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The Hunters and The Hunt

The hunters are a group of warriors who are dedicated to keeping their regions safe by hunting down beasts - or anything other than beasts if need be - that pose a threat. Hunters are agile fighters armed with a trick weapon, a transforming melee weapon in the right hand, and a firearm in the left. They do not employ shields, but rather take advantage of their mobility in order to avoid attacks. Hunters exist throughout the world and are not exclusive to Yharnam, since a number of characters such as the protagonist and Eileen come from the outside world and are yet still recognized as hunters. However, it is believed that the Hunters started out as a branch of the Healing Church very much like The Choir. This would mean that, at least in Yharnam, Hunters were recruited by either Gehrman or the Church itself.

The City of Yharnam

Yharnam is a towering, labyrinthine gothic city, home to both the Healing Church and the Blood Ministrations. As no evidence of the existence of a ruling body is provided in the game, one may presume that the Healing Church controls the city (at least indirectly). The Church focuses around healing by infusions of blood. Miraculously, blood healing can repair wounds and cure or hinder diseases. Yharnam's whole culture became focused on blood, even to the point of blood-based drinks surpassing alcoholic beverages as the most commonly consumed. Yharnam's populace is apparently viewed as insane or degenerate by the wider world, and the citizens have become extremely distrustful of non-natives as a result.

The Red Moon

The Red Moon is a nightmare revealed after slaying Rom, the Vacuous Spider who had placed a veil over the world to keep the secret of the true nature of the world from its residents. The servants of Amygdala become fully powered, the beasts become more ravenous, and the children of Amygdala are visible at last. In this nightmare, the world reveals the Eldritch abominations it has been truly hiding. As a result, everything gets worse, and the character sees the world as they would if they had amassed 40 insight. Unfortunately, by killing Rom, you usher in the Red Moon, which is believed by some to be the coming of Oedon. It is not clear that Oedon is the Moon Presence, but he very well could be.

The Umbilical Cords

While this presents a weird part of the story, it is a known fact that 75% of the game’s umbilical cords can be found on women or children. During the Red Moon, Iosefka’s dialogue suggests that she has become pregnant, and Arianna gets pregnant as well. You also find a cord from defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse. This suggests that  Oedon impregnates women on the Red Moon. The criteria of these women who are impregnated has not been determined. It also seems to be that the Great Ones impregnate women to have surrogate children.
It is worth noting that one of the four umbilical cords is in the abandoned Workshop, very near the doll.

The Scourge of the Beast

The most common form of the blood sickness appears to be lycanthropy: Humans slowly turning into wolves. Those in the early stages of the sickness have lengthened canine teeth and grow more hair. As they progress, their arms and legs lengthen and the spine hunches over and the face begins to elongate. Eventually, they grow fur and their body finishes the change into a Scourge Beast. Along with the physical transformation comes a mental degradation: At first the victim assumes all people they don't know are hostile and they'll attack on sight. As the alterations progress, the victim becomes more and more savage and hostile, until it can only stand to be around others exactly like it as "regular" humans appear to be beasts through their own blood-addled eyes. Sometimes individuals react strangely to the blood; some become unique beasts, and it's rumored that infected Clerics of the Healing Church become the largest of the monsters when they succumbed to the madness. (As seen in Laurence, Ludwig, the Vicar Amelia, etc.)
The blood sickness seems to be endemic to Yharnam, requiring periodic hunts for those very far gone. The hunters are both respected and feared: They bring down the worst of the beasts, but are at risk of contamination themselves.

Old Yharnam, Ashen Blood, and The Powder Kegs

Eventually, Old Yharnam was founded (obviously just “Yharnam” at the time), but it was brought low by a strange (the text says “baffling”) illness known as Ashen Blood, which was a worse form of slow/fast poison. The antidote description cites it as being a more severe case, and in the case of Ashen Blood, the antidotes only provided temporary relief. Eventually, the disease (likely spread due to blood ministrations) took over, and those infected turned into beasts. This is why the beasts in Old Yharnam are poisonous, particularly the red-eyed werewolf near the boss, and why the Blood-Starved Beast is coated with poison. After the fall of Old Yharnam, it was closed up, and Central Yharnam was built, along with the Grand Cathedral. This is perhaps the first instance of “hunters” as we know them now being formed.
The Powder Kegs were a group of hunters that tried to make explosive weapons, to varying degrees of success. A few prided creations of the Powdered Kegs are the Stake Driver, the Rifle Spear, and the Cannon. However, due to differences in designs, they were banned from the Workshop, becoming known as Workshop Heretics.

Blood Ministration and The Healing Church

Perhaps the most influential of the organizations, the Healing Church was founded in the wake of the Choir. There were three echelons to the church: black-garbed hunters, white-garbed “doctors,” and the Choir. Though they did not spring from Byrgenwerth directly, they were explorers who found the labyrinth in the wake of that place and discovered the same remnants of the Truth, and used the research done there already to kick off their own research. However, their form of metamorphosis began with Blood Ministrations and their research/experiments with the blood.
Master Laurence, the founder of the Healing Church, and one of Master Willem's apprentices believed that in order to transcend humanity they had to research blood healing using Old Blood. During the times of Byrgenwerth, Master Willem taught all of his student to blindfold themselves so that they can "look into oneself" and that they needed to "line their brain with eyes" in order to see what the Great Ones see and acquire more eldritch knowledge, also known as insight, to further evolve into greater beings. With insight, they were able to see the world for what it is, beyond human comprehension. One of the most important of Willem's teachings is the Byrgenwerth adage "Fear the Old Blood". For only Willem respects and fears the true nature of the Old Blood in the beginning.
According to the memory shown by the skull in the altar of the Grand Cathedral. Master Laurence strayed from Master Willem's teachings and their paths eventually diverged. Laurence chose a different path to use the Old Blood for his experiments in order to move forward, disregarding the adage "Fear the Old Blood". He then founded the Healing Church and spread the teachings of the art of Blood Ministration. Later on, as blood healing became more common among the citizens of Yharnam, some citizens began transforming into beasts. At this point, Master Laurence discovered his mistake of using Old Blood for when it is mixed with human blood, it transforms subjects into beast. This is where Yharnam's plague of beast started.
We can tell that Master Laurence deeply regrets his decision of using Old Blood through his notes around the Lecture Building. These notes also leave clues what one must do to transcend the hunt, which he later found out after realizing his mistakes. "Master Willem was right. Evolution without courage will be the ruin of our race". "Hunt the Great ones. Hunt the Great ones". "Three third Umbilical cords"
From the Caryll Rune Beast: "Beast" is one of the early Caryll Runes. as well as one of the first to be deemed forbidden. "The discovery of blood entailed the discovery of undesirable beasts".

The Choir, The Cosmos and Ebrietas

The leaders of the healing church, the Choir differentiate themselves from the rest of the members of the church as they received teachings directly from Ebrietas. Ebrietas, daughter of the cosmos  is a celestial being who emerged from the depth of the Old Labyrinth and acted as a source of knowledge to the healing church with seemingly no ill-will thus furthering the notion that the Great Ones are sympathetic to humans. Not only did Ebrietas grant members of the Choir profound knowledge, but she also further convinced them that they could commune with the Great Ones and learn the Eldritch Truth. They believed they could ascend to the Cosmos (or at least make contact with it), and it came in a sudden and unexpected realization that perhaps while their feet were rooted to the ground, the cosmos was not immeasurably far away, but right above their heads. Together with Ebrietas, the Choir worked tirelessly to understand the Great One’s Truth.

The School of Mensis and the Mensis Ritual

Members of the School of Mensis desperately seek communion with the Great Ones, to the point of near (if not) insanity. Typically found wearing Mensis cages, a follower of the School of Mensis could be distinguished from a normal person from a mile away. But they certainly don't care about other humans' opinions as much as they do the Great Ones'.
Despite sharing the same goal with the Healing Church, the School of Mensis and the Healing Church do not seem to get along - this is indicated by the corpse of a Choir member locked away in the Unseen Village, which happens to be founded and controlled by the School of Mensis.
The founder of the School of Mensis, Micolash  seems to have telepathic powers, being able to plant nightmares and illusions into the minds of his victims. This might indicate the School of Mensis having foul intent if they succeed in communicating with the Great Ones. They may have turned the knowledge and power they obtained onto the people, which would explain the tension between them and the Healing Church.
The pertinent Umbilical Cord for the School of Mensis' description reads as follows after obtaining it from Murgo's Wet Nurse in the Nightmare: "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. This Cord granted Mensis audience with Mergo, but resulted in the stillbirth of their brains." When Micolash and his ilk used this cord to commune with The Infant Great One, they discovered that the power was too much and it killed the whole School of Mensis, locking the survivors in the Nightmare Realm that Micolash controls and driving them all insane. Whether or not this was intended by Mergo is up for debate

Cainhurst, The Vilebloods, and the Executioners

In Cainhurst Castle, Queen Annalise was a ruler over many nobles and dandies, the first Vileblood that partook in corrupted blood from Byrgenwerth. Having the ability to extract the essence of hunters' blood, Queen Annalise ordered her followers to hunt down hunters without scruple, and gained notoriety for her insatiable hunger for blood.
Annalise consumed the blood offerings brought back by her servants, and eventually became immortal due to her vile predations. A timeless society of vampire-like entities was formed in Cainhurst Castle thereafter. It was a place of refinement and sophistication, and the occasional beast that arose from the foul practice was dispatched discreetly as well as gracefully - such is the Cainhurst way. Those who served the queen did so out of loyalty, fear, and an unending desire to taste her blood, and settled with various Caryll runes that improved Visceral Attacks as a cheap substitute (as described in the rune’s texts). Queen Annalise hoped desperately one day to bear a true heir, and dubbed this the Child of Blood, which she sought to have at all costs. She sent her Vilebloods to hunt for her, and all hoped that, with enough blood dregs, she could birth a Child of Blood.
However, the justice-seeking knight commander known as master Logarius took these practices as an affront, and founded the Executioners: blood-thirsty zealots looking to kill Vilebloods at all costs. Eventually they stormed Cainhurst castle, eliminating everyone inside with extreme prejudice. Ironically, the executioners slew all the maids they could find, who likely had nothing to do with Annalise's malevolence, but could not harm Annalise due to her immortality. Seeing no other option, master Logarius sent his Executioners away and martyred himself in order to prevent Annalise from ever escaping. He stands guard in front of Annalise's tower forever, sealed off with the Crown of Illusion, so that none could enter again.

The Great Ones

The Healing Church has pursued a strange goal for a long, long time; a goal that has been hidden from all but the highest of rank among them: to summon or harness the power of the Great Ones, beings not of this world, powerful enough to be seen as gods. They were here, in the labyrinth, long ago. They appear to be much closer than you'd think at Byrgenwerth, men were sent into the labyrinth, and an academy was built to understand the strange discoveries inside, generally called the Truth. It seems the Truth is a terrible thing, slowly breaking the mind of anyone who delves too deeply. Awful things happened at Bygenwerth, and as a result, the church closed off not only the academy, but the entire forest, calling it "forbidden".
Whether or not the Great Ones are actually gods or just higher levels of beings is inconsequential, the question itself is entirely academic. The important thing is: They exist. They have an influence on the world. They appear to be ageless, but they can be killed. Their powers are strange things, often involving teleportation or energy or things that the human world cannot do. Even perceiving the Great Ones properly requires great amounts of Insight--something Master Willem tried to do, at his own cost. The strongest of the Great Ones appears to be the Moon Presence, the creator of the Nightmare the Hunter is trapped within. Others are Oedon, Rom, Mergo's Wet Nurse, Amygdala, the Celestial Emissary, the Brain of Mensis, and Ebrietas.
Oedon, one of their number, has transcended even the others, to the point that he no longer has a physical body but instead is just a voice and an influence. He is very powerful and has become sort of "timeless", thus potentially making him the most powerful, yet the most indirect, of the Great Ones. He is also the only Great One explicitly referred to as male, with all the others' genders either female or undefined (assuming the Great Ones even have humanly-definable genders)
Some items' descriptions tell about Great Ones living in "The Dream" and others living in "The Nightmare" (Which is the case of Amygdala whose function is still to be defined, and Mergo's Wet Nurse). Humans have been able to contact them through the use of Phantasm, little invertebrates found in the Labyrinth.
Interestingly, Mergo's Wet Nurse and the Moon Presence are themselves never directly identified as Great Ones. Whether this is merely an oversight or an indication that they are indeed a different class of being is unknown.

