Pearl Slug

Material used in a Holy Chalice rite.

Of the all the strange lifeforms that reside in the nooks and crannies of the old labyrinth, the slugs are clear signs of the left-behind Great Ones

Pearl Slug is an Ritual Material Item in Bloodborne used to create a Chalice Dungeon.


Pearl Slug Usage





  • Player note 1



  • The item description for the Pearl Slug features a typo, reading "Of the all the strange lifeforms..."


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    • Anonymous

      If you have to waste *any* insight on these, you’ve been ignoring every item-on-body in isz chalices.

      Last I did an isz root chalice (when I was going for my last eye rune) gave me *at least 50* of these. It got to the point where I was opening chests and assuming “how many pearl slugs in this one 3 or 6? Wrong! 9”

      I wish red jelly were this easy to find, but I guess planned parenthood hasn’t infected the bloodborne universe

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