Bloodlicker Frontal Crop 1.png
Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 405 or 1362
Drops Bloodtinge Gemstone, 211 or 2310 Blood Echoes
Weak Righteous, Bolt, Thrust, Physical (slash)
Strong Blunt and Arcane
Locations Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, Chalice Dungeon, The Hunter's Nightmare

Bloodlickers are enemies in Bloodborne.

Bloodsucking Beast Information

Prowling the grounds of Cainhurst castle with their unmistakable, vile bodies, these fast-moving creatures can prove quite dangerous. Their appearance is somewhat flea-like, and they are equally as swift in their movements and attacks.

These enemies are not to be trifled with, as their jumps and sudden turns can quickly finish off even a high level, high vitality player. They can dodge expertly and will do their utmost to keep the player within sight. Bloodlickers can come in slightly different variations; the size of their blood-sack will indicate their resistance to physical attacks.

Not all Bloodlickers will actively seek to engage enemies, as some will simply stand still in the snowy ground of the forsaken castle, admiring the landscape. However, they will still be very aggressive once engaged.




  • Get close to the back of this enemy and perform a heavy attack, beware of Mule Kick attack (see below). However, know that it is not subject to visceral attacks.
  • They are extremely fast, and their jump attacks are double, meaning they will jump once and then again to land on you.
  • Also note that Bloodlickers will hiss immediately before using their frontal attacks, so be prepared to quickstep behind them as soon as you hear this cue.




Attack Name Attack Description
Claw Slaps It will swipe at the player with fast, erratic attacks. These could be single attacks or combos.
Jump Attack The bloodlicker will jump at the player, covering a large distance with this high-damage attack.
Claw Stomps Tries to hit the player with floor slaps.
Mule Kick An attack which only takes place if the player is behind it. Will kick both its hind legs.
Spit Blood It spits blood as a ranged attack that can inflict Slow Poison. Exclusive moveset for the bloodlickers in the Hunter's Nightmare.
Tantrum Will shake its head and tongue frenetically, hitting the player multiple times if connecting.

- Pvt_Booger Pvt_Booger -
- Mhazard Mhazard -


Bloodlicker Information

This enemy comes in three different "bloodsack" sizes, indicating physical resistances. Its preset Chalice Dungeons locations are: Pthumerian Labyrinth, Central Pthumerian Labyrinth, Hintertomb, Lower Hintertomb, Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth, Cursed Pthumerian Defilement, Ailing Loran, Lower Loran, Isz Gravestone, Pthumeru Ihyll. Bloodlickers will appear in chalice dungeons only after the player uses visceral attacks against large enemies and moves to a different room, and even then only less than half the time.



Forsaken Cainhurst castle 1362 2310 (1x) 16%
Chalice Dungeons 405 211 (1x) 16%
Hunter's Nightmare      



  • Bloodsuckers are most likely transformed Vileblood knights and nobles. They share their weakness pattern (Righteous, Bolt with a resistance to Arcane) as well as their silver hair and vampire theme.
  • Hiding behind their long hair is a weary, wrinkled face. This could be because of starvation, vampirism or their relative age as "insects".
  • Relevant lore theories can be found under The Mysteries of Cainhurst Garb & Architecture.