Pthumerian civilization

Pthumeria was an ancient civilization ruled by Queen Yharnam. It was populated by Pthumerians, an ancient race of people who truly understood the Truth of the Great Ones and gained supernatural powers as a result. Queen Yharnam was a medium for the Great Ones, as cited by an item (saying the Choir discovered a medium, though she’s the only likely candidate). Eventually the Pthumerians retreated into a deep labyrinth, with their holy chalices being the only remnants of their ancient rituals to break the seals. Some chalices (such as the ailing Loran chalice) led to other lands, and the Isz Chalice was in particular used in holy communion with the Great Ones.



Gehrman, the First Hunter

In time, a man named Gehrman would rise to the task of the Beast problem. Gehrman redesigned common clothing to provide better defense against the beasts' claws, and also created the Burial Blade, a unique weapon capable of transforming during battle to cater to Gehrman's need for a short or long weapon. Gehrman’s work was so admired as well as effective that his Burial Blade would become the basis for all hunter armament technology, later known as trick weapons. Gehrman was also a formidable fighter whose school of thought would become mandatory in any hunter's fighting style when facing the horrors of the hunt.
While it doesn’t say specifically, there is a heavy implication that Gehrman was hired by the Healing Church to work in the Workshop due to his role as an inventor, since his work place is directly beneath the Healing Church’s Oedon Chapel. Gehrman worked in the Workshop presumably until his death. He took many apprentices, who all did his duty in his honor, and may well have died long ago. The bone in the workshop graveyard was one of such apprentices, who had mastered the art of Quickening, allowing him to move at incredible speeds. Periodically, The Doll can be seen mourning at the same grave from which the bone is retrieved, leading some to speculate that this hunter was incredibly powerful and was one of the few to get close to defeating the Moon Presence making it possible that he was a viable replacement surrogate to take Gehrman's place in the Dream.
The description of the Umbilical cord found in the Old Abandoned Workshop states "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the pale moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the hunter's dream." According to this umbilical cord we can infer that Gehrman became the substitute child of the Moon Presence or that Gehrman was the one who summoned the Moon Presence itself and was then chosen (There are a few ways this could go depending on who summoned the Moon Presence. There just hasn't been enough lore discovered to fit any one claim of the creation of the Hunter's Dream.) For what purpose does the surrogate child exist? Could this mean that they possess some emotions or is it for a entirely different reason? We may never know for sure.
Secret Dialogue of Gehrman that strongly suggests that he is trapped in the Hunter's Dream for far too long and wants someone to free him. It also seems that he knows Master Willem and Laurence during times of Byrgenwerth from this dialogue.

Ludwig, First Hunter of the Church

Ludwig was acknowledged as the first hunter of the Healing Church. Ludwig fought with heavy weapons that were meant to mortally wound his enemies, an irony since the Healing Church is normally dedicated to saving lives. Nonetheless, this became a tradition among Church hunters, who employed heavy weapons just like Ludwig did. Moreover, Ludwig is also likely the first to recruit normal Yharnamites to join the hunter's rank, since the beasts are many. Eventually he fell victim to the Old Blood and changed into a monstrous beast wielding the Holy Moonlight Blade.

Eileen the Crow

In time, hunters needed to receive blood ministrations in order to compete with the beasts they hunted, as a kind of all-or-nothing gamble. However, many hunters would fail, and become obsessed with, infected by, and eventually overcome by the blood, becoming beasts themselves. For this, the Hunter of Hunters did their duty, ending the lives of these madmen with grace and dignity. Eileen’s set says that they were buried in a foreign and respectful way, rather than the vile way of Yharnam (which I assume is cremation on a pyre or cross), and references a sky burial (which is a practice in which a body is dismembered and left out for the carrion birds, such as a crow, to eat). However, there is one interesting note: it says that the hope for the sky burial is that the hunters would find rest and solace in “a hunter’s dream.” This leads to some fairly open-ended speculation on what "The Dream" actually is or means.

The Player

The Player is a foreigner who has journeyed to Yharnam in search of curing an unspecified disease with Yharnam's famous Blood Ministration. Seeking 'Paleblood' the protagonist signs a contract with a man in a wheelchair (Who some speculate is Caryll the rune-smith) vowing to serve the city of Yharnam as a Hunter.

Djura, retired hunter

A member of the Powdered Kegs, Djura renounced his title of hunter when he failed to protect Old Yharnam. Stubborn as always, Djura remained in Old Yharnam as he watched the inhabitants of his town slowly decayed into beasts, but insists on protecting them nonetheless. Since the Powdered Kegs are rejected from the Workshop, Djura does not have much mercy or respect for the workshop conformists, and wouldn't mind shedding the blood of a few trespassers who will raise their blade against what used to be his friends.


Alfred is a hunter as well as an executioner, he has sworn to slay beasts as well as the Vilebloods of Cainhurst Castle sworn to Queen Annalise. Although the executioners are better known for their resolution, their ferocious penchant for killing, and their "merciless" nature, Alfred is surprisingly jolly and asks to befriend the player and to be comrades in arms against the scourge of the Vilebloods and the beasts alike.

Father Gascoigne and Henryk

Father Gascoigne came from a foreign land where he was referred to as "Father" leading to the belief that he was a cleric or a priest in his former home. No rank or title in Yharnam is referred to as Father, which implies he obtained this title before coming to Yharnam. Gascoigne had been living with the blood sickness for quite some time, which may have had something to do with his relocation to Yharnam and the joining of the Healing Church. It is unclear weather he had the sickness before coming to Yharnam, but he had the sickness long before he met the Player. As a powerful hunter, he is able to contain his beastly form even though he is infected. He seems to have set aside his affiliation with the Healing Church to become a hunter, seen by his Hunter Axe and "Pistol"; on the other hand, he seems to be eliminating everyone who tries to enter the Tomb of Oedon, and is in possession of the key to the Tomb's gate that leads to Cathedral Ward, so it might be that the Church has employed him to protect their headquarters from the scourge. He is (or once was) a black cleric, which is apparent by his garb. Church hunters who wear black garb are notorious for targeting "potential victims, before signs of sickness manifest themselves". This can explain his paranoid behaviour towards you before the battle, saying "you'll be one of them, sooner or later". His mania may have been a result of his progressive transformation taking a toll on his mind, or of him succumbing to the bloodlust of the hunt.
After helping the Player defeat the Cleric Beast, it seems Father Gascoigne made his way to the Tomb of Oedon. It seems either his condition started to worsen and dramatically reduce his sanity, or he had a change of heart. Either way, at that point he saw all people infected by the plague as beasts his is more closely related to the curse having a toll on his mind due to the fact that the townsfolk view you in the same manner. Though once his mind became warped like this his wife Viola would always play the music box to somehow restore his sanity and humanity. Notice this time you find her you do not find the music box near. Thus, Gascoigne attacked his own wife killing her and in turn allowing the curse to fully overtake his body. Once you've obtained the music box Gascoigne is far too gone to return back to himself. Though the box still has effects on him, it cannot impede the ailment any longer, this is why he transforms into a lycan-like beast once he is near death or much faster if exposed to the music box's now haunting melody.
Henryk is an old hunter, partner of Gascoigne. The duo fought together for a long time, but very little is known about him otherwise unfortunately making him a basic cliffnote in the history of Yharnam, though his garb mentions that something happened as a result of Henryk's partnership with Gascoigne leading Henryk to have a "tragically long life."

Willem, Head Scholar of Byrgenwerth

Whereas it is unknown what exactly did master Willem uncover, one thing is clear: he is a crucial figure whose wisdom heavily influenced the teachings of the Healing Church, and everyone is grateful for his contributions. Even members of the Choir are required to pay tribute to him. His teachings eventually branched out to organizations such as The Choir and The School of Mensis which continued his research and many of their experiments made progress. Master Willem's most important teaching is the adage "Fear the Old Blood". He encourages all the scholars of his college to seek enlightenment and ascension through other methods except using the Old Blood. We know that Laurence used Old Blood because he thinks that it is key for humanity's ascension. Which is why Master Willem felt betrayed, since Laurence didn't follow the "Fear the Old Blood" adage. So Laurence found the Healing Church and made blood ministration the cornerstone of the church.
Master Willem is acquainted with Gehrman, and likely lived in the same age as him. How exactly does he manage to live this long remains a mystery.
The Umbilical Cord Third that is found on the corpse of the impostor Iosefka reads as such "Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain with eyes. The only choice, he knew, if man were to ever match Their greatness." So it is possible he communed with a Great One just like the Pthumerians of old and was able to obtain his long life through the secrets of whichever Great One he spoke with (Rom?)

Caryll, The Runesmith

Caryll was a member of the Workshop that was able to hear the voice of Oedon, and managed to inscribe his words into runes, which (according to item descriptions) would have made Willem proud because it was power without using blood. While the runes themselves are a singular thing, their descriptions are incredibly varied and more so tend to tinge the lore here and there with extra information.



Tomb Prospectors

The tomb prospectors are adventurers sent by the healing church to explore the depth of the Old Labyrinth. They believe the vast labyrinth contains invaluable information of the Truth of the Old Ones. Since Ebrietas came from the depth of the Old Labyrinth, the Choir became fascinated with dungeon exploration, directly leading to these brave souls being sent to where no man has set foot since the fall of the Pthumerians. Whereas many of them returned victorious, bringing along precious artifacts, equally many were lost, perished or gone mad due to the treachery of the deep. The failures bodies are littered throughout the depths of the Chalice Dungeons like a trail of crumbs like warning signs of death of all those who tread carelessly in the depths.

Black-Garbed Hunters

Though amateur doctors, the black-garbed hunters were an extermination force and a prevention, not a cure. Their goal was to kill those who were infected, turned, and those who may be infected. They wielded large weapons and powerful firearms due to the fact they were expecting to fight very large and monstrous beasts. Soon after the Black Church Hunters were formed "their black attire became synonymous with fear, and that peculiar Yharnam madness." Their robes have their philosophy stated as follows "...When a cancer is discovered. one must pinpoint its location, reach in, and wrench it from the host's bosom."

White-Garbed Doctors

The White Church Doctors performed the bidding of the Choir, applying blood ministrations with the intent of experimentation, rather than healing. Many of the twisted things the church produced were a result of this experimentation such as the great giants (with axes and wrecking balls) as well as the grave keepers near them are products of these experiments and are legendary beasts that would join the church on the hunt. The White Church set gives great insight into their particular thoughts on the experiments
"They (The Choir Doctors) believe that medicine is not a means of treatment but rather a method for research. and that some knowledge can only be obtained by exposing oneself to sickness."



The College of Byrgenwerth

Byrgenwerth College, led by Master Willem, is the main source of knowledge that inspired the teachings of the Healing Church, the School of Mensis, the Experiments of The Choir, and may have even influenced The Vilebloods. The scholars of this college originally found the entrance of the Labyrinth, and with the knowledge gained from it, it inspired great minds such as Laurence and Micolash who later became the founders of organizations such as The Healing Church and School of Mensis respectively. These organizations continued the research that was originally done in Byrgenwerth, though following two different schools of thought, and made varying progress like the art of blood ministration and contacting the Great Ones through dreams using the Mensis Cage.

The Dreamlands, Nightmares and the Hunter's Dream

In Lovecraft's "Dream Cycle", the act of dreaming was a method in which human beings could briefly transport their consciousness to an alternate dimension. The Dreamlands are not an illusion, they are a real place. The Dreamlands are a location just like Yharnam, Byrgenwerth, Cainhurst, or Yahar'gul. The mere fact that the player can take items from The Dreamlands and bring them back to the Waking World is proof that it's a place equally real. The Lead Elixir's description states: "Its recipe for this mysterious concoction is unknown, but some postulate that it materializes only within the most desperate nightmare."
Almost all hunters visit the hunter's dream at some point in their lives. The Workshop in this place is an exact copy of the Old Abandoned Workshop beneath the Upper Cathedral Ward. In the Old Abandoned Workshop, a lifeless version of the doll is present and on the altar is One Third of Umbilical Cord. Description of this umbilical cord states "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the pale moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the hunter's dream.- Abandoned Workshop". This Umbilical cord (Presumably this one is from from the Moon Presence) is what was used in the creation of the Hunter's Dream, where hunters come to receive advise/guidance from Gehrman, the first Hunter.

The Hunter's Nightmare

According to the Harrowed Hunter, the Hunter's Nightmare is a realm where hunters who are drunk with blood go to take part in a never-ending hunt. The geography is a copy of parts of Cathedral Ward and Central Yharnam . . .

