Twin Blood Stone Shards

A solid shard that forms in coldblood. After death, a substance in the blood hardens, and that which does not crystallise is called a bloodstone.

At the workshop, these bloodstones are embedded in weapons to fortify them.

Twin Bloodstone Shards is an upgrade Item in Bloodborne.


Twin Blood Stone Shards Usage

  • Used to Fortify weapons to +6.
  • You will need 3 to get to +4, 5 to +5, and 8 to +6 for a total of 16.







  • x2 Cathedral Ward, after accessing the Central Plaza, in a dead end near the Forbidden Woods entrance, guarded by a crow and a Brainsucker.
  • x1 Cathedral Ward, near the two NPC hunters (Tonitrus and Rifle Spear), drop off a ledge after a path beyond them.  If you've defeated the bloodstarved beast, a snatcher will be guarding the ledge and may be holding a twin blood stone shard.  It's recommened to use molotovs to weaken him and bait him to the stairs as he will be a sitting duck while you lob molotovs and shoot him from the safety of the roof.
  • x4 Cathedral Ward, continue down the path mentioned above, past two riflemen, beyond them are two executioners. Behind the second executioner there are two Scurrying Beasts, that each drop x2 twin bloodstone shards. (Pulling the second executioner with pebbles is advised so as to not scare away the beasts.)
  • x1 Cathedral Ward, hidden behind a rock, in the forest area guarded by riflemen and dogs just before Hemwick Charnel Lane.
  • x2 Healing Church Workshop, dropped by a Scurrying Beast around the backside of the broken ledge where you drop down to descend the tower.
  • x2 Hemwick Charnel Lane, behind the mound with the witch statue, near the lamp.
  • x2 Hemwick Charnel Lane, behind a stone wall in the first area, near the shortcut gate.
  • x2 Hemwick Charnel Lane, drops from a Scurrying Beast on the second floor of the stables.
  • x2 Hemwick Charnel Lane, behind a wall next to a bonfire, in the area behind and above the stables.
  • x2 Hemwick Charnel Lane, drops from a Scurrying Beast in front of the boss entrance. Break the barrels to make it fall from the ceiling.
  • x1 Forbidden Woods, right after entering the woods, at the bottom of the cliff straight ahead of the entrance.
  • x1 Forbidden Woods, found on the left offshoot immediately after crossing the stone bridge near the lamp.
  • x2 Forbidden Woods, found on the left guarded by a wolfman, while crossing the oil river with the legless crawlers, below all the Molotov throwers.
  • x2 Forbidden Woods, opposite from the path mentioned above, inside the shortcut tunnel, is two more, each on their own corpse.
  • x1 Forbidden Woods, can be found beyond the cannon, around the back of the wall next to the windmill entrance.
  • x7 Forbidden Woods, can be found in the field with the Hydra-like Snake enemies by mostly following the left side near the cliff. One is up on a ledge you have to circle around to get up to.
  • x1 Forbidden Woods, can be found on a corpse, on a cliff past the entrance to the first elevator that opens the shortcut to the lamp.
  • x3 Nightmare Frontier, drops from a large Scurrying Beast near the second silverbeast.
  • x3 Nightmare Frontier, drops from a large Scurrying Beast in the area above the gravestone shortcut.
  • x3 Nightmare Frontier, drops from a large Scurrying Beast in the poison swamp between the 3 rock throwers.
  • x3 Hypogean Gaol, drops from a Scurrying Beast on the curved staircase right below the lamp.
  • x3 Hypogean Gaol, drops from a Scurrying Beast outside the Hypogean Gaol, on the side path to the door leading back to the lamp.
  • x1 Hypogean Gaol, outside and around the back of the Hypogean Gaol, next to the basement door.



  • Twin Bloodstone Shards are very rare until the Forbidden Woods area unless you decide to farm them in Hypogean Gaol, so use them wisely until you arrive there. Afterwards, they are plentiful.



  • Very good drop rate* from beasts in Yahar'gul Unseen Village. At least 5 beasts available in each run. Double item drop possible.




Blood Rock  ♦  Blood Stone Chunk  ♦  Blood Stone Shard  ♦  Pearl Slug  ♦  Red Jelly  ♦  Yellow Backbone


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    • Anonymous

      There's also another scurrying beast not mentioned here that drops 2 in Cathedral Ward. After riding the elevator at the Cathedral Ward lamp, cross the bridge and walk left around the tower, the scurrying beast attempts to drop down to the Old-Workshop area but you can kill it before it falls.

      • Anonymous

        epic gamer tip: get 106 discovery and the snatchers in hypogean gaol will drop them pretty often

        there are also 4 of them near the lamp inside the gaol and 2 of them outside so you will almost always get atleast 1 twin bloodstone

        happy hunting!!

