpg
Lamp Locations
Bloodborne Map no Lanterns_small.jpg
High Resolution no Lamps
Bloodborne Wallpaper_small.jpg
Wallpaper Size

Perspective Map courtesy of Ultima

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    • I like how the geometry in the game itself is messed up, for example, look at Old Yharnam in game from the above the bridge that leads to Father Gascoigne (where there's a brick troll and a bunch of birds, not to be mistaken for above the Great Bridge). Old Yharnam should be WAY lower than it is but in order to make the game look nice it's around a similar eye level, this makes no sense but it looks aesthetically pleasing just like it does in the map Ultima drew. From outdid themselves mixing what's pleasing with the illusion of what feels geometrically correct, I love it!

      • Anonymous

        I'm having one issue with papa Guacamole's Arena location. If i'm not wrong now It should ne seen from from the Odeon chapel very sorroundings. The fact is that we mainly see only buildings,that if the map is correct (which is) at least in some points are floating midair, and even maybe invisible from the part offline Central Yharnam. Can anyone confirm? Sorry forum the bad english but i'm Italiano. And please no i'm not pizza pasta lasagne mafia.

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