Research Hall

High above the rest of the Hunter's Nightmare, past the lair of " Ludwig, the Holy Blade", is where you will begin to encounter the hideous secrets of the Healing Church and their search to commune with the Great Ones. Wandering throughout the many floors of the Research Hall are the grotesque attempts to turn Blood Saints into Great Ones. Whether it is the ghastly screams of the berserkers, or the cries for death of those about to succumb to the madness, you will not truly understand the sins of the Healing Church until you venture upon the steps of the Astral Clocktower. Here the first attempts at creating a Celestial Emissary to commune with the Greats Ones, known as " Living Failures", guard the entrance to the slumbering corpse of the Lady Maria.

Fishing Hamlet

This village is hidden behind the Astral Clocktower, which is guarded by Lady Maria. One of the first villagers encountered is muttering curses about Byrgenwerth, and the item that he gives - the Accursed Brew - has a description that suggests that many of the villagers were forcibly dissected. This suggests that the Byrgenwerth scholars came to this village and raided it (likely with the assistance of the hunters) in search of some means of contacting the Great Ones. The remaining villagers called for the Great One Kos to curse the scholars, and the scholars' successors - the Healing Church and the Hunters' Workshop - inherited the burden of the curse.

The Altar of Despair

The altar of despair holds the most valuable asset the Healing Church ever acquired: Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. Residing within the altar, Ebrietas is the only Great One that mankind has established contact with, and is also a provider of knowledge to the Choir. The upper Cathedral Ward was built to contain the altar of despair, and the Healing Church did what they could to keep the existence of Ebrietas a secret. The Healing Church also assigned personnel within the altar, to serve Ebrietas and to record her teachings. Apparently Ebrietas is especially familiar to one of these servants, and gave them her profound understanding of time. Unfortunately the human body is too frail to withstand such bombardment of knowledge, and the servant was eventually transformed into a vacuous spider similar to Rom, whose remains has the capability to reverse time (although the process would kill any normal living things).

The Orphanage

Unwanted/orphaned Children were taken from the streets of Yharnam and experimented upon, locked away inside this orphanage to become “brilliant minds.” In fact, they became the smaller Celestial Emissaries. One of them even became a Great One, or perhaps was already a Great One that guided them (Speculation is that the Choir experimented on the Celestials in order to create a Great One). There is heavy indication that the impostor Iosefka is a rogue member of the Choir, continuing her experiments by transforming victims sent to her into celestial creatures.




Beasts are created from repeated ministrations of the Old Blood, giving rise to monsters like the Beast-Possessed Soul, Beast Patient, Labyrinth Madman, the Silverbeasts, etc. Also includes all wolves, pigs, birds and dogs. 


A mysterious family of aliens. Their exact relation to one another is still not fully understood. Mind, that many alien looking things in Bloodborne are not Kin.
Kin are generally eerie creatures and remind people of the Great Ones in some cases. Brainsuckers (Baby Cthulhu), Celestial Mobs, Celestial Centipedes, Mi-Go's and the Celestial Larvae are the only known Kin currently aside from a Ebrietas, Rom, The Living Failures and Celestial Emissary.


Monsters and foes that are neither Kin nor Beast fall into this category. Most enemies fall in this category.
Examples include Huntsmen, Yeti's, Amygdala, Pthumerian Undead, Witch of Hemwick, Bloodlicker, Shark-Giant and many more.




Theory 1:

Before game events:

  • Pthumerian civilization age: Pretty much the destruction of Loran due to the Scourge of the Beast, and Queen's Yharnam contract with a Great One to bear a child, things didn't go as expected and Mergo was born, as an infant Great One. The Queen died in the process but her consciousness remained trapped in reality, thus we can see her at certain points of the game.
  • At Byrgenwerth Master Willem and his apprentices found the main entrance of the Old Labyrinth/Tombs of the Gods. This lead to the discovery of the Old Blood.
  • Students of Byrgenwerth diverge in paths with Willem: Laurence, Gehrman, Micolash left the place in order to pursue their ambitions of evolution with the use of blood.
  • Founding of the Healing Church by Master Laurence, this is also the beginning of the beastly scourge.
  • The Hunter's Workshop is created, with Gehrman as the first hunter and main lead, in order to control the beasts that arose as a side effects of blood ministration procedures.
  • The School of Mensis is formed by Micolash, as another part of the Healing Church ( I think this actually happens in parallel with the next point, or very close in time at the least)
  • The Healing Church discovered slug-like creatures (like the augur of Ebrietas, phantasms) in the Old Labyrinth and this started an inquiry into the Cosmos. Thus the Choir, high stratum of the Healing Church, was also established.
  • Ever since the time of Byrgenwerth no great discoveries were made, until the Choir found the Great Isz Chalice that allowed them to have audience with Ebrietas. This started all kinds of experiments to commune with the great ones and ended up with the kin creatures we find through the game.
  • The Mensis ritual starts and causes Great Ones to descend, making the moon turn red and Amygdalas appear everywhere. They achieved it contacting with Mergo thanks to one umbilical cord.
  • Hunter's Dream creation: It's unclear when the Hunter's dream exactly appeared, we know for sure that it was after the Hunter's Workshop was created and it could be that the Dream appeared when they closed it. There is description that says that the nameless Moon Presence was beckoned by Laurence and his associates, paleblood. We know that Laurence worked with Gehrman and Micolash, so it's not crazy to think this was part of the Mensis Ritual as well , or at the least it had some relation. There is another key conversation that supports the creation of the Hunter's dream before Old Yharnam events, namely Djura's words, they imply that the he used to dream when he was a hunter, and he participated as a dreaming hunter in the destruction of Old Yharnam. The cord found in the abandoned workshop reads: The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the pale moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the hunter's dream.
  • Old Yharnam tragedy that ended up with the city burned in order to control the scourge of the beast:
    1. It could be that what caused this was the Mensis Ritual and that transformations are boosted by fear, as the name of the great ones known as Amygdalas seems to point out. However, It's unclear what actually triggered it, if the red moon or the ashen blood sickness mentioned in some descriptions.
    2. It could also be that the ashen blood started poisoning everyone in Old Yharnam and the Healing Church used a massive amount of blood to counterattack this sickness, making the scourge grow exponentially in the city.
    3. However, the most probable scenario seems to be a combination of the previous two cases. The ashen blood epidemy started and the Healing Church tried to cure everyone through Blood Ministration. Then the Mensis Ritual took place ( since we know from a description that during that night the moon turned red) and this was the final catalyst for the scourge to break out.
  • After watching what happened, Master Laurence realized he had committed a terrible mistake in relying on the use of Old Blood and tries to fix his mistake. Aside from finding some of his notes it's unknown what he did after this point. The only evidence that is left of him is that he turned into a beast in the Old Labyrinth.
  • Speculation: Willem used one of the cords and contacted another Great One.
  • Kos (or some say Kosm) granted eyes to Rom, the spider that hid the Mensis Ritual and the horrific consciousness of Queen Yharnam with a veil.
  • Yharnam rises as a city again, with its old part burnt and closed. The Healing Church kept their experiments with Blood.
  • I believe this happens many years in the future, the Blood Minister appears in the city, creating hunters for the Hunter's Dream.
  • One of these anonymous hunters retrieves Laurence's skull from the old labyrinth.

In-game events:

  • Our protagonist travels to Yharnam seeking Paleblood, where they are treated with blood by the mysterious Blood Minister, turning them into a Hunter with a contract with the Hunter's Dream. This Blood Minister is theorized by some to be Caryll, the runesmith.
  • The main goal to transcend the hunt for now is looking for "Paleblood", and so the adventure begins.
  • Before Byrgenwerth everything is pretty much normal, but from this point on, the hunt is no more a traditional hunt, but something more like a Lovecraftian gothic horror story. This set up is shown after defeating Rom, The Vacuous Spider, revealing the Mensis Ritual performed time ago and making the moon turn red again.
  • The Queen's consciousness appears and we can hear Mergo's cry in front of the red moon. We are left in Yahar'gul and our next goal, according to the lore notes scattered across the area, seems to be stopping the ritual, which is also mentioned to be the source of the scourge. Notice this doesn't mean that everyone is cured from turning into a beast, but just the trigger is suppressed.
  • Defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse will cease Mergo's cry and thus the Ritual is stopped. The hunter has fulfilled the contract with the Hunter's Dream and the Hunter is not needed anymore. This yields the end game events:
    1. Accept Gehrman's offert: Finish the contract with the Hunter's Dream, with this the Hunt is over and you live to see another day, Yharnam's sunrise. The scourge is not a threat anymore.
    2. Refuse Gehrman's offer:
      • If the hunter did not make use of the umbilical cords, the Moon Presence makes them the new surrogate and they are tied to the Dream just as Gehrman before them.
      • Having used all the cords, the hunter's insight now is too high and they can see through the Moon's Presence intentions. The Hunter defeats it and becomes a Great One themself, raised by the Doll.
  • After these events, it's unclear whether or not people treated with blood will continue to transform. The Moon Presence could be the primordial source of the scourge of the beast, in which case the third ending would be the best endgame scenario.


Theory 2 (Edited) :

At the beginning
Formless Oedon was pregnant and was going to have Mergo's Wet Nurse to look after it once it was born. The Wet Nurse is formless just like Oedon and are probably the same species of Great One. However poor Oedon, just like every other Great One, suffered a miscarriage and so started searching for a surrogate mother to give birth to another child. She found the Yharnam Queen in the depths of Pthumeria and it was then the Old Pthumerian culture made contact with the Great Ones and Oedon selected Queen Yharnam to give birth to Murgo. The Pthumerian culture eventually fell after the Queen had Murgo ripped from her stomach and when they died out they kept the secrets of communicating and the secrets bestowed upon them by the Great Ones were lost with them until the Church discovered Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
Come our equivalent of the 1850s-1890s
The Bygrenwerth College Scholars found passage into old Pthumerian labyrinths and the chalices that were used to communicate with the Great Ones. Willem, Gehrman, and Laurence discover the old blood and begin testing it. However this blood is most likely from the Moon Presence who presents itself later on to Gehrman. (Side note: others have intimated their believe that the Old Blood could have been Ebrietas' blood)
Willem becomes frightened of the beasthood bestowed upon the ones who have taken the Old Blood and insists that it is no longer used saying "Fear the Old Blood", Laurence disagrees and says that Willem is a coward and not willing to take the risks to ascend beyond mere humanity old blood. Gehrman used the oldblood on himself.
Willem continues to head Bygrenwerth (and they found the other way to transcend humanity through Caryll Runes) while Laurence starts the Church with the blood and Gehrman becomes first hunter.
The Church also found Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos. This motivated the Choir (and by extent the School of Mensis) to further in experimenting on the Old Blood. They also experimented on artificial Great Ones such as the Celestial Emissary so as to find even more Great Ones or create them entirely.

Laurence gives blood to Cainhurst and its Queen, Annalise, becomes the Vileblood Queen. Her Vilebloods that were sworn to her bring her Blood Dregs to gorge herself on in order to make her pregnant with a "Child of Blood", it seems that she is trying to create a Great One within herself or at least something similar. Logarius then led the executioners to fight these abominations. However Vilebloods are almost immortal, Logarius died to stop people from finding her. He then sealed her chamber with the Crown of Illusions and stood guard to kill any foolish hunter who tries to free her. (It is assumed that after Logarius' sacrifice the bridge to Cainhurst was destroyed by some great force by the Executioners returning to their land)

Willem continues to lead Bygenwerth, Laurence starts the Church fighting faction, Gehrman trains hunters.

Micolash still believed in the old blood and formed the school of Mensis to find another way to commune with the Great Ones. Eventually Micolash managed to summon Amygdala and her lesser forms with his school's hard work as well as created the first artificial Great One, the One Reborn. Bygernwerth's Rom transcended as well around this time and serves as the veil that prevents people from seeing the true state of the world
The fight to cleanse Yharnam (now Old Yharnam) was a failure so the Church sealed and burned the place. Djura felt bad about failing to protect Yharnam, decides to stay with his old friends and neighbours till the end of days.
The fight against the Scholars of Mensis was a failure as well so the Church sealed away the Forbidden Forest (The only true path to the School left) and deemed the place forbidden to hide their shame.

