Bloodlicker Frontal Crop 1.png
Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 405 or 1362
Drops Bloodtinge Gemstone, 211 or 2310 Blood Echoes
Weak Righteous, Bolt, Thrust, Physical (slash)
Strong Blunt and Arcane
Locations Forsaken Cainhurst Castle, Chalice Dungeon, The Hunter's Nightmare

Bloodlickers are enemies in Bloodborne.

Bloodsucking Beast Information

Prowling the grounds of Cainhurst castle with their unmistakable, vile bodies, these fast-moving creatures can prove quite dangerous. Their appearance is somewhat flea-like, and they are equally as swift in their movements and attacks.

These enemies are not to be trifled with, as their jumps and sudden turns can quickly finish off even a high level, high vitality player. They can dodge expertly and will do their utmost to keep the player within sight. Bloodlickers can come in slightly different variations; the size of their blood-sack will indicate their resistance to physical attacks.

Not all Bloodlickers will actively seek to engage enemies, as some will simply stand still in the snowy ground of the forsaken castle, admiring the landscape. However, they will still be very aggressive once engaged.




  • Get close to the back of this enemy and perform a heavy attack, beware of Mule Kick attack (see below). However, know that it is not subject to visceral attacks.
  • They are extremely fast, and their jump attacks are double, meaning they will jump once and then again to land on you.
  • Also note that Bloodlickers will hiss immediately before using their frontal attacks, so be prepared to quickstep behind them as soon as you hear this cue.
  • Bloodlickers in chalice dungeons have a small aggro range tied to their spawn location which can be abused for hit and run tactics.




Attack Name Attack Description
Claw Slaps It will swipe at the player with fast, erratic attacks. These could be single attacks or combos.
Jump Attack The bloodlicker will jump at the player, covering a large distance with this high-damage attack.
Claw Stomps Tries to hit the player with floor slaps.
Mule Kick An attack which only takes place if the player is behind it. Will kick both its hind legs.
Spit Blood It spits blood as a ranged attack that can inflict Slow Poison. Exclusive moveset for the bloodlickers in the Hunter's Nightmare.
Tantrum Will shake its head and tongue frenetically, hitting the player multiple times if connecting.

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Bloodlicker Information

This enemy comes in three different "bloodsack" sizes, indicating physical resistances. Its preset Chalice Dungeons locations are: Pthumerian Labyrinth, Central Pthumerian Labyrinth, Hintertomb, Lower Hintertomb, Lower Pthumerian Labyrinth, Cursed Pthumerian Defilement, Ailing Loran, Lower Loran, Isz Gravestone, Pthumeru Ihyll. Bloodlickers will appear in chalice dungeons only after the player uses visceral attacks against large enemies and moves to a different room, and even then only less than half the time.



Forsaken Cainhurst castle 1362 2310 (1x) 16%
Chalice Dungeons 405 211 (1x) 16%
Hunter's Nightmare      



  • Bloodsuckers are most likely transformed Vileblood knights and nobles. They share their weakness pattern (Righteous, Bolt with a resistance to Arcane) as well as their silver hair and vampire theme.
  • Hiding behind their long hair is a weary, wrinkled face. This could be because of starvation, vampirism or their relative age as "insects".


Notes & Trivia

  1. There is a chance it will appear in chalice dungeons when a visceral attack is performed on an enemy. If the player leaves the room and returns, a bloodsucking beast could be lapping up the blood.
  2. The Watcher's Gravedigger and Merciless Watcher (Mob) have a high chance of spawning Bloodlickers if a visceral attack is performed on them.
  3. It is possible when dying on a boss that you used multiple visceral attacks on (Merciless Watchers in the Lower Pthumeru Chalice) It's possible for your blood echoes to become tied to a Bloodlicker even though they technically weren't spawned in the room. This means that it's possible to make your blood echoes impossible to retrieve if you don't perform a visceral attack during your second attempt. It also means that you will have to leave, and then return to the boss room without reloading in order to make sure it spawns.
  4. Farming these enemies in advanced Chalice Dungeons is the only way to gain high level Bloodtinge Gemstones (Circle). You can farm them for the Circle Blood Gems they drop .
  5. They don't just spit blood from their mouth, they shoot it from their nose as well.
  6. Bloodlickers are also found in the Hunter's Nightmare drinking from the river of blood, though why is still unknown.
  7. Bloodlickers exclusively drop bloodtinge gems, this could prove very important in establishing their alien allegiance.
  8. Though mostly covered in spiky hairs, their tail seems to have small, pale feathers.
  9. Aside from the Vermin snakes only the Loran Cleric has a similar thin tongue.
  10. In version 1.00 of Bloodborne, their corpses will often fail to disappear upon death.






