Sinister Resonant Bell


A blood-stained bell discovered in the old underground labyrinth.

One of the resonating bells that cross the gaps of the worlds, but this one knells for misfortune and malice.

The Sinister Bell is an object of dark thoughts. Ring it to become the enemy of a hunter in another world.

Note: Online use only. Cannot use this item offline."


Sinister Resonant Bell in Bloodborne is an online item that allows a player to invade another player's world.




Online Item

  • Used to invade other players that have a Bell Maiden present in their world. Also spawns Bell Maidens in areas with undefeated bosses, making the user a potential target for other invaders as well.
  • Can be used to invade players a fairly large amount of levels above you, as well as others below you within the co-op range.






  • Use Silencing Blank to return to your world.
  • After invading and the bell icon is still active, you can be invaded or invade again.
  • If you were invaded and didn't die, you will continue to be invaded until you silence, die, return to Hunter's Dream, or fight the boss.
  • If rung by host in a friendly adversary fight, whether win or lose, you will still have the insight. Meaning if a win occurs simply silence your bell and the insight will be given back to you. If a lost occurs then the insight will be given back when you spawned at lamp.


Matchmaking Formulas

The level ranges are calculated from the host's perspective.

  • Upper Level Limit - A host can be invaded by someone who is 10 + 10% above their own level (level 100 host can be invaded by a level 120 invader at the highest).
  • Lower Level Limit - A host can be invaded by someone who is 20 + 20% beneath their own level (level 100 host can be invaded by a level 60 invader at the lowest).




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    • Anonymous

      08 Jun 2020 22:00  

      I'm used to the Dark Souls dueling etiquette (Don't heal, don't gank, etc.) I know that yes, this is a different game with a different playerbase, but it's still a little frustrating when you're dueling then your opponent pops a blood vial but eh.

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2020 16:38  

        Bloodborne is a fun game to invade in but the invasion system itself is garbage. It really needed its own equivalent of the embered mechanic, where you can get invaded anywhere without ringing a bell while still leaving a way to opt out by going unembered. Dark Rolls 3 is the opposite: good invasion system, but inability to effectively punish rolling for overwhelming majority of weapons and the estus chugging that follows make it absolutely cancerous for invaders most of the time.

        • Anonymous

          26 Jun 2018 04:57  

          I used this for about 20 minutes and it found NO
          ONE, maybe my internet is bad but it couldn't find one nonetheless

          • Anonymous

            17 Jun 2018 16:44  

            If you find somebody in the Nightmare Frontier named “Big Bone” you have been visited by the invader of good luck, leave thumbs up to win your next invasion

            • Anonymous

              03 May 2017 21:43  

              Be careful when being invaded. Invaders are able to shoot through enemies, bit of an oversight in my opinion.

              • Anonymous

                02 May 2017 03:37  

                You can cheat and completely avoid having to fight Miccolash at all if an invader activates their bell at the top levels of mensis (after Miccolash fight so they at least have to of defeated or bypassed him) and takes the shortcut lift down from the top level unlocking it for the invader player. Works best with a friend. Happened upon it by a fluke as I invaded a player but the bridge at the lamp directly after Miccolash wasn't raised took the shortcut lift down and got friended by the invaded player later (after I killed him of course) saying thanks for unlocking the lift as he didn't have to fight Miccolash anymore. Now I solely invade from the top levels of mensis so I can help others out by unlocking the shortcuts (still try and kill them of course afterwards)

                • Anonymous

                  11 Mar 2017 04:07  

                  Invaders can be used to run by enemies and open shortcuts. If you need help, get a friend to invade you. They'll be able to run by enemies without any hassle and open the shortcuts for the host.

                  • Anonymous

                    Where did it go?05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                    I started a new character and I realized the insight store was open when I had 8 insight and I looked and no sinister bell, I tried getting 10 insight and still I got nothing

                    • Anonymous

                      no reward for killing summons?05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                      when I kill a summoned phantom as a invader, I don't get blood echoes or Insight. I am pretty sure you did before the dlc unless that was never the case. It sucks to only be rewarded for killing the host and not for the summons you killed first. summons don't drop Blood Dreg either.

                      • Anonymous

                        Quick change to speed up PVP matching05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                        Have the bell spawn a bell maiden in your area even after you've finished the boss.