Come modern era
The Hunter (you) come to Yharnam looking for paleblood to heal and made a contract to be a hunter to obtain the paleblood.
The hunt begins.
The Cleric beast is another clergy member who succumbed to the madness of the Blood. Father Gascoigne attacks on the way through Central Yharnam, you are able to witness this transformation. This is the power (and the curse) of the Old Blood. Entering the Church in the Cathedral Ward sets the Hunter on the way to kill Vicar Amelia, also a clergy member who has turned into a beast.
The Hunter ventures into the forbidden woods, fighting all manor of viper and crazed villagers. The Hunter eventually reaches what's left of Byrgenwerth and the old husk of a man Willem sitting in his rocking chair staring out at the Moonside Lake who only points to it when the Hunter attempts to speak with him. The Hunter discovers Rom, the Vacuous Spider and slays it lifting the Veil and the hunter sets eyes on the Queen Yharnam for the first time her very obviously pregnant belly sliced open and no child left. She is dead but her spirit lingers on tied to Murgo her infant Great One.
The next area the Hunter enters is Yahar'gul, Unseen Village and finds what appears to be a Great One but is later revealed (by Lore) that it was a manufactured Great One made by The School of Mensis. Killing this beast allows the Hunter to enter the Nightmare of Mensis.
The Hunter goes on then find the Lecture Room where some of the Scholars that gave homage to Master Willem resided, all that's left of them is slime creatures and notes indicating that Master Willem was right and they should have heeded his words. Stepping through the door at the end of the hall you reach the the Nightmare of Mensis which is being sustained by Murgo and his Wet Nurse. The Hunter kills Micolash there, ending his dream and unbinding him from his nightmare. Micolash still has a physical body but since the physical body has been long dead, that's the end for Micolash and his mad School of Mensis. The Hunter progresses to the top of the tower and discovers Queen Yharnam standing in a courtyard staring up to the loft where Oedon is keeping her lost child, the Great One Murgo, and where Murgo's Wet Nurse is protecting the infantile Great One.
Going to the loft and slaying the Wet Nurse and ending the Nightmare is the completion of the quest Gehrman had sent the Hunter out on and upon returning to the Hunters Dream the Hunter finds the Dream is on Fire and the Doll mentions that Gehrman is waiting for the Hunter. Approaching Gehrman presents a choice, to let him free the Hunter from this fate or to free him instead by killing Gehrman himself.
There are three possible endings which are explained in the next segment


Bloodborne 1st Ending: YHARNAM SUNRISE

  • In the Yharnam Sunrise ending, where Gehrman the first hunter cuts off your head, you don't actually die or are killed. Gehrman offers you what he thinks is a release from the Great ones. In the past, Gherman used the umbilical cord that you found in the Old Abandoned Workshop to create what he wishes, but instead he summoned the Moon Presence. He then became the surrogate child of the Moon presence and was permanently placed in a Workshop in the Hunter's Dream, this workshop is identical to the real one in reality. He doesn't want you to be trap in the dream like he was for god knows how many hundreds of years. He offers you release and "to see the morning sun" and cuts of your head in the Hunter's Dream so that you will never be able to dream again and make the same mistake as he did. When you die, you wake up back into the waking world and your connection to the Hunter's dream is destroyed and you leave a gravestone there. If you look around the Hunter's dream there are many other gravestones, therefore showing that many other Hunters got disconnected from the dream by accepting Gherman's offer.
  • To prove that other NPC hunters in the game were disconnected from the Hunter's Dream is when you die from Eileen Hunter of Hunters she will say "You still dream? Tell the little doll hello". Djura also mentions and asks you if you still dream when you die from him.
  • With this ending, the plague of beasts continues every time the Pale moon appears. Since the hunter in this ending no longer dreams, he/she continues hunting down beasts or a path similar to Eileen and Djura.

Bloodborne 2nd Ending: HONORING WISHES

  • In the beginning of the Old Abandoned Workshop, Gehrman tried using the umbilical cord, which you later find there, to achieve something he desires. It is not yet clear what he hopes to achieve using the umbilical cord, but he summoned the Moon Presence and he was then trapped in a identical workshop in the Hunter's Dream, a separate plane of existence. The description of the Umbilical cord "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the pale moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the hunter's dream.- Abandoned Workshop". According to this umbilical cord, the moon presence lost it's child and yearned for a surrogate. Surrogate means proxy or substitute in the dictionary. This means that Gehrman became the substitute child of the Moon Presence. For what purpose does the surrogate child do? It is not known yet. Why do they seek substitutes/proxies? Maybe the Great ones grieved the lost of their child and its their way of coping? Could this mean that they possess some emotions or is it for a entirely different reason?
  • In the other ending where you refuse Gehrman's offer and kill him. You give him peace after him training thousands of hunters over the years during his stay in the Hunter's Dream. You will become the substitute surrogate child of the Moon Presence and become the watcher of the land and the new guide for future hunters. It's a big circle of blood, a big giant cycle where hunters come and go.
  • The plague of beasts continues with this ending except your role is that of a guide who will train hundreds or thousands of hunters over time until another hunter ends your life. The hunter becomes under the influence of the moon presence and then replace you, similar to what happened with you and Gehrman.

Bloodborne 3rd Ending: CHILDHOOD BEGINNINGS

  • Let me explain what you become after defeating the moon presence. Basically you become a baby Great one. "The Choir" and "the Healing Church" is the reason why this infection started in the first place after using Old Blood as a way to treat various ailments . The problem with old blood is that it reacts with human blood, the old blood heals but transforms man to beasts and that's where the beastly scourge began. From the Caryll rune beast "Beast" is one of the early Caryll Runes. as well as one of the first to be deemed forbidden. The discovery of blood entailed the discovery of undesirable beasts".
  • "The Choir" who are elite clerics of the healing church wanted to acquire more knowledge of the cosmos and to do that they wanted to communicate with beings called the Great Ones. The hallucinations you are experiencing as a hunter is the side effect of the insight that you received.The hallucinations are in fact a form of telepathy and shows you the "truth" of this world in the eyes of the alien species, hence "insight" and "Madman's knowledge". "The Healing Church" continued its use of Old Blood on the denizens of Yharnam but most of their experiments failed which lead to an infection that turns man to beasts. But there are certain people who survive the blood transfusion and became hunters, they were then used by the healing church to eradicate Beasts that grew too strong that could threaten the experiments. The choir also wanted to make a man/Great one hybrid so that this creature could allow humans and the alien species to communicate, leading to the next evolution of humans. This would explain the existence of the Celestial Emissary, this boss is not a Great one but in fact a human created/experimented by the choir as a tool to communicate with Ebrietas. The Celestial Emissary is guarding the entrance of Ebrietas.
  • Yharnam, the Pthumerian blood queen was one of the surrogate that were used to be the vessel that carries the man/Great one hybrid baby back in Pthumerians civilization. After Byrgenwerth scholars discovered the entrance of the tomb of the old lords/labyrinth/Chalice dungeons, specifically Master Willem and his apprentices, including Master Laurence, they attempted to unlock knowledge lost in the Pthumeru age, they wanted to "line their brains with eyes". Because the Pthumerians unlocked the wisdom from the great ones and due to this gained unspeakable power.
  • In this ending, after consuming three umbilical cords you become that man/Great one hybrid. That slug is the hunter and turned into a baby Great one after defeating "Moon Presence". You are the first of the next evolution of the human species. This would explain the trophy you receive once "Childhood Beginnings".



(Lore note) - This only an interpretation based on the given facts and it is recommended that updating should take place if new facts of a better interpretation is available. This lore is necessary because it ties up the majority of the loose ends in the Bloodborne story however many lore enthusiasts don't seem to want to explain. This is because most don't feel there is enough to fully draw conclusions that's why this is under lore and not its own page.

The Eldritch Truth

The idea of the Eldritch truth is spread throughout the game as people from Master Willem, to even the choir (a group of people), have tried to achieve an evolution toward a higher state of being by learning the Eldritch truth. The truth it is not expressed by simply a sentence or a phrase, rather it is a state of being in existence. The great ones understood this either through naturally knowing the eldritch truth, having been humans or beings which gained enough insight to evolve, or an otherwise unknown method to understand the true state of reality. Later as you, the player, by killing Rom made the true reality of the world shown ( for an arbitrary reason his death either as part of a ritual or by being the thing holding back people from seeing reality. (This needs to be confirmed or greatly defined )) or by gaining 40 insight you saw the reality of the world as it truly was, and achieved what those before you sought to do but failed. They failed by using other methods like lining your brain with eyes, using the mensis cage, or accepting a great ones power many of which failed to achieve true enlightenment as a side effect resulted in madness, deformation/transformation into a monstrosity, or death for the user with their corresponding method.
However you, as the player, achieved this by gathering insight throughout the world and absorbing it into your itself. Following this, utilizing the action of using the item in game you crush the skull in your hand releasing this partial knowledge into the world which channels into you for some reason either because of proximity or another variable. Other ways such as fighting nightmarish enemies which provoke your mind into perceiving them, which forces you to gain insight so you can fight them it is also a safe method of gaining insight. This way you don't get side effects (as far as I know if you find any then add them).
This makes you able to perceive the great ones fully, and able to see the world as it truly is plus interacting with the real reality; such as being able to enter and face enemies in the yahar`gul unseen village under the blood moon which was previously not fully available. The difference in the area as far as how deep you can go into it between the variety of enemies is shown in a comparison of the area and when you are captured by the Snatchers and taken to hypogean gaol as well as after you visit the area and have killed rom. The player thus gain`s true enlightenment or simply understand the eldritch truth. As well on a final note, you are probably wondering how blood ministration fits into this explanation well in the Bloodborne universe blood is used as a cure/healing or a way of making a individual stronger. Therefore, in a sense it is moving towards this same goal although from a different direction. It ultimately never leads to the Elderitch truth as the humans wanted (ideally they got to be elevated, understand more with a clear mind, and be in control of themselves), just a monstrous transformation but considering many of these enemies end up in the true reality you could say they reached the physical state of enlightenment but their minds are completely gone in most cases and they just attack anything they can. So they got what the wanted they just can`t enjoy it.

The Weird, The Strange, The unknown


1. Messengers

It may be possible that these messengers are a type of Kin tied to the insight, given that you have to have a minimum amount of insight to see them, that they are very small, and that they are only partially in this world and that each time you kill a boss they somehow are able to obtain the garb and weapons of the fallen foe. Also notable that they take insight and blood as payment for certain items and are sympathetic to the hunters cause finding their way through the ether to help even in the deepest dark of the chalice dungeons. The messengers are known to come from the nightmare though.
A breif text on them reads "These small creatures have crept out of a nightmare, and while they may not look too friendly, they accompany hunters, follow their orders, and take care of messages left for others."
[This is speculation given that very little is known about the Messengers and their role]


2. The Doll

This creature is slightly odd seeing as she isn't human but speaks and moves and even cries so we can assume a certain amount of intelligence. She is also able to translate the blood echos into personal power for the Hunter. This bit of info leads us to believe she is very very powerful and there is a good deal of speculation (but very little concrete evidence) that a Great one or some other form of Eldritch being actually gives the doll life by inhabiting it.
The best evidence we have is on the Caryll Moon Rune stating "The Great Ones that inhabit the nightmare are sympathetic in spirit, and often answer when called upon." So either the Moon Presence gave her life or she is inhabited by a weaker (but still powerful) underling or servant. The Doll also prays to the dream, to the flowers, to the moon, to the messengers even as well as the ancients to guard the hunter and let him/her have a "pleasant awakening".
This hearkens back to real world religions like the greeks, egyptians, the native americans, or any other polytheistic religion which basically follows the idea of praying to multiple spirits/gods/holy things (Like the Chalices for instance) we can make a stab at guessing that the Great Ones are like gods given their power and the Doll knows their power (assuming she was given life by the moon presence or is posessed by a lesser Eldritch being/Great One)
(As for the role the messengers play in trading for insight or how this works into the third ending are beyond me, but if someone makes a future edit. Please edit the lore should you find the details.)

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    • Anonymous

      Caryll is a pthumerian name like ihyll would be like carill seen others say this is a women because they see the name and think its like carol

      • Anonymous

        the blood of god the seed of man was once pure but through women's fornication with strange gods they have corrupted themselves birthing half human half demon hybrids the seed of man over time is corrupted and that's what the pthumerians represent they were fornicating with these demons way before the game starts for us that is why they look sickly marrying off the monarch to a demon to have its child this child will destroy forth t and consume what is left of humanity

        • Anonymous

          find it strange how none of the descriptions in the game notes etc ever name micolash not even in npc dialogue

          • Anonymous

            people seem to believe gehrman is some kind of sex freak I don't believe this I think the most logical explanation for the doll is it belonged to his daughter or a young girl he was taking care of maybe an orphan like kos a great one human hybrid

            • Anonymous

              the statue in the witches abode seems to be of Laurence before his transformation the man in the statue is in the same position we find cleric beast Laurence on the alter another thing I find interesting is the item small hair ornament is basically a copy of the demons souls item jade hair ornament what I'm trying to say is what if this is a clue to gehrmans backstory since we know in demons souls that item belonged to the npc stockpile Thomas daughter who was killed by the demons could gehrmans family have had the same tragic end victims of the scourge this same story happens to father Gascoigne he loses his love and goes mad trying to kill anything that moves for revenge for what they did to his love

              • Anonymous

                blood is the nectar of the demons demons can't give birth but using the humans they can the corrupted offspring drink human blood to survive

                • Anonymous

                  Really gives you the Lovecraftian horror experience. If you actually take the time to read item descriptions, listen to NPCs and observe your surroundings, you're going to be driven mad just by looking at all the dumb **** people have postulated about this game.