Notes & Trivia

  1. There is a chance it will appear in chalice dungeons when a visceral attack is performed on an enemy. If the player leaves the room and returns, a bloodsucking beast could be lapping up the blood.
  2. The Watcher's Gravedigger and Merciless Watcher (Mob) have a high chance of spawning Bloodlickers if a visceral attack is performed on them.
  3. It is possible when dying on a boss that you used multiple visceral attacks on (Merciless Watchers in the Lower Pthumeru Chalice) It's possible for your blood echoes to become tied to a Bloodlicker even though they technically weren't spawned in the room. This means that it's possible to make your blood echoes impossible to retrieve if you don't perform a visceral attack during your second attempt. It also means that you will have to leave, and then return to the boss room without reloading in order to make sure it spawns.
  4. Farming these enemies in advanced Chalice Dungeons is the only way to gain high level Bloodtinge Gemstones (Circle). You can farm them for the Circle Blood Gems they drop .
  5. They don't just spit blood from their mouth, they shoot it from their nose as well.
  6. Bloodlickers are also found in the Hunter's Nightmare drinking from the river of blood, though why is still unknown.
  7. Bloodlickers exclusively drop bloodtinge gems, this could prove very important in establishing their alien allegiance.
  8. Though mostly covered in spiky hairs, their tail seems to have small, pale feathers.
  9. Aside from the Vermin snakes only the Loran Cleric has a similar thin tongue.
  10. In version 1.00 of Bloodborne, their corpses will often fail to disappear upon death.





  1. Amygdala
  2. Beast Claw Hunter
  3. Beast Cutter Hunter
  4. Beast-possessed Soul
  5. Beast-possessed Soul (Mob)
  6. Bell Holder
  7. Black Widow
  8. Blood Dobermann
  9. Blood Gel
  10. Blood-Starved Beast
  11. Bloodletting Beast
  12. Bloodsucking Beast
  13. Bloody Crow of Cainhurst
  14. Bone Ash Hunter
  15. Boom Hammer Hunter
  16. Bosses
  17. Brador
  18. Brain of Mensis
  19. Brain Trust
  20. Brainsucker
  21. Brick Troll
  22. Cainhurst Hunter
  23. Carrion Crow
  24. Celestial Centipede
  25. Celestial Emissary
  26. Chapel Giant
  27. Chime Maiden
  28. Church Doctor
  29. Cleric Beast
  30. Crawler
  31. Darkbeast Paarl
  32. Deep Sea Hound
  33. Djura
  34. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
  35. Enlarged Head Giant
  36. Enlarged Head Patients
  37. Ethereal Walker
  38. Executioner
  39. Eye Collector
  40. Father Gascoigne
  41. Fishwitch
  42. Gel
  43. Gravekeeper Scorpion
  44. Graveyard Hags
  45. Greater Viper Pit
  46. Hamlet Fishmen
  47. Henryk
  48. Hostile Choir Hunter
  49. Hostile Hunters
  50. Hunter Mob
  51. Hunting Dog
  52. Keeper of the Old Lords
  53. Keeper's Hunting Dog
  54. Labyrinth Mole
  55. Labyrinth Rat
  56. Large Huntsman
  57. Lightning Summoner
  58. Loran Cleric
  59. Mad One
  60. Madman
  61. Maneater Boar (Mob)
  62. Mannequin
  63. Martyr Logarius
  64. Merciless Watcher
  65. Merciless Watcher (Mob)
  66. Mergo's Attendant
  67. Mergo's Wet Nurse
  68. Mi-Go Zombie
  69. Micolash, Host of the Nightmare
  70. Moon Presence
  71. Nightmare Huntsman
  72. Old Yharnam Beast
  73. Old Yharnam Hunter (Mob)
  74. One Reborn
  75. Piercing Rifle Hunter
  76. Pthumerian Descendant
  77. Pthumerian Undead
  78. Rat
  79. Reaper
  80. Ritual Master
  81. Rom, the Vacuous Spider
  82. Saif Hunter
  83. Shadow of Yharnam
  84. Shadow of Yharnam (Mob)
  85. Shark-Giant
  86. Silver Lady
  87. Silverbeast
  88. Slime Scholar
  89. Slug
  90. Snail Woman
  91. Snatcher
  92. Sorrowful Emissary
  93. Tomb Guardian
  94. Tomb Inspector Hunter
  95. Tormented Nanny
  96. Undead Amalgam
  97. Undead Giant
  98. Undead Giant (Mob)
  99. Vengeful Specter
  100. Vermin Host

