Quicksilver Bullet is a form of Ammunition in Bloodborne.

"Special bullets used with hunter firearms.

Ordinary bullets have no effect on beasts, and so Quicksilver Bullets, fused with the wielder's own blood, must be employed.

The strength of Quicksilver Bullets depends greatly upon the wielder's bloodtinge."

Quicksilver Bullet Usage

  • This is the main form of ammo found in Bloodborne.
    • It's used to load Firearms.
    • Keep in mind it's also used for Hunter Tools.
    • Certain Trick Weapons use QS Bullets for special attacks.
      • The Rifle Spear's transformed mode utilizes a "shotgun" that uses one QS Bullet per round fired.
      • The Reiterpallasch's transformed mode has a built-in gun that also uses one QS Bullet per round fired.
      • The Kos Parasite's transformed mode, while you have the Milkweed Rune equipped, has a special arcane-based L2 attack; it uses two QS Bullets per use.
      • The Holy Moonlight Sword's transformed mode has several attacks that uses QS Bullets.



  • At the beginning of the game, it's sold by the Messengers.
  • Common drop from several different enemies, most noticeably ones who wield firearms.


  • The Hunter can hold up to twenty QS Bullets in his/her inventory.
    • Keep in mind this limit can be increased by memorizing Formless Oedon runes.
  • Upon returning to the Hunter's Dream, the player's inventory will automatically be replenished, assuming they have any QS Bullets left in their storage.
    • You can store up to six hundred QS Bullets currently.
    • The amount was set to six hundred as of Patch 1.04.
  • It's possible to gain "temporary" ammo by using the Blood Bullet technique.
    • Remember that this comes with a health cost, which is 30% of your max health.
    • However, it can be helpful for conserving ammunition.


  • There are 3 areas considered good for farming Quicksilver Bullets in relative safety.
    • The first, and most easily accessed area, is the warehouse in between the Great Bridge and the Sewer. There are two Riflemen inside the warehouse, and another two outside (right on top of the sewer).
    • The second is the upper level of Oedon Chapel, which has 5 Wheelchair Mobs and two riflemen, all of which have a guaranteed Quicksilver Bullet drop (although it requires killing the Blood-starved Beast in order to access).
    • The third, and most lucrative area is the woods in between the Hemwick Charnel Lane lamp and Cathedral Ward, with ten Riflemen in close proximity to each other (although three Stalkers will spawn in the area after your Insight level is 15+ or you have defeated Rom, making it somewhat more dangerous). Farming this area has an additional advantage; it's the only area where Riflemen have a small chance to drop Bone Marrow Ash.
    • Finally, one can simply farm Blood Echoes and buy QS Bullets from the Messengers.


  • Quicksilver is another name for the real-life element "Mercury."
    • The planet Mercury is considered to represent the mind.
    • Long periods of exposure to the element Mercury can cause "mercury poisoning," which is linked to damage against a person's nervous system.
      • In other words, it's possible for a person to go crazy if exposed to mercury for too long.
      • Bloodborne has many references and insights of a sort regarding people going crazy and seeing things that others cannot, which ties QS Bullets heavily into the theme.
  • Silver is referenced in the name Quicksilver, which is an element that is popular in folklore as being deadly to all things relating towards lycanthropy.
    • A popular form of ammunition used to kill werewolves in various media are silver bullets.
    • It should be noted that IRL silver is oftentimes used for religious items when showing reverence to great beings, as well as slaying evil, unholy creatures.
      • The Choir Bell is a possible reference to this idea.
      • Quicksilver Bullets themselves would therefore be considered sacred, and thus would be effective against the inhuman beast plague.

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