Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 285
Drops Blood Vials, Quicksilver Bullets
Weak Physical
Strong Slow Poison
Locations Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 3)

"It meanders in the seemingly endless depths of the labyrinth, mourning in front of the remains of graves in the darkness. What binds such a pitiful soul to this world?"

The Pilgrim is a rare, non-hostile spirit found in Chalice Dungeons.


  • They are weak. Simply attack them a few times and they will die.
  • If hit, it will do a small AOE attack around itself. It performs this as a counter attack. It will stop being hostile after using this ability.
  • They are immune to Rally.






blood echoes
blood vial
quicksilver bullet
Pthumeru Chalice (Layer 3) HP
(x10) 50% (x12) 50%




Notes & Trivia

  • Wanders around the dungeon and only stops and stares at the Hunter if he or she gets closer.
  • There is a variant with what appears to be a talisman instead of a staff. The difference is only cosmetic, though.



Pilgrim Profile Pilgrim Face Pilgrim Concept Art 


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    • In the dz48cmwr glyph (which I run a lot for chunks early game), there's one of these folks on layer 2, and the room before it has a ton of notes saying, "treat unknown thing with care" and, "remember friend therefore time for ignoring." It warms my little black heart, seeing those.

      • Anonymous

        Their Caduceus medical symbol necklaces suggest they were doctors so they must not aggro because the Hippocratic Oath still applies, even for long lost Pthumerians.

        • Anonymous

          first time I saw one, I was alomst sure it would attack and kill me in some seconds if I didn't killed it first, then I discover that there was in fact two different type of ghost... I'm not a man who fill remorse when I kill something usally, but I felt bad about killing one, yesterday, I found another one, and I made sure to show it the respect it deserves.

          • Anonymous

            I dont know about you guys, but first time I saw one I was just walking turned right and them “OMFG This enemy *****ing glows! He is going to explode me with this cosmo***** everyone talks about on messages!” And killed him.. felt bad after reading this page

            • Anonymous

              Pilgrims pose no threat. A proficient hunter has no need for their supplies. If I could, I'd greet them with the big hello as I advance further underground. Alas, I can only wave, or sit in their path until they walk into a wall. Godspeed.

              • Anonymous

                OHH I get it. These must be living remnants of the race of "old" Pthumerians mentioned in the description for Pthumeru Ihyll chalices. The Pthumerians used to be "humble guardians" of the Great Ones, but eventually saw fit to establish a monarchy, the first sign of their corruption. These enemies are entirely at peace with everything around them (except destructible objects lol), and none of the other Pthumerians even think to attack them. They only attack out of self-defense, but even then only once before reverting to their passive trance. I wish them the best on their travels.

                • Anonymous

                  These things could also be a vague callback to Dark Souls. One holds what looks like a catalyst, and the other a rosary that acts like a talisman. In fact, the two have their own unique attack animations: whereas the staff user clutches the staff closer for a moment, the rosary variant kneels to the ground, very similarly to the animation for casting miracles in Dark Souls.

                  • Anonymous

                    I heard somewhere that if you make contact emote at them they bless you or something, has anyone tried it ?

                    • Anonymous

                      The first time I came across one, I kinda panicked and attacked it in a knee-jerk reaction("OH ***** A GLOWING MONSTER KILLKILLKILL"), when I found out what they actually are, I felt like a jerk...

                      • Anonymous

                        That's what they're there for. If you don't want to leave the dungeon but need bullets or blood vials, they drop a lot. Usually 10 of one or the other. I don't usually kill them though. I feel bad for some reason. But then again, I feel bad eating a chocolate Easter bunny or Santa Claus....

                        • Anonymous

                          They're just so sad. :( And plus there's no point to. I thought these were important at first but they just seem to be there for flavor. What an odd neutral mob.

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