Blood Stone Chunk

A solid shard that forms in coldblood.

After death, some substances crystallise, but most simply harden and form blood stones.

At the workshop, these blood stones are embedded in weapons to fortify them.

Bloodstone Chunk is an upgrade Item in Bloodborne.


Blood Stone Chunk Usage

  • Used to Fortify weapons to +9.
  • You will need 3 to get to +7, 5 to +8, and 8 to +9 for a total of 16.



Farming Strategy

Can be farmed from the blue-eyed Scourge Beasts in Upper Cathedral Ward. The drop rate is about 1 in 8 drop rate with high discovery. It is recommended to use a weapon with long-reach that can attack through walls.

Videos of this strategy are available on YouTube.


Weapon Upgrade Quantity
+7 bloodstone_chunk.png3 Blood Stone Chunks
+8 bloodstone_chunk.png5 Blood Stone Chunks
+9 bloodstone_chunk.png8 Blood Stone Chunks





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    • Anonymous

      27 Sep 2021 18:58  

      Late-game farming can be done pretty easily at the Lower Loran glyph zaxss2vc. The dungeon only has 4 enemies and the boss, Loran Silverbeast, can be killed very easily with a parry and a couple good whacks. Takes about 3 minutes, plus you get a load of blood echos. Boss has a good chance to drop 1-2 chunks.

      • Anonymous

        22 Aug 2021 21:46  

        I've been trying to farm these from the enemies listed, in the locations listed, with an Item Discovery of 319, for about an hour each.
        I've not gotten a single bloodstone chunk. I did, however, get more twin bloodstones than you can shake a lumenwood's weird head at.

        • 22 Jul 2021 09:03  

          My preferred farming method is in Yahar'gul, after Rom, starting from the Yahar'gul Chapel lantern. You dash out the side door (towards the Scurrying Beast spawn), turn right in front of the Amygdala and drop-roll down to dash past everything. Head into the building with the original lantern (been smashed now F) and down the first staircase, straight down the second set and below the floor. Head into the doorway and kill the malformed Scourgr Beast there, then pop back out and down the last set of stairs to the other jail area, kill the second Scourge Beast., and Bold Hunter's Mark.

          Each of them has about a 1/10 chance of dropping a Chunk, in my experience (~250 item discovery). The run is about a minute, and since you don't have to wait for an elevator, along with higher drop rates compared to gargoyles, I believe it to be a solid farming method.

          Of course, you could always run a dungeon with bosses that drop Chunks, and use the Insight gained per run to slowly pay for additional ones after beating One Reborn. The first two layers of glyph dz48cmwr have bosses that drop Chunks (Pig and Watchers) without being ungodly difficult, and you can basically speedrun to them, kill them, and remake the chalice.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jun 2021 14:14  

            These should've been purchasable with Blood Echoes after defeating Wet Nurse. Farming for them is tedious as hell since none of the non-chalice enemies drop them commonly. One of the worst design choices in Bloodborne imo.

            • Anonymous

              27 Jan 2021 02:50  

              Very good strat here for Chunk Farming ( But you also need to be Patient aswell ). I'm in NG+ now running my Main Hunter BL204 , the Upper Cathedral Ward Blue eyed Werewolfs strat... What you wanna do is Unlock the Shortcut door leading outside to the Lamp... Then just simply rush to the Orphanage Door you unlocked prior to face the Werewolfs infront of you at the Ladder. ( An Extremely easy method to Kill them & also not get bothered by that Brainsucker on the Left tight corridor )... Ok so what you wanna do is Draw them back to the main Door u unlocked , up untill the exit peak.... Now the Optimal Route for my method is to use Cannon +10 ( A Cannon +10 with 2 Bone Marrow Ashes will Kill all 2-3 Wolfs in 2 shots with Bone Ashes buffs.... Even the Brainsucker will die immediately after the 1st Cannon Shot ). This is the best easiest method to Kill those for Chunks assuming you got good Discovery with Arcane aswell... I have 40 Arcane & a Baseline Discovery of 190 ( With the Eye Rune from Willem you should be well-above 230+ Discovery which will grant you a Chunk from 1 of those Wolfs aswell ). The other Route is to grab the werewolfs onto the Gate limit.. Then you'd wanna use a Long Range weapon , like a Riflespear or a Ludwig's Holy Blade ( With this Method if you wanna safely avoid the Brainsucker with whatever reason , grab some & use Blue Elixirs he wont aggro to you ). Also with Blue Elixirs used throwing a Pibble or Knifes is a good method to draw-out the wolfs on the Door.... Final Note , make sure that you dont have any Insights whatsoever here just to avoid loosing them from Brainsuckers ( Brainsuckers also drop Bullets for Cannon incase you run out of them ). What i did in NG+ is that i grabbed all Chunks in the Game , while got 60 Insights & bought like the 6th Blood Rock from the messengers ( Dont use Insights to Buy Chunks , as 1 is for 20 Insights that's not recommended just buy Blood Rocks when u stack up with Madman's knowledges , Great Ones Wisdoms & all 4 Umbilical Cords ). And goodluck , Also if bored & you haven't done any Chalices that are 4 Depths or 5 Depths ( Do those Depth 4's or 5 Chalices for the first time , as the Bosses in these Dungeons do drop 1-2 Chunks mainly all Bosses in those high Depth Chalices ). Specialy the Defiled/Cursed Ones. The Cannon Strategy in Upper Cathedral Ward should also lend you about 10 Chunks every 1 hour or so if lucky with good 200+ Discovery... And keep alot of Quick Silver Bullet Stocks with Bone Marrow Ashes , while also keep using Blood Sacrificing Bullets +5 they're useful aswell. ( I also have Evelyn +10 with Bone Marrow Ashes it also deals great damage against those Werewolfs incase your Short of Bullets & need to use Single Bullet Firearms... As long as you have good gems & 30+ Bloodtinge your fine here even in NG+ like i'm ).