                        • Anonymous

                          Bell maidens in nightmare areas05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                          This didn't previously happen (in my case anyway) but once the area boss dies a bell maiden will never spawn in that area. I've been in the nightmare of mensis for half an hour mass ringing the bell (once every 30 seconds or so) and the maiden hasn't spawned yet. This seems like a huge oversight, because if this is the case then it lowers the PvP pool massively, as the instant someone kills a boss then they can never be invaded again in that area. This may be why PvP is so rare now if de-spawning bell-maidens is a recent addition. Please someone tell me i'm bugged and FromSoft hasn't made the same blaring mistake twice...

                          • Anonymous

                            Exacts on this bell05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                            This bell does not require any resource to use. It is possible that it requires insight passively to be used but this is unconfirmed. The bell will pair you with people from a similar level in the same rough location and matchmaking pool as you in-game. This area is more lenient than the beckoning bell's radius, allowing you to position yourself for attempts at ambush. The bell will put you into the world of the host in the same location as you left your world unless the area you were in is either inaccessible or currently unavailable to the host, in which case you will be place in the next closest position in relation to the host given the current accessible terrain. Using this bell will not only open host worlds up for invasion, but yours as well, so before using the bell it is best to prepare as you are the one soon to be invaded as it may become the case. In normal areas only players that have rung the sinister bell will be paired with each other, but in areas with a naturally spawning chime maiden anyone can be invaded. All Items in your inventory should be available for use in the host world and will be consumed as you would expect in your own world and will not be refunded upon return to your world. If you die while in a host world, you will not be returned to your previous location in your world but rather the lamp in the area you invaded IF you defeat the host, you will be returned to your previous position and the level progress (should) be in tact. Enemies may or may not be reset if you are defeated and respawn at the lamp. Due to this mechanic, it is unwise to use the sinister bell until you have cleared an area, or you feel comfortable with losing your current area progression. This bell will also automatically que you to invade worlds with a cooperator regardless of location, so if you are planning on going through a level with a friend, be wary of invaders. The amount of insight and blood memory gained from defeating hosts or invaders is determined by what appears to be a mixture between their Match rating (The ratio of losses to victories and damage performance in online play) and their current level. Gear may also be taken into consideration(?). If you are invaded you cannot use the silencing blank to end your invasion but can still use it to send your cooperators home, and as an invader you may use the silencing blank to leave the host world before you are killed to avoid level progression lost, or to deny your blood memory to the host (If you want to be unchivalrous). Certain areas will have higher matchmaking priority than others and matches will be found faster regardless of current player population, the nightmare frontier is such an area. *As per the time of creation of this post, there is a glitch with all bell usage in the forbidden forest which will prevent you from leveling up with the doll. Do not attempt cooperative play in the forbidden forest or the place of snakes.

                            • Anonymous

                              Addtional information05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                              The bell is a dual edged sword it would seem; there is a chance to be invaded rather then to invade if you use the bell. I am unsure of how high the percentage chance of it is, but out of 6 invasions, one was a defense. This needs to be confirmed; This could just be another glitch or there may be some extra variable I'm not seeing. It would seem that while the invasions system does provide the opportunity for souls, the main appears to be insight. As of this morning at 3 A.M., The Old Yarhnam Area has one of the fastest que's, requiring at most a minute and at best ten seconds to find a match. If you have any additional information, I suggest posting it here; Extra locations with good que times would be helpful.

                              • Anonymous

                                Invasion level range???05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                Someone needs to test how the bell works and get the exact level range specifics of the bell.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Helping out05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                  Did you know that when you invade someone's game you can still unlock platforms and elevators that need to be activated first before you can use it, a prime example of it is on The nightmare of mensis I had a friend invade me before I fought Miccolash and activated all the lifts for me so I could go straight up to Mergo trust me it does work I managed to beat the game without fighting Miccolash. Next time you are invading a players game try helping them out by running straight to the boss activating all the lifts so they don't have to, then kill them

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I love ganking05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                    I'm lvl 60 but am so experienced in the game I just upgrade my weapon fully and put the best crystals then go invading in areas where people summon the old hunters then it's 2v1

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Broken?05 Jul 2016 14:43  

                                      You decide to pvp and get ganked by 2-3 ppl plus you get a debuff when invading. The other problem is the massive lag that always happens when I try to do pvp. Any thoughts?

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