                  • Anonymous

                    It is impossible to understand current events unless one inquires into turmoil of yesteryear which still has it's roots in the remote past. Wars do not happen of their own accord or by accident they are man made. One must understand the cause of things which seem of no importance or are incomprehensible. One must discover whether or not there are secret strings moving men to action or binding them to inaction during religious, political, financial, and economical crisis which burst forth without warning and without any logical reason. One must know whether or not the rulers of nations are the real rulers or merely puppets.

                    • Anonymous

                      they are born dead in the womb the satanic serpent race mongrelization with the humans Satan transforms himself into a human Satan's symbol of darkness the upsidedown five pointed star the satanic serpent race hunger for blood and they feed away on the nations on the earth

                      • Anonymous

                        this game isn't about evolution it's about power and corruption the moon presence is a demon it wants blood the goal of the hunter is to sacrifice themselves to it like Gehrman the beasts want blood because it gives power making them like a god but really they are blood sucking demons obviously like the demon slayer in DeS your killing beasts and harvesting their blood for the mp to consume you later

                        • Anonymous

                          So if I have this right, the entire game is about humanity trying to evolve, and the horrible consequences that followed, particularly with the "old blood". My biggest question is what paleblood is, it never gets explained (which is strange considering that's the entire reason the player has come to yahrnam).

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                            mergo is a cambion it's not a baby it's not crying because it is scared it's crying because it's hungry and it doesn't drink milk what else would be it's food besides human blood

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                              regarding the great ones wonder were they came from like other than game logic of they exist in lore were did the moon presence rom kos actually come from

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                                This is mostly an after thought, but I noted Eileen's section doesn't have much of a description on her or what she does in game, just an overall veiw of what her armour set tells us. I would also definitely include the doll as a notable character considering how important she is to gameplay, not to mention she has much to say if you talk to her.

                                • Anonymous

                                  mergo is the moon presence after you kill the wet nurse it returns to the hunters dream to feed on the new hunter in demons souls saint urbain says to the slayer of demons that the old one sounds like a hungry child the old one is lulled back to sleep after consuming all the souls the Slayer of demons accumulated through the maiden in black saving the world until the demon next awakening the harvest starts again

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Cool read but here's my two issues with this page:
                                    1) Nowhere is it implied that humans are capable of telepathy.
                                    2) There is incredibly little evidence actually Queen Yharnam and Mergo with Oedon. If anything, Queen Yharnam is more suggested to be in worship the Moon Presence.

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                                      "The founder of the School of Mensis, Micolash seems to have telepathic powers, being able to plant nightmares and illusions into the minds of his victims."

                                      What? This is dumb.

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                                        the red moon is oedon when the red moon hangs low a womb will be blessed with child arianna baby is oedons says so in the description of the third cord you get from it oedon is an incubus demon

                                        • Anonymous

                                          I have a theory that the player character was already a surrogate to a Great one in the same way that gherman was made a surrogate to moon presence, and the great one I'm talking about is Oedon themself.

                                          I feel that Oedon was the one that told the player to kill the moon presence, due to the fact that moon presence wanted the player to kill all of the other great ones in yharnam, which made Oedon feel threatened enough to choose a surrogate and send them to kill the moon presence.

                                          This could also tie in to how the player is able to handle insight better than other hunters and is able to be revived after death the same way gherman is almost immortal in the hunter's dream, Due to both of them being surrogates.

                                          It could also be that the player was able to Converse with Oedon the same way that Caryll was able to hear and write the words of the great ones.

                                          I also feel like the Doll was somehow possessed by Oedon, contributing to the reason why she was still alive after gherman and Moon presence were killed and to why she would raise you after becoming an infant great one. Maybe Oedon was also able to take over control of the hunter's dream as well after moon presence was killed, which is why the dream didn't just collapse in on itself once it died.

                                          There may be many things that are wrong with my theory, but I feel like this is the reason the player is able to do so many extraordinary things that the other characters can't

                                          • Anonymous

                                            An idea came into my head about the meaning of the world "Paleblood", although I may be wrong about it.

                                            What if the word "Paleblood" wasn't an object or being, but a concept or saying used by the people of yharnam. Like how The Healing Church is searching for "The Truth" which isn't a set thing to learn, but a whole idea that the Great Ones know something more than we do.

                                            To explain what I mean, we need to look at the sentence's where Paleblood is used. "behold, a paleblood sky", "The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood." and even the starting note "Seek Paleblood to transcend the hunt" all use Paleblood differently, but what if the world "Paleblood" was a saying for achieving something that you were working towards for a long time.

                                            Using the second use of it, how Laurence and his associates found the moon presence, could be done as "Laurence found a Great One, which was something he was working towards for a long time." And "A Paleblood sky" could be "A sky filled with opportunity to achieve your goals.". Even the starting note could mean that killing Moon presence ,which was the Player's main goal throughout the game, would transcend the hunt.

                                            Although, I do not know if Paleblood was used in the comics because I haven't got around to reading them yet, but I still felt like I should say my idea of it.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              You know what's really disturbing? The Yharnam Stone dropped by Queen Yharnam resembles a lithopedion, or stone baby, a rare result of a fetus dying during abdominal pregnancy- when the fetus is too large this results in well a stone. The fetus calcifies and prevents the mother from dying by defending against infections. So when we fight the Queen I believe we are the rare few in history who encountered her, but the stone itself is interesting because it's description infers it's sentient somehow. Now we have the most powerful psychic the Great Ones ever encountered and after establishing peace similar to the Choir and Ebrietas, they learned each other's cultures and as a result Yharnam was betrothed to Oedon to transcend her people. So in a blood pact she carried Mergo and it seems someone conspired against that baby's birth and stabbed the near complete child of Oedon. The Nightmare is Mergo's cry for comfort and that's how Mergo's Wet Nurse was born. It just bothers me though. Who would want Mergo dead? Maybe the Moon Presence, The Doll refers to a being as Flora and Great One's show empathy in Dreams. Maybe Flora/Moon Presence thrives off the blood of her Kin and with that blood she can incubate children.

                                              When the Blood Moon occurs women across Yharnam become pregnant. This is the opposite of how Oedon and his kin conducted for they believed in blood pact through marriage proof of this exists in a rare item found in Chalice Dungeons. Moon Presence is indiscriminately impregnating women. It's perverse running off some sick primal desire to wipe out other Great Ones for no clear reason. Raiding and raping as it sees fit, kind of like the Hunters committing those atrocities at the Fishing Hamlet. I think we are Oedon's karmic vengeance to take avenge on Flora/Moon Presence. The Moon Presence has abilities to similar to those who abused the Old Blood. She is violent and lustful like a BEAST. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one that convinced Micolash to become a host to a nightmare by killing Yharnam and taking her blood. Little did he know it'd trigger the Nightmare.

                                              Crap Gehrman got double screwed by this war. When he is "awake" he is a slave to Flora and when he "sleeps" he is reliving the same Nightmare Kos had cursed him with, thus the connection to the Orphan of Kos.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                If you read the legend of Merlin or about the demons known as incubi and succubi you would see the similarities these demons have with the moon presence its a malevolent being its a demon from the underworld a trickster it can create illusions and haunt the dreams of men and woman in order to have sexual intercourse you see its a demon but can create the mirage of a beautiful woman a temptation like Satan in the bible to lure men into the depths of humanity and it wants to impregnate a human with its demon seed it needs a host or it can't reproduce

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  I think its a fact the MP is or has the paleblood needed to transcend but I have a theory that the pale moon is a great one and the MP is its surrogate when you defeat the moon presence you take its spot as oedons or the pale moons surrogate just like how if you kill gehrman you take his spot and watch over the hunters dream for oedon the formless great one uses the doll because he hasn't a form only a voice wouldn't that make the most sense since both the doll and the pale moon are still in the hunters dream at the end it does say in a description for the workshop cord the pale moon beckoned the hunters and conceived the dream

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    bloodborne is never gonna get a sequel but i hope it gets a prequel. i wanna see wtf happened in the healing church and i wanna play as ludwig. such an interesting character

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Huh, people still check this thing? Well, might as well toss in my two cents.

                                                      Paleblood, to put it simply, is the blood echoes. You're not supposed to figure this out so soon, because it's also a bit more than that. To break it down, one has to puzzle out the connections between various entities, or even non-entities, to get the bigger picture.

                                                      First and foremost, the Doll explains echoes to us only partially—she will channel the echoes of blood gathered from all your slain enemies into your strength through some unknown ability. The key to remember is that echoes reside in ALL enemies, regardless of whether they are beasts, hunters, kin, or Great Ones.

                                                      Fairly early on, we learn of Oedon, "existing only in voice," and who is symbolized by blood, "human or no." Blood + voice would certainly fit the concept of "blood echoes," wouldn't it?

                                                      It's fairly well agreed upon that Mergo is the child of Queen Yharnam and Oedon, being formless itself, and only being perceived as a disembodied child's wailing. Furthermore, Mergo's Wet Nurse is a fairly unique great one in that it lacks a visible body, nor does it bleed any variety of blood whatsoever. This'll be important to remember later.

                                                      Lastly—well, in terms of the game's progression—we have the Moon Presence, directly affiliated with Paleblood according to the note in the Lecture Hall. But... why? It has a form, doesn't it? It bleeds red blood, right?

                                                      Looking more carefully at its combat abilities, recall that it has an unusual ability to summon a vaporous violet mist from the graves of the hunters that it uses to fulfill various purposes, including self-repair and to summon forth a numbing cold rain of dark blood.

                                                      We've actually witnessed a similar phenomenon numerous times leading up to this battle. If you pay close attention when the Doll channels your echoes, you see it represented as a purplish vapor flowing into her palms....

                                                      So what does this mean? The Doll, most likely because she is a creation of the Hunter's Dream, is not merely channeling echoes into your strength, but actually transmuting them through the Moon Presence itself. It's been feeding off of your echoes since the beginning.

                                                      Speaking of, you may have noticed that blood echoes are symbolized by a violet vapor that is absorbed with every creature's death. In fact, violet appears in numerous other places as well, and curiously always in conjunction with formlessness. Recall that Mergo's Wet Nurse is surrounded by a purple aura, or that even the Nightmare Executioners with their absent skulls emit a cosmic amethyst light. (Trust me, I'm getting somewhere.)

                                                      These entities all share one other significant connection: sound. Mergo's wailing, the Executioner's resonant "bell," even echoes themselves. Sound plays a HUGE role in Bloodborne's lore, from the drip-drop heard by the Clocktower Patients to the "baneful chants" of the Fishing Hamlet and their call to the bloodless.

                                                      But again, how does that tie in with Moon Presence? Remember what I mentioned about the Doll transmuting the echoes not only into you, but into the Moon Presence itself. Moon Presence was not always the being you see before you. More than likely, it too was once one of these formless entities, but has been progressively gestating within the Hunter's Dream, not just thanks to you, but to all the hunters that preceded you—even Gehrman. (Hell, you can even make the guess that Moon Presence's face is one giant ear and that it leans in close to drink the echoes straight from your body. What's more, the One Third Umbilical Cords required to beckon it resemble fossilized human cochleae, or the inner ear. No wonder crushing them releases a peculiar series of whispers.)

                                                      So, more accurately, Paleblood isn't just blood echoes, but their corporealized state. "Pale" actually doesn't refer to its color, but its transparency; one other clue is the Clocktower Patient searching for her eyes, who remarks that "everything is pale now..." She no longer possesses sight, but perhaps like some of the other patients now relies on hearing as her primary sense. More accurately, she "sees" sound—as Saint Adeline remarks, "My guide, I see your voice clearly as it bends and bleeds."

                                                      Now WHY is everyone so interested in Paleblood? Think about it. The town is beset by a supposed beast plague with seemingly no cure. No amount of medicine can stop it, as not everyone sees the same truth. Their only hope then is in the impossible odds of procuring incorporeal blood, unassailable by any sickness, and distilling it into something consumable in hopes of elevating all mankind.

                                                      Which leads us to the final conclusion of Moon Presence/Flora's original identity: Oedon, the very great one symbolized by bloodshed itself.

