Labyrinth Warrior

Enemy Type Neither Kin Nor Beast
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials, Blood Gems, Inflicted Organ, Yellow Backbone
Weak Arcane
Strong Physical
Locations Chalice Dungeons

The Tomb Guardian is an enemy encountered in Chalice Dungeons.



  • Parrying is effective, but at least some knowledge of the guardian's moveset is suggested.
  • Dodging attacks by moving behind him is a good strategy, but this can be lethal in some instances.
  • The variant armed with crossbow will switch between sword and crossbow depending on the player's distance.
  • They are weak to arcane.
  • They're generally quite slow and predictable but they require heavy attacks to stun.
  • Morning star weilding variants once at 50 percent HP will dash backwards and roar becoming more aggressive and dealing increased damage.


Tomb Guardian Information

Variations include:

  • Sword & Shield
  • Great Sword
  • Flail
  • Crossbow and Sword

They may use flaming weapons and they are susceptible to the "rotted" buff.





Notes & Trivia

  • This enemy has the ability to heal by consuming blood vials, more than once.
  • They wear the same chainmail as the the sages.
  • On their shield you can find an augmented version of the Carryl Rune Moon, it seems entwined with two versions of Communion.



In Action

Sinner%20Mid Action%20Crop%202%20Thumb Sinner%20Shield%20Crop%202%20Thumb Sinner%20Charge%20Crop%202%20Thumb
Sinner%20Crossbow%20Alternative%20Thumb Sinner%20Bolt%20Thumb Sinner%20Crossbow%20Thumb
Sinner%20Flail%20Eggs%201%202%20Thumb Sinner%20Flail%20Overhand%202%20Thumb Sinner%20Flail%20Smash%20Thumb Sinner%20Flail%20Close up%20Thumb


Sinner%20Sword%20Detail%202%20Thumb Sinner%20Sword%20Detail%203%20Thumb Sinner%20Sword%20Detail%20Thumb
Sinner%20Spine%20Thumb Sinner%20Scalemail%20Thumb
Sinner%20Armband%20Thumb Sinner%20Bald%20Thumb
Sinner%20Scream%20Thumb Sinner%20Eyes%20on%20Eyes%202%20Thumb


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    • Anonymous

      I'm curious about the lore of this world ages ago, like we can see there are cool swords and weird shaped iron shields and also on the ground there are bones and old metal armor pieces and helmets. It could be interesting to have Bloodborne game but in the more medieval ages, there still are guns just slower and more medieval weapons and shields but shields could still be worse than gun and a torch.

      • Anonymous

        The flail wielding ones do very little damage if you're practically hugging them. You can rally most of the damage theu do easily.

        • Anonymous

          These enemies are very cool looking, kind of remind me of the Abyss Watchers with how they drag their greatswords around

          • Anonymous

            What's the lore behind them? Are they Pthumerian knights? Maybe just Pthumerians who played too much Dark Souls?

            • Anonymous

              I always have the urge to whip out my Holy Moonlight Sword for these guys--just the standard form. It's fun to break up the pacing and have a good old-fashioned Dark Souls -style brawl. If only they didn't die so quickly...

              • Anonymous

                For some reason, these guys seem to have a major weakness for poison. I came across one of these once, and I managed to poison it with one knife; and it dies with around 3 knives.

                • Anonymous

                  Wielding a Gut's like Great Sword and doing some sick moves. The one where he drags it across the floor is one of the deadliest, hardest to dodge moves in the game. Long delay, can hit tou anywhere from start to finish, perfect incredible 360 dg. tracking on the very final slam of the attack. MY advice, dash back whenever he starts.. don't dash/roll into him! One of the coolest most forimdable foes in the game.

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