Beast Claw Hunter

Enemy Type ??
Health ??
Drops ??
Weak Thrust, Arcane, Bolt
Strong Physical, Bolt
Locations Loran Chalices

Beast Claw Hunter is an enemy in Bloodborne. It can only be encountered in Loran Chalice Dungeons.


Beast Claw Hunter

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Wears the charred hunter set with a black hood and the Beast Claws.




  • As soon as it sees you, it will use the beast mode of the claws. As such it has the same moveset as the ones you can equip.
  • The claws have a low reach, but their jump attack can only be stunned by heavy weapons. Use anything that has either a long reach, or can stagger very well. He can easily be stunlocked.
  • Can be parried (not the jumping attack?)
  • This enemy will typically dodge away after each hit. A simple strategy is to attack, then wait for it to dodge and reapproach you, rinse/repeat. This is particularly effective if you maneuver the beast into a corner, as you can attack as soon as its dodge animation is done. This will cause it to dodge away from you/into the corner, repeating the cycle.



Notes & Trivia

  • Death cry indicates that this enemy is male.




blood echoes
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%




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    • Anonymous

      After searching for a bit i believe this guy is jozef because they both use the charred set and use the beast claws and this is kind of normal for these npcs because you also can fight olek , gremia ( only the things they use are similar but the enemy variant is male) , queen killer and i believe you can also find madman wallar as a enemy.

      • Anonymous

        In loran this guy possibly has like 3000 hp because if you deal like 2000 damage to him he still has a small bit of health

        • Anonymous

          Could this guy be one of Djura's aprentices , I mean he does wear the charred set that the other two also wear and has a affiliation with beast ( the fact he uses the beast's claws and is found in one of the most beast infested places in the game).

          • Anonymous

            Easy cheese, equip Ludwig’s Holy Blade and Beast Roar, lead him to the open area before the stairs leading up to him, by all means let him to come you in this fight, spam R2 as it will stagger him each time and will usually cause him to back off, Beast Roar so he falls down to give time to recover stamina when you get low, rinse and repeat.

            • Anonymous

              At glyph: 6ugu5mfy you can go to the layer 2 heart and there will be a beast hunter with his back to the boss room. He cant enter the room and is open to farming for all sorts of gems and echoes with visceral attacks and bold hunter marks

              • Anonymous

                Weak against Arcane, Bolt and Thrust,
                Strong against Blunt and Bolt,
                Wtf how it can be strong and weak against something

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