                                                      There's a lot more to be said about all this, especially regarding the Old Hunters, but I wanted to be as succinct as I could about what Paleblood is. This just scratches the surface, so don't bother telling me I didn't account for X or Y, because I guarantee I did. Like I said... Succinct. In 13 paragraphs.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I never played bloodborne, because I don't have a console. But I'm always fond of good story in a game, especially if it makes my brain spin.

                                                        So based on an outsider point of view that watched and read too many lore of this game I think that Gehrman liked Maria one sidedly, and he used whatever he took from Kos to be infused with the Maria-resembling-doll that he made along with using the Umbilical Cord to give it life (Hence the white blood the Doll has). Or that he ripped either Kos' unborn child or Kos' Womb(?) straight out of Kos' body with the plan to turn it into a target to become a surrogate child or infused into The Doll (Hence why Orphan of Kos quite resembles Gehrman, Kos' ultimate object of hatred amongst the scholars and hunters that decimated the village), while his wish in return for it is turning the doll into a living being that resembles Maria (Either this or atleast give it life).

                                                        But alas Moon Presence has it's own plan. It took Gehrman as a surrogate instead then give the doll life (What Gehrman wants) in the dream, this makes Gehrman cursed to live for long long time, which makes him becomes apathetic to the doll (scapegoat for his anger for being cursed). Not to mention that he probably wanted The Doll to be turned into ... a real living being instead of a living doll. As for The Doll itself it could probably be that it either becomes a Kin or close to it atleast, since it's a hybrid of a dead object & who-knows-what (if it's infused with Kos' unborn child or whatever Gehrman took from Kos).

                                                        By this theory at the very least some stuffs makes sense:
                                                        1. Why The Doll has a blood color like a Kin's blood color.
                                                        2. Why The Doll has the ability to turn Blood Echoes into Hunter's power.
                                                        3. Why The Doll pray to dream, flower, moon, messenger, whatever else. In the Comic, it seems the Moon Presence name is Flora (unconfirmed, but it has high implication).
                                                        4. Why Orphan of Kos kinda resembles Gehrman in a way, the weapon, the attack style, the shape of face.
                                                        5. Why Maria became so disgusted, because if we logically think of a person that hunts monsters and probably has seen more atrocities than most other person, there's usually not many left that can make their "bravado" shrink..... I'm guessing her limit is like...... killing a baby. or ripping/killing an unborn child straight out of it's mother's womb. A hunter she may be, a woman she still is. Guys flinch when seeing other guy's crotch being hit, I surmise a woman flinch when seeing atrocities done to a mother / woman body.

                                                        But then again, I tend to think of something based on logic too much sometimes. Sorry if my theory sounds stupid, like I said I can't afford a console so I never played actually played it, only watched hundreds of youtube videos and reads a lot of wikis & read it's comic. There can be quite a difference on conclusion or insight (sorry, can't resist to use this word) between knowing the story by playing the game & just watching/reading info.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          It says that gehrman wanted something from the cord. Could it be that he wanted to bring the doll to life? If he was the guy that made her and it is implied she is made in Maria's image, could he have been in love with Maria and after she rejected him made the doll? The description of the doll clothes state something about great care in construction bordering on mania.
                                                          Therefore his wish was to use the cord to bring the doll to live. But in that moment the moon presence showed up and took him into the dream. Leaving the doll behind.
                                                          The doll in the abandoned workshop moves it's finger, but I think that's because they reused the animation when the doll is laying down when you have 0 insight.
                                                          Maybe the moon presence gave him the doll much like a mother gives a child a toy

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            The lore or the composition of different theories just seems to contradict a bit (imho), but just the gathering and the massive thoughts and all the notes are so f*** exiting, I really love that stuff..

                                                            I think there is more behind it... good job xtra!!!

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              lets be honest here, the lore is just random habakuck and makes no sense at all. we dont play those games for the ****ty lore, we do it to kill awesome bosses and measure ourselfs with our friends.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                This game is very complex! I think Paleblood is without meaning, purely to symbolise the player's belief in there being ultimate answers lying within the Soulsborne games, I am probably not the only one who sometimes thinks to themselves if I just knew what Paleblood was, it would all make sense... I think that mindspace is the point, to get us to understand the drive for Eldritch truth

                                                                Either way the game presents us with essentially two possible meanings for Paleblood, "behold, a paleblood sky" and "The nameless moon presence beckoned by Laurence and his associates. Paleblood." That last sentence in particular is carefully written to be immensely frustrating grammatically, as the use of a period between Associates and Paleblood essentially wrenches the word Paleblood out of the context of that sentence. It truly is up to the individual to decide on what Paleblood means to them

                                                                I am of course not convinced by my own theory, there may very well be a meaning to the word Paleblood but I think it might be a complex thing, where we have examples of the word Paleblood being said (in the game) in "modern times" by the Blood Minister, one could presume this happens just prior to the beginning of the gameplay, although I suppose centuries could pass... and we have examples of Paleblood being said on notes in Byrgenwerth... I think that etymology and history may have something to do with the way characters inside Bloodborne use the term... I am still working on this thought...

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  ( I put this on the Plain Doll page too cause I want an answer) We keep talking about just what the hell "paleblood" is that the hunter is searching for to cure their unspecified illness. The doll has "pure white, pale blood". Could this mean that the direction to "seek paleblood" is telling you to seek the Plain Doll and by extension the Hunter's Dream? By seeking the paleblood and finding the Plain Doll, who has the "pure white, pale blood", you are able to become stronger using blood echoes to "embolden your sickly spirit", as the Doll says. So...."Seek Paleblood" = "Find the Plain Doll and level up"?

                                                                  • Sorry for my ignorance but I am a brand new member...in the “supportive lore and various” section, is there a specific reason for why the links are broken? Every time I open one up it just say “403 error” and “you don’t have permission to view this page”

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      I love how people are complaining about the writing inconsistencies. If you want the grammar to be better then make an effort to fix it. It seemed sufficient enough to me and got its point across.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        The writing style in the "Theories" section needs a lot of work. Certain word choices were baffling, sentence structure is very disjointed, and it comes across as self-indulging at times. I read the entire page, but this section is what made me scroll all the way down to comment, since I really could not tolerate another paragraph.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          C´mon y´all what exactly were you expecting from Miyazki-san/From Software? A cookie cutter, garden variety game lore. We all know how they love to roll in Soulsborne: it's like a kinda fill in the blank thing. No evidence from game lore to link A to C, just wing it with your imagination! Unless you fail completely with the in-game lore you can just about say every logical theory you have read could be possible....And this is why I will miss the Soulsborne series more than any other series out. From was so freaking genius deliberately eaving certain lore links out so we, the player, could make our own conclusions, or interpretations. That is why our community is one of the most intelligent, most thought out communities out there. I, for one, am very proud to be a part of this talented (sometimes a little salty) community. Let the hunt continue, let the lighting and extinguishing of the First Flame be a cycle due to Gwyn's tampering. It's not like we're going to be getting anymore sequel at time soon, unfortunately. I mean I'd love to have a BB sequel, yeah?-Hf57893

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            The inconsistency in writing style while reading this drove me nuts. This is the only wiki I've ever read that actually sounds like it was written by 30 different people. Also, the constant grammatical errors are extremely jarring.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Reading all these theories and explanations, I am wondering more and more, when exactly Great Oedon died. Can someone help me with any clues? Before or later than the nameless moon appeared for the first time? Both Oedon Chapel and Tomb stands in Central Yharnam, but it's not clear was their construction dated to "death" or to the fall of the Old Yharnam.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Thought: in the ending when you actually become an infant great one you seem to be a creature that lacks eyes. Does this suggests Willem was erring with his obsession of eyes in the brain?

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I must admit that in no other Souls-series game have I been so captivated by the lore. I have spent several hours on here reading page-long essays about what Kos has for breakfast. Thank you to everyone who compiled all of this great information!

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Major problem with Hunter lore: It says in this page that hunters are not unique to Yharnam, but we have no evidence of that. The page says that the protagonist and Eileen were hunters despite being foreigners but Eileen explicitly came to Yharnam to be cured and THEN became a hunter and that same thing happened to the protagonist. Neither were hunters before coming to Yharnam and neither even knew about the Scourge of the Beasts or The Hunt.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      I just watched the most hilarious lore video to date!! We should so totally get them to cover more of this stuff

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        So,I think the Great Ones need surrogate childs to form a dream or ¿to capture a world in that dream? So the MP aka moonpresence with gerhams dream made the hunters dream world.And many paralkel timeline is seen in bloodborne but the most notable is the birth of mergo.I think the moon becoming orage is the sign of a to be born mergo.As mergo itself is a Great one and surrogate child and natural,I think he can exceed even great ones.So the MP is trying to stop it by the hunter.
                                                                                        So i think the incomplete mergo attacks you in its uncomplete form to stop you(Which is the boss) but failed and the hunters(You and the other players) kill mergos wet nurse that also kills murgo.
                                                                                        But the TWIST is as even as incomplete great one Mergo is repeatedly trying to be born and MP is repeatedly stoping it by summonig hunters.This results in endless hunt.
                                                                                        Now as a flaw of my speculationis What are you then when you kill MP and become a baby great one.¿Complete Mergo or some other species type of great one?(As Mergo is not tentacle type or something),
                                                                                        Correct me if Im wrong.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          The thing about Bloodborne is that most of the story unfolds in a non-physical inner space created by the subconscious, and most of the creatures we encounter--beasts, kin, great ones, pthumerians, even some humans--aren't exactly real. Places like the Tomb of the Gods are merely born of rituals involving noxious concoctions of rotted blood and hallucinogenic materials, but the events that unfold there represent the evolution of thought that the characters experience, which culminates in physical consequences, such as the "ashen blood" sickness, and the subsequent burning of Old Yharnam.

                                                                                          The Hunters are administered a dose of this powerful sanguine drug, which provides them with a fever dream that draws upon their subconscious to fill in the blanks of their conscious mind and find a way to halt the nonexistent beast scourge, while also providing them with the secrets of the past that Byrgenwerth and the Choir each desire. The primary goal they are given is to "cleanse" the blood of the city, a process conceived by eugenics-obsessed, power-hungry madmen. As for the Moon Presence, the being is merely a representation of the Hunters' belief that what they are doing is justified.

                                                                                          Chronologically, it's very difficult to categorize when certain events take place, since some of these events never truly "happened." The Pthumerians can be thought of as an imaginary race that represents the end goal for humanity, which is to achieve peace with their gods and perfect their blood. Instead, it would be wiser to differentiate the PHYSICAL events that take place in the history of the city, then arrange them chronologically, while separating them from the SPIRITUAL events.

                                                                                          For example, I don't think the Pthumerians were necessarily the "first" beings to discover the great ones, but rather they were envisioned by Byrgenwerth to represent the ideal form of humankind, and perceived as "ancient." Physically, the story begins when Cainhurst and Byrgenwerth begin their research into the arcane and seek to perfect their bloodlines. Before "finding" the Pthumerians, I find it more likely that Byrgenwerth stumbled upon the Fishing Hamlet, "which sparked a search for the eldritch Truth from deep within the old labyrinth." By using these powerful hallucinogenics, they unwittingly set in motion the events that would consume the city in utter turmoil. More important than the Pthumerian's alleged relation to the great ones is Laurence's invention of such a fantasy, which leads to further experiments, illness, and ultimately the destruction of Old Yharnam, resulting in the present chaos of the current Yharnam.

                                                                                          Tales envisioned by Byrgenwerth and the Healing Church can be "dated," but similar to biblical parables, they have no place in history, and are simply spoken as faith. Ebrietas is a seemingly ancient great one known as the "daughter of the cosmos," but it seems she only came into existence AFTER the events of the Old Hunters. Despite this, she also appears in the ancient "Tomb of the Gods." Likewise, Queen Yharnam's child, Mergo, was stolen from her by the Choir which becomes the "source" of the beast scourge, yet we can still find her pregnant with Mergo in the Chalice Dungeon, as if this critical event in the transformation of the city has yet to unfold.

                                                                                          Symbolically, the great ones and their interactions with humanity are important, but their effect on the story is merely that--allegory. The Moon Presence does not possess its own will, but represents the gripping belief that the hunter's are justified for slaughtering countless "beasts," even if the beasts are just an illusion. Kos, on the other hand, symbolizes the ultimate truth of the cosmos that the scholars trust will protect them from beasthood, but eventually Laurence discovers that this was nothing BUT a dream, as were the beasts that he sentenced to death, who were in fact just less-than-enlightened common folk. The Healing Church overthrew and executed him for his alleged madness, and desperately clung to their faith in the Old Blood, and the School of Mensis became obsessed with their position of power granted through esoteric revelations.