    • Anonymous

      14 Mar 2018 15:58  

      oh wow, this doesn't seem to be common knowledge yet, so let me share with you what i discovered (almost 3 years ago). there is a spot from where you can attack them that they can't react to. dodge any initial attack and go behind the enemy, NOT directly behind, because that will cause them to retaliate with their mule kick, but slightly to the side (when you lock on you'd face either behind leg). lock on and slash away, you can combo up all your stamina, because the enemy will not move, counter or dodge in any way. he will move again after you end the combo (if he isn't dead yet), so you'll have to reposition. i honestly thought a lot of people should have found this out by accident by now, as i did. You still have to face them one-on-one though.
      The scorpions in the dungeons have a similar "freeze" position depending on where the player is standing while engaged in combat.

      i came here to finally check what was up with the dungeon appearances. i noticed they always appeared where a mini-boss was standing (Watcher, Madman, etc.). i always thought it simply had a chance of appearing after i used the boss-lever, but i never thought it'd have to do with visceral attacks, which in fact is the way i kill most Watchers, Madmen and the like. it makes perfect sense now (the enemy being attracted by massive bloodloss).

      • Anonymous

        20 Dec 2017 17:00  

        The R2 attack of the non-transformed Holy Moonlight Sword staggers them extremely well, allowing you to combo them to death relatively quickly. Just be sure to fight them one at a time and you can clear the area with ease.

        • 26 Mar 2017 03:19  

          I havent seen the method I use to kill these bloodlickers so here's what I do:

          Kite them to the main chapel/church door.
          Use threaded cane, or whatever that may hit them through the open door
          Rinse and repeat.

          • 25 Mar 2017 17:18  

            "Bloodsuckers are most likely transformed Vileblood knights and nobles. They share their weakness pattern (Righteous, Bolt with a resistance to Arcane) as well as their silver hair and vampire theme."

            This note doesn't seem to be entirely true, given that the Knight's set (being the attire donned by the knights of Cainhurst, as opposed to the Queen's royal guards, which wear the Cainhurst set) bears a above-average resistance to Bolt, and has a slightly below-average resistance to Arcane (as opposed to the alleged 'weakness to Bolt with a resistance to Arcane") and the Righteous attribute is not implied nor listed in regards to the Knight's set nor the Knights of Cainhurst. As well as the fact that the Knight's set gives very decent physical defense and has decent Blunt dmg-reduc as well as its thrust dmg-reduc is the highest stat for the set in terms of physical defense (compared to the Bloodlickers, which have a weakness to thrust). Another fact to be noted, is that Bloodlickers not only appear at Cainhurst, but also in the Hunter's Nightmare and in certain Chalice dungeons. If they were knights of Cainhurst, it would be more viable if they appeared solely in Cainhurst, given that all methods of arriving to the Castle is cut off.

            • Anonymous

              05 Dec 2016 00:55  

              The only monster i might hate more than these things is the Winter Lanterns. I'm really NOT looking forward to fighting through a hoard of them in hunter's nightmare. Can anyone tell me if the ones in the blood river have more or less health than the ones at Cainhurst? it's not listed in the article above at the time of posting. The ones at Cainhurst still give me trouble even 1-on-1, I need to know how far in over my head I'll be going for the Amygdala Arm and Gattling Gun. Also are they vulnerable to the Shaman Bone Blade?

              • Anonymous

                Did anyone notice?05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                There is one of those beast which is a lot fatter than any other. Whats curious though is that it doesn't attack you and flees instead. Thought it was weird.

                • Anonymous

                  Tactic05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                  Dodging to the side when they leap and attacking (into their side) with a heavy wep like a kirkhammer or greatsword seems to get them in a semi stun lock, just the basic attacks stagger them a little. This is the best method I've found to deal with them. If you stand behind them they try to kick, so be careful of that.