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    • Anonymous

      One of these actually came into the castle for the first time, I couldnt believe it! I thought the front door was closed just enough to keep them out.

      • Appearently the final stadium of a vileblood. The blood keeps you strong and young. But eventually turns you into an ever hungry living husk. Except for the queen.

        • Anonymous

          You don't have to do a Visceral Attack for them to spawn in CD's. You just need to initiate a VA animation. They will spawn regardless of whether or not you actually take the Visceral.

          • Anonymous

            I know it's not much comfort when first you arrive, but for you arcane builds out there: the Executioner's Gloves work wonder on these annoyances. Go into the castle, loot them, and stock up on Quicksilver because it's time for some very satisfying revenge!

            • Anonymous

              I sincerely wish the absolute worst on anyone who thought adding these awful enemies would be a good or fun idea.

              • Anonymous

                The bloodcurse transformed them into undead monster fleas. they still suck blood out of hunger but it does nothing for them anymore. Their bodies cannot make use out of it. The blood won't leave the belly and the bodies turn pale and ugly increasing the hunger even more. Driving them insane. Probably the worst nightmare for these once noble superhumans.

                • Anonymous

                  These *****ers and winter lanterns are truly some of the worst enemies in the entirety of the soulsborne series.

                  • Anonymous

                    Much bigger and creepier than I expected on my first encounter. Nearly shit myself getting comfortable running through a room I'd already cleared.

                    I love this game.

                    • Anonymous

                      "Bloodlickers are also found in the Hunter's Nightmare drinking from a river of blood, though why is still unknown."

                      Wasn't Cainhurst allied with the Hunters and the Healing Church during the time of the Old Hunters? I doubt the Healing Church would have brought Lady Maria to the Research Hall if she was a transformed Vileblood, nor do I think she would have assented knowing that the Healing Church had unleashed the Executioners on her family. Couldn't the Bloodlickers in the Hunter's Nightmare be Cainhurst knights that had come to assist the Old Hunters, but became trapped in the Nightmare after succumbing to blood thirst? (Notice that unlike with the beasts in the first half of the level, the Old Hunters do not attempt to fight the Bloodlickers and move freely among them as allies...)

                      It still perplexes me that these enemies, as well as the gargoyles, are not considered beasts.

                      • Anonymous

                        oh wow, this doesn't seem to be common knowledge yet, so let me share with you what i discovered (almost 3 years ago). there is a spot from where you can attack them that they can't react to. dodge any initial attack and go behind the enemy, NOT directly behind, because that will cause them to retaliate with their mule kick, but slightly to the side (when you lock on you'd face either behind leg). lock on and slash away, you can combo up all your stamina, because the enemy will not move, counter or dodge in any way. he will move again after you end the combo (if he isn't dead yet), so you'll have to reposition. i honestly thought a lot of people should have found this out by accident by now, as i did. You still have to face them one-on-one though.
                        The scorpions in the dungeons have a similar "freeze" position depending on where the player is standing while engaged in combat.

                        i came here to finally check what was up with the dungeon appearances. i noticed they always appeared where a mini-boss was standing (Watcher, Madman, etc.). i always thought it simply had a chance of appearing after i used the boss-lever, but i never thought it'd have to do with visceral attacks, which in fact is the way i kill most Watchers, Madmen and the like. it makes perfect sense now (the enemy being attracted by massive bloodloss).

                        • Anonymous

                          The R2 attack of the non-transformed Holy Moonlight Sword staggers them extremely well, allowing you to combo them to death relatively quickly. Just be sure to fight them one at a time and you can clear the area with ease.

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