              • Anonymous

                18 Jan 2021 12:35  

                If you just want to max all weapons, you may as well get used to running the game, getting 30-40 per 45-60 minutes or so (75-90 minutes if you want the extra few levels from killing the moon presence, if you also want to max level)

                • Anonymous

                  31 Dec 2020 15:16  

                  The only thing I know to tell you guys is to remake base Isz and run it over and over. Insight should only be used to round off the final couple of chunks you may need. Otherwise, not worth it. It's honestly easier than running Upper Cathedral wolves over and over. Basically, pick your poison. Do you want to tediously farm the wolves, or sink more time into a dungeon to avoid the mind numbing repetition?

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Dec 2020 18:11  

                    Comfirmed (12/0/2020) DZ48CMWR (Pthumeru Ihill) this is a fallse depth. first boss (boar) drops 0-2. Happy Hunting!

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Oct 2020 01:15  

                      Just managed to upgrade all of my weapons to +10. It took tens of hours and several NG+ plus runs but I did it. You can do this gents. Happy Hunting.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Mar 2020 11:25  

                        Honestly best advice on farming these is cursed chalices. Rock the milkweed rune in them alone and you activate a discovery stack from the curse that generates 1k discovery + another 1k discovery for every discovery rune equipped including the one activating this effect. Meaning 3 moons and milkweed jumps it to 5k and breaks any traditional caps on it also. In cases where you land watcher bosses in cursed dungeons each boss in that fight should generate a chunk each (at least when I do this it works) happy hunting.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Nov 2019 03:17  

                          Farming these wouldn't be such a pain if the lamps acted more like Dark Souls bonfires. One thing Bloodborne did worse than DS for sure.

                          • Anonymous

                            05 Aug 2019 15:34  

                            The most effortless way to farm chunks is killing the gargoyles at Cainhurst Castle. Warp to the first lamp of the level, take the elevator shortcut up and trace back the way you came the first time when you were clearing the castle, there should be 6 gargoyles to kill, after dispatching all of them use mark to reload and repeat. Due to the chunks rarity, at least 400 Discovery is recommended if you use this method. It may not be the fastest way to farm chunks, but it's easy and decent enough if you're tired of killing other stronger beasts (gargoyles are very easily killed, even with little caution)

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Jul 2019 21:28  

                              Tip: You can farm the blue-eyed werewolves in the Upper Cathedral Ward in relative safety after you open the shortcut back to the lantern. Walk from the lantern to the 'orphanage door,' and all the werewolves will be in front of you facing the staircase. Aggro them one at a time (pebbles, bullets, knives...) and lure them back to the door. They can't pass the door, which means you can cheese them with your weapon of choice. They can still hit you through the door, though, so be careful. And it still takes forever for chunks to drop. But still...less dangerous than charging in from the top of the stairs.

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Jul 2019 12:19  

                                lmao all these people complaining about farming these*****s. y’all could never survive bloodborne or any of the souls games solo bruh bet y’all live off of beckoning people stop complaining. and farm the damn thing it’s supposed to be hard not easy. this isn’t something like fagnite or any other easy game out there bruh

                                • 15 Mar 2019 00:45  

                                  Here's a pretty decent glyph. Not a lot of extra stuff, but a clear route and an easy boss. Usually drops 1-2 chunks with 242 discovery. I was able to get the route to the lever and then the boss down to 1 minute 48 seconds. Video: It's a short video, so I'm not gonna explain it here.

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