        • Anonymous

          I have been attempting to farm the gargoyles in Cainhurst for quite a bit, but they gave only ever dropped ANYTHING once; a chunk.

          • Anonymous

            The snatchers in the Lower Pthumeru Chalice dungeon level 1 dropped enough of these to get my hunter axe to +6 pretty fast. Decent place to farm them.

            • Anonymous

              If you're like me and you want to go through the DLC, get super OP, and THEN go through the base game (namely, before Byrgenwerth and Rom), Castle Cainhurst has a solid run. Unlock the shortcut elevator back down to the lantern. The path to get to it is the one you're about to run through several times. Go back up the elevator, then back out the hall. To your left is where the executioner's set is, flanked by two gargoyles. Kill them and then continue backtracking. From the elevator all the way back towards the main hall (where you get the Noble Dress) there are roughly 6 gargoyles that you can kill pretty easily, and then go about your day. Just run through it and have fun slaughtering them. They aren't prepared for you to come from behind, either. They rarely drop Blood Stone Chunks, too.

              • Anonymous

                Definitely not a guaranteed drop from snatchers, killed most of the snatchers in Hypogean Gaol, only one dropped twin shards, the rest all dropped normal shards

                • Anonymous

                  "Guaranteed drop from Snatchers. Double item drop possible. Easy to farm in Hypogean Gaol, since there are 4 Snatches not far from the lamp."

                  What a crock of shit. I just spent an hour doing exactly this because of this exact wiki, and got only 1 fucking shard. You guys really need to stop letting stupid assholes edit and add info with zero testing, research, or evidence to support their bullshit. This is exactly why there is do much confusion over befriending Djura and other stuff. Because you let stupid people edit the wiki and add false and stupid information.

                  What sucks even more is the only other wiki is Wikia, and that site is pure garbage all over. How is it a fucking wiki site dedicated to one subject can't get hardly any info right by the dedicated fans, but a fucking massive all-purpose site like Wikipedia has shit mostly down pat? God damn.

                  • They are a guaranteed drop from Snatchers at least at the Gaol. I've killed about 25 of them and they always dropped. Will need to test more in other locations, but so far no reason to think the item drop would be different in different places. Edited the page accordingly.

                    • Anonymous

                      The werewolf enemy with the torch near the forbidden forest lamp ( behind your spawn normally) dropped one twin shard.

                      • Anonymous

                        Out of the 35 i killed yesterday i got 23 Twin blood stone shards. I dont really call that rare... Or my luck is just amazing! :D

                        • Anonymous

                          I was fortunate to have the spiky dogs at Hemwick drop them a couple times. This was before I even defeated Vicar Amelia or the Bloodstarved Beast.

                          • Anonymous

                            The regular and twin shards can be dropped by the demon dogs with the spikes in them before the hemwick charnel lane lamp.

                            • Anonymous

                              Confirmed, drops very frequently. Use the lamp at the bottom of Mergo's base, kill the Yeti's one by one and make sure they don't fall off. Easy blood echo farming + twin bloodstone shards! Also, best to do with mother brain lowered into the pit of doom.

                              • Anonymous

                                I found 2 twin blood stone shards in hemwick chanel lake, not too far from the first lamp, no one mentioned it, so if you want you could add it

                                • Anonymous

                                  I can already purchase twin shards for 2 insight and I do not have the Cosmic Eye Watcher Badge. The requirements must be different between the Insight bath and messenger bath.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I just got 25 twin bloodestone shards in 5 runs in Cainhurst. I let the gargoyles grab me and each time I got a twin bloodestone shard no idea if this is a mechanic, exploit, or I have the weirdest luck. Can some one else test this so we can conferm this and I can stop thinking my game is bugged?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I just received one from killing one the large snake monsters in the Forbidden Woods. (You the know the ones that look like Medusa's hair)

                                      • Right now a legitimate farming spot for these is Yahar'gul, by the Advent Plaza or Hypogaen Gaol. You have to kill those fleshy bone-lim werewolves, there's a total of 4 in the whole area. Two by the big box bone flesh things in Advent Plaza, and two in the chapel where the 3 hunter's are - and they're down stairs. This is confirmed that every kill they'll drop at least 1, maybe 2 shards. Enjoy!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          My (idiot) friend didn't realize that he couldn't collect beyond two twin blood stone shards, despite the fact that I had taken the time to go through all the areas to collect them. He's been complaining about how he doesn't have any for weeks, but somehow failed to notice that his number never rose with each number he collected. Any ideas on how I may fix this? The number of twin blood stone shards never rises.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I think all three of the listings for "x2" in the cathedral ward are all the same item, with different descriptions of the area. Can anyone else confirm this so we can edit that?

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