The Workshop is the upgrade mechanic of Bloodborne. By accessing this forge, the player can use Blood Stones and Blood Gems to fortify or repair weapons.


+1 bloodstone_shard.png3 Blood Stone Shards
+2 bloodstone_shard.png5 Blood Stone Shards
+3 bloodstone_shard.png8 Blood Stone Shards
+4 twin_bloodstone_shards.png3 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+5 twin_bloodstone_shards.png5 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+6 twin_bloodstone_shards.png8 Twin Blood Stone Shards
+7 bloodstone_chunk.png3 Blood Stone Chunks
+8 bloodstone_chunk.png5 Blood Stone Chunks
+9 bloodstone_chunk.png8 Blood Stone Chunks
+10 blood_rock.png1 Blood Rock



  • The Workshop is located in the Hunter's Dream, next to the fireplace.


Upgrade Menu

  • Fortify Weapons


  • Repair Weapons

  • You may use Blood Echoes to restore the durability of your weapons. Repairing may only be done at the workshop.


  • Blood Gem Fortification

  • Weapons can also be infused with Blood Gems, to further strengthen them or to add additional properties.
  • The Blood Gem Workshop Tool is needed to infuse weapons with Blood Gems.
  • Blood Gem Imprints will unlock as you upgrade the weapon. (see Fortify above)
  • Blood Gems also have to match the shape of the Imprint to be able to apply them. The Droplet variant, however, fits any shape.
  • Blood Gems are reusable. Meaning you can swap out one Gem with another, to change the properties of the weapon, without consuming the gem. This also allows you to transfer your gems between weapons.
  • Gems effects are tied to the weapon they are attached to, rather than acting as global boost to your character. i.e. damage boosting gems in your trick weapon won't affect your pistol.


The Blood Gem Imprint slots of the Saw Cleaver and Blunderbuss.


  • Arcane Haze


  • Leave

  • Exits the Workshop menu.



Workshop Artwork by Ishutani



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    • Anonymous

      30 Sep 2017 18:35  

      If a weapon like the tonitrus or boom hammer has an innate element, would it be better to pump up the elemental damage and give it more lightning/fire or increase its base damage? Or is there a way to increase both and make it even more effective?

      • Anonymous

        01 Mar 2017 15:33  

        Guys +%Elemental gems actually do add, in the minimum, a fire or bolt animation to the weapon/enemy when attacked. This includes weapons such as burial blade, where damage isn't converted to fire.
        I am not talking about Add Fire Attack or Add Bolt Attack Gems where it is a flat rate, I'm talking about the % gems that usually convert the Sawspear or Threaded Cane into an elemental weapon using it's base damage as the modifier.

        • Anonymous

          Arcane Haze05 Jul 2016 14:43  

          You can unlock a workshop function from chalice dungeons called arcane haze gives you the ability to turn chalice ritual materials into arcane haze

          • Anonymous

            Gerhmans weapons05 Jul 2016 14:43  

            Why can't we take Gehrman Sythe and Gun that are literally just sitting there next to the table? Seriously I know From Soft wanted to show Gehrmans weapons but they could have put them in a display case or something.

            • Anonymous

              damaged weapons05 Jul 2016 14:43  

              is there a way to repair your weapons without the workshop tool? i was having a rough time in the beginning of the game so i decided to grind out some blood echos, but now my weapon damaged making the easiest enemy a struggle. Not strong enough to get to the workshop tool. any ideas?

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