                  • Anonymous

                    It worked for me05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                    easiest way I found was to cheese em' by locking on, then quick stepping to the side and behind, paired with R1 once, repeat. They killed me like 14 times in a row at cainhurst till I tried that, the only drawback is you have to kite em'

                    • Anonymous

                      Chalice Dungeon05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                      If you kill an enemy with a visceral attack in a chalice dungeon, you might summon one of these beasts. so when you leave the area and come back later, they might be there sucking up the blood from the floor. anyone wanna add that? sry i can't edit properly

                      • Anonymous

                        These guys are jerks05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                        Compared to many of the other denizens of Cainhurst, these guys are gigantic punks. They're fast and they hurt. Worst, they are fans of big single-hits with a long reach. Back-dodging is good for avoiding, but their recovery time is quick enough that you can't get a hit in and, once again, they have more reach than most weapons. I advise circling them, as they don't turn particularly well. Attack from the sides; they have a dual-back kick attack that will hit you from their immediate rear.

                        • Dying05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                          These guys have the odd tendency to also wander off the edge of the cliff outside the Castle. I can't count how many times I've randomly gotten souls there a few minutes after spawning at the lamp

                          • Anonymous

                            Dumbest enemy in the game.05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                            They really are. Borderline impossible to kill as they cannot be stunned, are extremely hard to stagger, and don't react to visceral attacks. >.> Their attacks are constant and frantic, and once engaged you'll be unable to retreat as it'll just frog-leap after you. Super lame enemy that goes against the whole point of the enemies of the Soulsborne franchise thus far, as pretty much all other enemies either have a weakspot, are strong and slow or quick but can be countered with parries and what not. I've died more to Bloodlickers than all bosses combined, and I'm not even exaggerating.

                            • Anonymous

                              Urgh05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                              Awful, even without their speed and damage. The way their bellies are bloated and red with useless blood while the rest of their bodies are lifelessly pale. They take no sustenance from it, just mindless gluttony. Gives me the horribles.

                              • Anonymous

                                Thrusting05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                When I fought these guys, I just used the R2 thrust on ludwig's or chikage and they would get staggered. Just continuously thrust attack them but you might get hit at least once but ignore it. You can also interrupt their attacks with a thrust if you're close enough to hit them without getting hit back.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Passive BloodSucker05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                  Just wanted to point out that there is a passive bloodlicker just outside of the entrance to Cainhurst Castle, on the left precisely, wich has a larger blood sack and does not attack no matter what

                                  • Anonymous

                                    this creature05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                    I hate this creatures. I dont like to fight them. Even from behind they can kick you and kill you fast from forward. Ive encountered them in Chalice dungeons quite often. I was once running back to the previously cleared area, in dark and I had a firestick in my hand, I was running and I encountered one of these. It jumped right at me ... I *****ted my pants screaming OMFG, I was totally unprepared.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Hn05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                      I've noticed on various occasions during my runs through the Chalice dungeons. You don't exactly have to kill someone with a visceral attack; you just have to use one for them to appear on six different occasions for me I didn't finish the a Madman with a visceral but I did hit him with it. I killed him with 1-2 more normal swings and then came back later and this annoying creature was there. So from my personal playing; someone else should test it though I guess. You just have to preform a visceral.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Appeared during a merciless watcher bossfight05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                        This punk appeared during a chalice bossfight. I viscerales two of the watchers and then almost got rekt by a bloodsucker. He must have apeared as I was circling the watchers through the room. A very dangerous evemt for sure!

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Threaded Cane strategy05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                          Threaded cane works well in whip mode. They swipe at you you can dodge back or just be far enough back when they strike for you to counter attack and then backup or dodge back rinse repeat. Also the fountain in the courtyard is good to use to get them because the get slowed running into the fountain. Again is threaded cane in whip form. By far the easiest method I have found so far after you get past the first two and the courtyard there's two sets statues that are just wide enough for you to get through but they can't if you can bait them to chase you between the statues they will get themselves semi stuck as long as you keep your distance with the threaded cane they are easy kills. Also dodge sideways when they jump attack if you're not using the fountain or the statues. Hope this helps.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Official Name05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                            Now that the guide is out, we know that the official name for this enemy is "Bloodlicker." Someone with more privileges should change the page name.

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