                                                                                          Thus the hunt continued. Without the hunt, there would be no sense of purpose, and culpability would finally destroy the city.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Regarding a possible reason for the creation of the Dream, I feel it could have been created to allow the prosecution of the Hunt. This is necessary to limit the beasts curse, ensuring the Great Ones not to lose all of their Vessel.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              So, If Gherman became the first hunter the same time as Laurence create the church, and the fighting factions of the church. How come the first hunter of the healing church was not gherman but Ludwig. How come citizens of Yharman does not recognized the Workshop's Hunter badge. Where the hunters were ten a penny.
                                                                                              I think that Gherman became the first hunter to counter the beasts found in the Tombs or the Chalice dungeons He later created the Workshop to counter any beast that managed to crawl out from dungeons or created from failed experiments in Byrgenwerth. To this point Laurence was still working with Willem. Their separation came after the events of Fishing Hamlet. There the hunters and scholars of Byrgenwerth were cursed by Kos to Live The Hunter's Nightmare upon death. After the curse, Laurence Separates his path from Willem and Then created the Healing Church. While Gherman's workshop disbanded. Even his most beloved student Lady Maria was so filled with regret that she became the caretaker for the victims of Byrgenwerth. Lady Maria Quits being a former hunter of the workshop and now working with the recently founded Healing church to find a way to Relief the suffering of the survivors of fishing hamlet. Uknown to her the choir faction was performing even more Foul Experiments which made her regrets even greater to the point where she slit her own wrist, and die in the clocktower. Simon later reference this event to the player as "the true face of the blood worshiping beast purging healing church." Word of her death spread to Gherman, who bury her body near the workshop. And her bones were Picked up later by the player.

                                                                                              • I see the School of Mensis in a different way. The school of Mensis wasn't founded by Micolash, but by a person named Mensis, that is the body that we see dead with other people with a cage in their head. Mensis, thanks to the knowledge and to the teachings of the Great Ones, found a way to trascend himself and to trasforn his mind in a dimension. This because we enter in the library by his head. The prove are the names of the bosses Amygdala and Brain of Mensis, that contains the organs referencies. The library was the rapresentation of his mind and of all his knowledge, and his students can study directly in his mind by the use of the Cage Head that acts like a medium. But they lost themself into the knowledge and forget them body, that die in the real world. Of they remain only them jelly coscience, trapped in the mind of Mensis. The library, or the head of Mensis, contains not only the positive knowledge, but even his nightmares. Micolash is the only student alive in the mind of Mensis. He search how Mensis can create the mind dimension, but lost himself in the nightmare library, that contains all the knowledge of which Mensis have afraid. So Micholash, as the only survivor in the nightmare, proclame himself "Host of the Nightmare", summoning the Great God of the Humanity Kos (probably the creator of all the dimension) to give to him more eyes to discover the method of Mensis. The woman we see before the boss, is Mergo, probably the wife of Mensis. He tryed to ricreate Yahrnam, the Pthumerian Queen and to have a child of Great One. But Mergo die in the birth and we don't know what happen to her child. Maybe she really did to have a child, but the blood sign on her dress tell us that she died in the act. So the mind of Mensis elaborate two version of Mergo. A dream version, in which Mergo is a bride and sacrifice herself to let the child of Great One born (like a reincarnation of the Pthumerian Queen), and a Nightmare version that is the boss, similiar to the death. We don't know what really happen to Mergo: she maybe suicide herself to don't birth the Great One, or maybe she die in the birth. However the mind of Mensis see his wife as a nightmare. This is why when we kill Mergo, it is said "Nightmare Slain", because we freed Mensis from his Nightmare. We see Mensis vision of her like she was The Death in front of a stroller, so she probably killed herself to kill the child. The hunters so, can even travel true the dimensions, that include the dreams and the Nightmare of people. With the hunter dream happened the same thing, because probably the Gherman dream is in truth a nightmare for him. The headstones are probably his memories, like said from the cut text of the automa. I think that our objective is to free him and destroy all his memories. But maybe we are Gherman, in a loop of dream that act like a cycle and however we decide, the dimension must exist. The humans in the game failed to give birth a Great One because they don't comprend how. They thinks is a phisycal phenomenon, but it is not. The only way to becomes a Great One is like our hunter do: refusing every concept, from the religion (that generates slavery of Mind), to the science (that trap with the knowledge). I think that this is the Birth concept that the games refers. The girls in the game that try to Birth a child of Great One, generate monsters or incomplete beings. Maybe is all a dream of our character, and after the blood infusion at the beginning, it's all fake. Maybe we are in the mind of the hunter and that explain the first final. It's like Total Rekall: is it all real or all a dream of our character, that suffered from a real plague in the reality and tryed the method of the blood infusion to restore his mind?

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  I recently picked up ds3 from the steam winter sale, after I had played through bb numerous times, and something that I have been immensely interested in is bb lore... so I looked through the back of everyone's heads, and found that blacksmith andre has eyes on the inside of his hed, just like the doll in bb, can anyone help me, I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is legit lore tying the two games universewise together, or if it was simply an editing mistake.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    I recently picked up ds3 from the steam winter sale, after I had played through bb numerous times, and something that I have been immensely interested in is bb lore... so I looked through the back of everyone's heads, and found that blacksmith andre has eyes on the inside of his hed, just like the doll in bb, can anyone help me, I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is legit lore tying the two games universewise together, or if it was simply an editing mistake.

                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                      I dont Think The Hunt continues in yharnam sunrise since this aint a normal Hunt. You kill The Great ones responsible for The Hunt

                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                        This is a lot of information to swallow. I think the doo doo fart peepee guy had the right idea here. Truly a scholar.

                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                          I don't know if someone had said this before or it's wrong or what, but I've a thought. It says that Gerhman tried to use the umbilical cord to get something he wanted. It's also stated on I think Maria's garb description that Gerhman had a mania, which can be desire. So, I think Gerhman tried to use the cord to give life to the doll, who I think it's basically confirmed is based off Maria (and Gerhmam probably created her, being an inventor or something like that, since he came up with the burial blade). I think the Moon Presence gave life to the doll, inside the Hunter's dream, simultaneously keeping Gerhman there as it's surrogate child. Thoughts/correction?

                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                            Rune is a Norse word. 2 runes in the game are dedicated to Oedon. The Norse god Odin discovered powerful runes in his quest for knowledge and wisdom. Odin hung himself upside down from a tree until he discovered the powerful runes. The Hunters Mark symbol looks very similar to the symbol of Odin Hanging. Odin is obsessed with gaining knowledge. Odin used his eye to gain great wisdom. Odin wanders the cosmos in his quest for more knowledge. The people of bloodborne seem to have the same obsession with gaining insight. Eyes seem to = insight in bloodborne. The cosmos are referenced a lot in Bloodborne. Seems like Odin is a big theme in BloodborneI think god/deity of the hunt is moon presences theme

                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                              Of the three wikis dedicated to Soulsborne, fextralife is without a doubt the WORST when it comes to lore. This page is embarassingly terrible, idiotically inaccurate and horrendously outdated

                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                The Hunter's Dream, Nightmare of Mensis, Nightmare Frontier are all while the hunter is "sleeping/dies" in the real world. Everywhere else is the real world. The hunter sleeps to gain knowledge/skills/equipment and can readily bring them back to the waking world since those dreamlands are legitimate dimensions, equal but separate to the waking world.The doll is alive in the dream because it is still a dream world where things like that can happen, she is still just a doll in the Old Abandoned Workshop, which is in the waking world.Mircolash is the body that the Hunter uses to enter the Nightmare of Mensis, he is the one that connected with Mergo (or the wet nurse or whatever created the Nightmare of Mensis, possibly an actual entity named Mensis). Mircolash connected with that creator which makes Mircolash the host, just as Gherman did with the moon presence making Gherman the host of the Moon Presence's creation.I was confused about what is a dream vs what is the "real world" but this is what i have come up with and it makes a lot of sense to me. Those areas that are labeled as dream/nightmare are when the hunter is asleep in the "real world", they are still legitimate places, but the events that happen in those places are unseen by the waking world while the effects are still seen. Moon Presence doesnt exist in the real world, only in the hunters dream, same with brain of mensis, Yharnam queen...all those characters that are dead in the real world. They are dead but they still exist in the dreams, either like the doll or as spirit-type conciousness. And the proximity to the real world is so close that their effects can still be seen even if the actual beings and events cannot.Ive had these ideas, needed to write em out cause a lot of bloodborne lore is confusing (which is good) and this concept of real vs dream is a big component to making the lore make sense to me.

                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                  so everyone is throwing out theories here and there . here is mine: - its said that to reach the dreamland you have to face the judgement of two gatekeepers , if proven worthy you can descent and emerge in the enchanted woods (forbidden woods , Rom , red moon) (well you not start there but its getting close , also gameworld changes after killing Rom. gatekeepers are missing here cause there are none.) -if a person enters dreamworld ( through Gatekeepers) his physical body remains and death in dreamworld just gives your body a small shock. waking up, makes you forget everything you experienced.(remember Micolash's last words when defeating him?). the first ending where you get killed by Gehrman may be the same. you wake up somewhere in yharnam , night is over. BUT here is Quote frome the CthuluWiki : The Dreamlands can be entered in other ways, including physically. This usually requires passing through very dangerous areas of both the waking world and the Dreamlands. Consequently, "real" death becomes a risk. However, the visitor does receive the prolonged lifespan of a native of the Dreamlands, and the traveller's time there is no longer limited to the duration of a night's sleep on earth. this could mean before Rom = Wake World , after Rom = Dreamworld another Quote about the great ones ( yeah they are also named great ones in Lovecrafts dream cycle) Though the term "Dreamlands" typically refers to the dimension accessible by human dreamers, other INHABITED PLANTS apparently have their own dreamlands. Reaching these other realms from the terrestrial Dreamlands is possible, but difficult. so the chor in bloodborne may have reched these other Dreamlands and led some Great Ones to us. all that theorycrafting about experiments with the blood , surrogates of great ones chracters and stuff belongs to bloodborne itself. Lovecrafts Dreamland has its own geography and so has bloodborne. so its no use to compare it. the dreamworld has an underworld which inhabits ghouls. in bloodborne you have chalice dungeons which lie beyond yharnam and have a lot of ghouls. now my last point the moon presence: Quote from wiki: The Great Ones are the "weak gods of earth" that reign in the Dreamlands. They are protected by Nyarlathotep. so maybe the moon presence is miyazakis version of Nyarlathotep. i just want to say that maybe the whole story is based on the dreamcycle and bloodborne is miyazakis interpretation of the short stories written by lovecraft. in the end you entered the dreamworld. you playing as a dreamer.

                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                    The question I really want answered is: Who or what is the moon presence? What is its role? What might the baby Great One become?

                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                      this is a reddit post with some solid points for the possible story http://www.reddit.com/r/bloodborne/comments/30wpo3/massive_bloodborne_lore_theories_spoiler/ add what you will i agree with most of the thread personally

                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                        My thoughts about the lore change from one day to another as I discover new things or as I think a little more of the story. What I am thinking is that the real Yharnam only appears 2 time in the game: once in the intro when you get the transfusion and once in the ending if you accept Gehrman's offer. Something made me wonder, more precisely, Micolash last words, something like " now I am going to wake up and forget everything". My opinion is that when you get the transfusion you are transferred into a Nightmare version of Yharnam, in which people who used special blood live in a colective madness, Some of them, the Hunters, are stronger and more resilient to the blood effects and they do not go mad and they do not transform intro beasts in the Nightmare. Instead, they get access to the Hunter's Dream, a safe place created by the Moon Presence who wants to find a strong Hunter to be the next Great Great One. The awakening stones are actually your way to teleport yourself into the nightmare. Most people are only captives inside the Nightmare but the Hunters can also get to Hunter's Dream. So I am thinking that all the Great Ones are looking to create a Great One Child but the Moon Presence is the one responsible for the search and it created the Hunter's Dream for the strongest of men who survive the hunt, get insight, step a little further into madness but resist and become strong enough to transform themselves into a Great One. If you accept Gehrman's offer, you are returned to the real world, without achieving anything, if you kill only Gehrman, you take his place and become the new advisor of the Hunters under the control of the Moon Presence BUT if you eat the Ombilical cords the Moon Presence either feels threatened(since it wants a child, not a strong Hunter???) or it needs to give you his Paleblood in order for you to become a Great One(you fight it, get it's Paleblood and evolve in a human/Great One hybrid). What a fantastic game. Still have a lot to figure out and it is possible that my theory may not be correct but feel free to correct me or add to the theory.

