Chime Maiden

Enemy Type Not Beast nor Kin
Health 211 ~ 518
Drops Quicksilver Bullets, 114 or 901 Blood Echoes
Weak weak defenses overall
Strong ??
Locations All locations, as long as conditions are met (see video below)

Chime Maidens are an enemy in Bloodborne.

They carry bells and daggers. They appear in a Hunter's world and may summon hostile players by ringing their bells. This enemy can appear in any location where a player has called for help via a Beckoning Bell or attempted to invade with a Sinister Resonant Bell. In two locations, Nightmare Frontier and Nightmare of Mensis, they will spawn in Online Mode regardless of whether the player has used a bell (They will not appear for players lower than level 30), therefore players wishing to avoid potentially forced PvP may want to play the game in Offline Mode after exiting the Lecture Building.

The maiden will only spawn when either multiplayer bell is used, apart from a few special cases, and finding and killing one before she completes the summon will stop any invader from entering the player's world. Alternatively, keeping them alive in certain open areas will allow for easier PvP matchmaking.

"The bell-ringing woman appears to be a mad Pthumerian."
- Sinister Chalice description
Chalice Dungeons have Chime Maidens who summon normal mobs, like spiders for instance, who will keep re-spawning until the maiden is killed. Kill the maiden and they will vanish.


  • This enemy is fairly simple to dispatch, as they don't have much in terms of defense or attack.
  • In Chalice Dungeons, they will keep summoning enemies who have a distinctive red glow.
  • Killing a maiden in a dungeon will mean all summoned enemies will die off, while in Yahar'gul, her summoned enemies will simply stagger.
  • For all the exact locations of this enemy, watch the video below.
  • Using Shaman Bone Blade onto a maiden causes her summons to attack her.



Attack Name Attack Description
Front + Reverse Stabs/Slashes Either of these attacks, or both in combination.
Fast Combo A fast stab and slash combo which can hurt the player multiple times.
Ripples The bell will resonate purple coloured ring-shaped waves, and do damage within near to medium range.

Chime Maiden


Yahar'gul 518 901 (x3) 30%, (2x) 70%
Yahar'gul (in One Reborn Fight) 345 901 (x3) 3%, (2x) 7%
Chalice Dungeons 211 114 (x3) 30%, (2x) 70%



Notes & Trivia







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Chime Maiden Concept.jpg



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    • 16 Aug 2021 01:07  

      Me: Running through the Chalice Dungeon I've been through dozens of times farming items

      Bell woman: (ringa-linga-dinga)

      Me: Is that supposed to scare me, old lady?

      {The Sinister Bell resonates with another.}

      Me: Oh ****.

      • Anonymous

        11 Aug 2021 11:57  

        In the chalice dungeons the spiders she summon don't always disappear when you kill her. Somtimes there's 2 or 3 spiders that stay and keep attacking you and you have to kill them yourself. Learnt that the hard way smh.

        • 31 Jul 2021 21:01  

          Me: Running through the Chalice Dungeon I've been through dozens of times farming items

          Bell woman: (ringa-linga-dinga)

          Me: Is that supposed to scare me, old lady?

          {The Sinister Bell resonates with another.}

          Me: Because it's working.

          • Anonymous

            14 May 2021 21:15  

            Whoever developed these creatures, I apologize for what I am about to say. But these ****ing annoying enemies, are the bane of my existence in chalice dungeons. ESPECIALLY LORAN, NO ONE WANTS TO FIGHT A HORDE OF SPIDERS MIYAZAKI, ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE'S ****ING HUNDREDS OF THEM

            • Anonymous

              23 Mar 2021 19:05  

              Chime Maiden is one of the best units I have ever found for blood echo farming. All you need to do is find one behind a door (with no alternative passages around said door) and let her spawns build up. The Ailing Loran second floor side passage just before the boss room has such a setup (the door even has a little window to peek through) with two spider summon chime maidens if you can’t find one. Each maiden summons around 4 spiders max at a time with an summon cap that is well into the hundreds, if it exists at all. Have a weapon that can swing past walls (Threaded Cane and Beast Cutter are my farming weapons of choice since their whip mode wide swing radius can hit multiple spiders at once) and farm the spawns. With three moon runes equipped you should get 1520 echoes from each spider. I’ve netted over 500,000 blood echoes with this method. It does get a little boring and you have to watch for their leap attack since it goes through the door, yet it’s an easy way to rake in almost effortless echoes.

              • Anonymous

                15 Feb 2021 23:55  

                I hate them. They are so annoying. Every time I hear them ring that ****ing bell I go into a primal predator state where my only goal is to locate and murder this piece of ****

                • Anonymous

                  29 Jan 2021 14:40  

                  There’s a spot in FRC Pthumeru Ihyll I found, glyph zjk8q952, where, at the door after the lamp on layer three, you can leave the level door closed and farm continuous red spiders by hitting them clipping through the door. It seems they stop spawning after about 30 times killed.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Jan 2021 21:42  

                    no, it is NOT just 2 or 3 areas where this hag spawns. it is MOST OF THE GAMES ZONES!

                    "therefore players wishing to avoid potentially forced PvP may want to play the game in Offline Mode after exiting the Lecture Building."

                    "potentially forced pvp"

                    no, miyazaki, it IS forced pvp because not everyone likes pvp and if you play online in ANY soulsborne game you are automatically entered into pvp. either through manual invasion or this THING with the only way of opting out being to play OFFLINE!

                    F YOU, you **** DEV!

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Dec 2020 07:09  

                      One just appeared near cathedral ward when i summoned henriett, near the roof to get the hat for the little ones

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Dec 2020 10:58  

                        Once, I lead a group of Nightmare Spiders into a bottomless pit, and the Chime Maidens stopped summoning them.

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Dec 2019 12:53  

                          I get forced PvP, bell keepers and aldrich faithful was pretty fun, but why did they put the forced PvP in the 2 least fair areas for it? A poison swamp with boulders raining on you vs an area that's guaranteed to give you frenzy if you're dodging around. Why not have a maiden in Yharnam for Ng+ or higher level play instead? Or the woods? That's a huge area and it would be less boring with non-coop invasions

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Sep 2019 14:07  

                            I hate them. I hate them so so much. It's all too common in depth 3+ dungeons for there to be two of these *****ing twats spawning spiders just inside a super narrow doorway, which will be inaccessible because of the bs two-shotter-spiders they spawn. These goddamn things should have a spawn limit.

                            • 09 Jul 2019 06:33  

                              Lol when they put 2 of these summoning spiders in the same room on depth 5 dungeons. Why not add 2 more? Also add 6 Labyrinth Sages, and maybe 10 Keeper's Hunting Dogs. Now that'd be based and epic. Only scrubs disagree.

                              • Anonymous

                                07 Jul 2019 08:39  

                                After the spider chime maiden... are there any patches that reskin all the enemies to have Miyazaki's face?

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Apr 2019 22:37  

                                  These *****es have cost me millions of echoes by spamming spiders... and if there is two of them (especially in loran chalice dungeons) who does that??

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