                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                          I have a question about the "Paleblood" Most of the theories i read tells that "Paleblood" is accualy the blood of the Moon Presence - the ultimate blood The note at the start of the game states : "Seek Paleblood to transend the hunt" , i thought that a "Paleblood" was a person - an outsider that had nothing to do with the blood plague - the main character...

                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                            Great One are NO ALIENS. they are not visitors from the outer space, but instead creature of the deepest abyss of the world, connected with out planes of existances and the "cosmos", intended as "stars and planet and whatever", it's just a misleading interpreation of the "choir" itself. Have you ever had a look at the Chalices? Great Isz Chalice: "A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal. Great chalices unlock deeper reaches of the labyrinth. The Great Isz Chalice became the cornerstone of the Choir, the elite delegation of the Healing Church It was also the first Great Chalice brought back to the surface since the time of Byrgenwerth, and allowed the Choir to have audience with Ebrietas." Deepest, Back to Surface. And it's not even the single reference about this. Guys you really need to read more.

                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                              I dont see any reference to Micolash....when you kill him he specifically states something along the lines....Nooo, now ill wake up and forget everything. Is it just me? I think this is very important to the story but I cant figure out in what way....I know it confirms that you are definitely in a dream....but the dream is more than it seems

                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                This game has many similarities with lovecraft mythos, such as maddening knowledge(insight), the great ones from outside/the other gods etc), even tentacle attacks :D I suggest looking for cross reference in his stories so we can figure out what the ***** is actually happening.

                                                                                                                                • I think that the Great Ones are inhabitants of an alternate plane of existence, and the Hunter is killed, and brought to the dreamworld as a kind of purgatory, where the events of the game are a constantly repeating cycle. I think that the dreamworld, and indeed the world where the game takes place, is equivalent to the Fog World and Otherworld from Silent Hill. What I mean by this, is that everywhere you go is based around the real world, but it's populated by the inhabitants of the dreamworld.

                                                                                                                                  I also think that the dream is created by the Great Ones, and the repeating event of the game are a nightmarish version of what actually happened in Yharnam. I think there was indeed a plague in Yharnam, possibly even resulting in lycanthropy, but the dreamworld repeats the events of the plague over and over, until the Great Ones can find a worthy successor.

                                                                                                                                  But, you know, 'tis all speculation :)

                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                    i read somewhere here in an endless abyss of theories that the moon presence is fighting against the great ones or protecting you from it. So to anybody do you any of you think the moon presence is good and oedon and the great ones are bad or the other way around or do you think something different entirely. i believe this page will become a near endless abyss at some point in the future.

                                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                      It's possible the Laurence (the man who speaks with Willem in the cut-scene after Vicar) is the man who brought the vile blood that started the plague to Yharnam - I get this feeling based off his insistence to leave Byrgenwerth when speaking to Willem, and him apparently brushing aside the advice Willem gives Laurence. Additionally, Laurence seems to have some sort of connection to Ghernam - during one point upon visiting the Hunter's Dream you can find Ghernam behind the house (where the hat messengers are) talking in his sleep, and he says "Oh, Laurence... what's taking you so long... I've grown too old for this, of little use now, I'm afraid..." When he's there, the doll is also in a different location than normal, in front of the gravestone where you found the Old Hunter's Bone in the non-dream workshop, leading me to believe that the Old Hunter referenced could be Laurence. There's a lot of possibilities that could stem from this. The main two possibilities I've derived from this are that 1) Laurence and Ghernam were very close once (possibly father and son?), 2) Laurence possibly started the plague by bringing the vile blood from Byrgenwerth, and 3) If 2 is correct, perhaps Ghernam and Laurence became the first hunters in an attempt to fix the mistake made by Laurence.

                                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                        Isn't Micolash the creator of the nightmare of mensis? He is called the "Host of the Nightmare" after all.

                                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                          I could have sworn that it was indeed taken out but the page here still says he says it? Well given the fact he says "Umbasa" and he is called a "Father" maybe he is from Boletaria? But this is probably just an easter egg.

                                                                                                                                          • This lore section is REALLY well written and and explained some really complex things with ease. Good job to whoever participated to the Lore explanation ! (I do believe I recognized Vaati's way to narrate and explain, if he didn't took part of this, good job to whoever created containt like he does, as he is the best Souls' Lore and story telling Youtuber). Keep rocking guys !

                                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                              When I was think of them and their surrogates each seem to represent a different dream state. What I mean is A and milo (sorry bad with names) are nightmares and the power they hold. Mergo's wet nurse not sure I say about I think madness if you count that as a type of dream. Rom is the empty where you don't have dreams like a calm unmoving lake like the dream you fight him in. Ebaitas and Celestial Emissary is the imaginative and unknown dreams think about these people know nothing of space so it's a world of imagination and wonder. Oedon, moon presence and gehrman (I think they're the same think about the moon prescence is the only one without a name) represent dreams of real things like your life and places you visited you visit in the real world

                                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                Please note that at some point of the game (I don't have blood borne) something changes about Iosefka and her behaviours. This is because she had been changed into a celestial mob by a white church me member. This will happen to everybody you sent to Iosefka's clinic. Real Iosefka is much more caring and understanding whilst the imposter will not talk to you after attacking the door.

                                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                  My theory on the world of Bloodborne is that all is a dream/nightmare. In order to be saved, someone had to inject you some beast blood. However this blood has a side effect which project you inside a dream like world where the great ones rule (remember, great one are being of dream/nightmare). Everybody having submit to blood ministration is trapped within the dream and the only way out is to hunt the owner of this nightmare which is Mergo. But once Mergo's wet nurse is dead, the Moon Presence (Mergo imo) is threatened and ask its chosen, Gerhman, to send the hunter back to the awakened world. The game itself is how your character make it trought the blood effect and that's why in the end you either: - Wake up if you choose to die. Gerhman sent you back as ask by Mergo. However the nightmare still goes on and each hunter being sent back is represented with a grave inside the hunter dream. - Remain trapped in it, as a guardian. You defeated gerhman, however you can't resist to Mergo who chooses you as the new guardian of the nightmare. - Reborn as an ancient god if you used the umbilibal cords. You become the new owner of the nightmare by becoming a great one. There is no end to this nightmare because to release the nightmare, you have to defeat Mergo while remaining human. However you have to transcend your humanity to resist Mergo.

                                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                    First thanks for writing up that info, but I was wondering how much time has passed since the founding of Byrgenwerth and the hunters arrival in Yarnham... All descriptions read as if these things are at least an 100 years past and the people also talk that way, but it seems all NPC knew each other, even though they should have lived (felt) decades apart. Could it be that the blood ministrations also prolong life?

                                                                                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                      As pointed out regarding Arriana, apparently Great Ones are able to impregnate humans who are indoors and protected by incense - not surprising, considering that everybody else who is indoors either dies or becomes a beast and stops responding to the protagonist. Maybe, then, the belief in incense's protective abilities is simply a superstition. Maybe the Church encourages that superstition to keep people happy. Who knows? Anyway, I think I've found another surrogate mother. In the same street as Arriana and the old man, one of the women begins to panic and scream during the night time phase, and says 'My baby!'. Maybe she is another mother to a Great One?

                                                                                                                                                      • I'm glad someone actually explained the endings while using notes/information gathered from NPCs and the world of bloodborne. Awesome awesome explanation. Im glad these explanations arent useless ramblings of some idiot and is getting the information out of their ass. Good stuff here people!

                                                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                          Prolog When the war of the beasts brings about the world's end War of beasts is the plague and worlds end the night The goddess descends from the sky Tge goddess is the moon presence who descends from the sky in the end Wings of light and dark spread afar The light wings could be the church The dark wings the beasts She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting. Her gift is the dream Akt I Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess We seek it thus, and take to the sky Ripples form on the water's surface The wandering soul knows no rest. The soul are the echoes that can transfer through the people (Beast>you>other beast> you Akt II There is no hate, only joy For you are beloved by the goddess Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds. Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul Dawn soul and healer are terms connected with the story Dawn = progress Soul= blood echoes Healer = blood healing and healing church Pride is lost Wings stripped away, the end is nigh. Akt III My friend, do you fly away now? The friend are the hunters that disappear To a world that abhors you and I? All that awaits you is a somber morrow No matter where the winds may blow. My friend, your desire Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess. Even if the morrow is barren of promises Nothing shall forestall my return. Akt IV My friend, the fates are cruel There are no dreams, no honor remains The arrow has left the bow of the goddess My soul, corrupted by vengeance Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey In my own salvation And your eternal slumber. Legend shall speak Of sacrifice at world's end. The wind sails over the water's surface Quietly, but surely. Akt V Even if the morrow is barren of promises Nothing shall forestall my return [To become the dew that quenches the land To spare the sands, the seas, the skies I offer thee this silent sacrifice.] Silent sacrifice is the ending in which you forget the dream Take the place of gehrman or become a great one in every ending you become a watcher of the next hunt without being able to do something important. Youre silent in the next hunt even if you lead the next hunter to his goals

                                                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                            For anyone interested... a friend of mine passed me the following link ... this guy gas really made a thesis on bloodborne's lore.... interested reading indeed https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k7ST7Ysc9I3s6zLXr-DOzWjoAtu6afOOCaU3ucCdBDk/mobilebasic?pli=1

                                                                                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                              Could this have to do with the kin. I dont fully remember but a couple kin enemies have pale blood. Could this have to do with the blood of oedon? I've read theories saying that oedon made the pc hunter into a hunter. meaning the pc was not originally hunter, but on his way to cainhurst (hence the summons with your name). was the pc going to be a vileblood or kill them? but i think oedon wanted to indirectly turn our hunter onto the path of the moon presense, thus ushering in the birth of mergo (or becoming mergo)

                                                                                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                Too bad Bloodborne doesn't have an intro cinematic introducing the setting like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. I don't think the first cutscene with the guy in the wheelchair giving you a hunter contract really counts. Also, who is that guy? Is it Gehrman? Is it Isofeka? I thought that was the woman you talk too before the imposter comes in.

                                                                                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                  Too many comments to go through here, so don't know if this was suggested, but the "Because the Great Ones always lose a child on the Red Moon (though the reason is not necessarily stated, maybe Hunters?), it seems to be that the Great Ones impregnate women to have surrogate children." part seems simple to me. The Red Moon appears after killing Rom who had become a great one. So it seems it's more along the lines of when the child of a great one dies, the Red Moon comes instead of the other way around.

                                                                                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                    So I read the enitre page and wow i am just amazed by how much work the people that wrote this section. There are evidences that support all the facts and speculations in this page. Other parts of the wiki, another separate page that explained the endings was completely useless and just opinions made by a user. THe user wrote Mergo is the child of moon presence was BS. The explanations here is much more accurate

                                                                                                                                                                    • Hey guys if you have the time have a read on the updated information with hard evidence regarding the origin of blood ministration, the plague and the origin of the healing church. I also corrected the information regarding the Vilebloods were the source of blood healing. The Vilebloods are not the source of blood ministration but they are the result of stolen corrupted blood taken from Byrgenwerth and since the church did not sanctioned their continued use of the corrupted blood the church deemed them criminals/sinners. They were then hunted down by Martyr logarius and his band of executioners.

                                                                                                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                        "Queen Annalise was a ruler over many nobles and dandies, she is the first Vileblood that partaked in corrupted blood from Byrgenwerth." What is the corrupted blood referred to here? The theory of the disease resulting from experimentation and consumption of old blood is a good one. But what is paleblood and vileblood? The students at Byrgenwerth all seem to bleed "pale blood" including Willem. Can we conclude this is Paleblood? Where did it come from? Why did it turn everyone into slug people? What is Vileblood? Is this just the old blood which caused the beast plague? If so why aren't there any beasts at Cainhurst? This doesn't appear to be the same Lycanthropy plague that plagues Yarnham. I think this synopsis is still missing a few key bits of information.

                                                                                                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                          hey i was thinking of gehrman and his lore and i think i got something remember when you first speak with a doll and she says that gehrman is FORMLESS in real world but resides in this dreams? Looking at oedon runes they also state that oedon is formless, exact neme of the rune is FORMLESS OEDON meaning that he could have form once. So i think gehrman is oedon. this would also explain how he opens the door in healing church workshop after defeating bsb and why he wealds sedarite weapon and how he created the blades of mercy.

                                                                                                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                                                                                                            it's still not explained what becomes of yharnam in the submit ending or if you're a great one or a great one's vessel in the true ending this is the problem with FROM, instead of just making stuff said in stun they just throw these "left for interpetation" type of ending and save themselves the work and the fans just eat it up like *****, i say nay, it's time FROM give us some god***** explaintion also, 10$ in a year's time we'll see some DLC for this game (possibly a prequel AotA style type that will take us back to the pthumiran times and the discovery of blood healing)

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