Shark Giant

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Shark Giant is an enemy in The Old Hunters DLC.

Shark Giant

There are a total of 4 variations of this enemy, each a single individual fixed to a location.

  • Basic unarmed Shark Giant: Found near the well in Fishing Hamlet, this is the weakest Shark Giant. There are several glowing urns by the wall he is waiting behind. Shooting these when he emerges will kill him instantly.
  • Basic armed Shark Giant: Found near the Lighthouse Hut lamp, stronger and with better range. The best way to deal with this one early on is to run past him and light the lamp. If he doesn't follow you, he may become available for a back-stab.
  • Elite armed Shark Giant: Found inside the well, extremely dangerous and has coral/barnacles on his head. A good way to kill these enemies is to counter them then move in for a visceral attack. It should take about 6 visceral attacks to kill this one. Moving in for regular attacks is not recommended, as it has several quick attacks that deal heavy damage, have huge range, and can cause you to panic and lead to an untimely death. The monster has some really awkward timing for his attacks, so the only way to get counter him is to learn the timing and don't shoot too early.
  • Elite unarmed Shark Giant: Found inside the well, has less range and about half the health of the other Shark Giant in the well. He also has coral/barnacles on his head. This Shark Giant drops the Rakuyo. Initially, he hangs from the cavern's ceiling; you can lock him on, but he is immune to projectiles and won't fall. He drops down when the other one loses about half his health. The best way to deal with both of the enemies is to hit one with a Shaman Bone Blade and let them kill each other. However, to successfully hit one of the Giants with a Shaman Bone Blade, you'll have to time your strike well, as its range is really short and it takes a long time to charge up.



  • Give up.
  • All Shark Giants are capable of a deadly, four legged charge attack, followed by additional swipes. Dodge sideways not backwards.
  • For the armed Shark Giants, always stay at medium range. Some of their attacks are near impossible to avoid when you're close to them.
  • The armed Shark Giants posses great range and aggression, their moves also have awkward timing. You'll need to study their moveset carefully before you can efficiently take them down.
  • Their health pool and damage output makes them extremely dangerous. Retreating or running past them may be your best option, unless you are trying to get the Rakuyo.
  • A more risky, but much quicker option is to bait a regular attack and kite around them, then backstabbing them. Weapons with quick charge up times are recommend, as the window for attack is short. The Boom Hammer is the most optimal for this if investing in a STR/ARC build, as it has a quick and devastating charge attack, and since fish men are generally weak to Fire, it would make dispatching it a more expedient process.
  • High ARC builds can take advantage of both the long range and the high scaling damage of tools to keep their distance while putting pressure on the enemy. A Call From Beyond and the  Executioner's Gloves are particularly effective, as the Shark Giants are big enough to be pelted by all the projectiles with relative ease. The Holy Moonlight Sword ranged attacks work quite well for killing them at a distance with minimum quicksilver bullet cost.
  • Accursed Brew is also good if you plan on using the splash damage to whittle its HP down as it erratically moves around, or if its surrounded by other enemies. For the two Shark Giants in the well, if you didn't manage to kill the one before the other dropped, using this when both are huddled together will severely cut their health, if not outright kill the weaker one.
  • Never fight one of these things without clearing the field beforehand, as handling other enemies while fighting with a Shark Giant just increases the chance of you getting distracted and ganged up on.
  • For the two giants in the well, keep in mind that the one on the ceiling drops only when the other one's health is at 50%. Get it down to just about half health, then lure it to the opposite side of the loop from where the other one is and time a visceral attack. By the time the other one drops in, you should be able to dispatch the first one before having to engage the second.
  • Shaman Bone Blades are excellent ways to get these guys to kill themselves, and by knifing them more than once and leading them to other groups of enemies, you can have them throw themselves on it to weaken it while clearing them out at the same time.
  • For bloodtinge builds your best bet for dealing with these enemies is to use the Simon's Bowblade or a gun charged with ash. Play it safe and keep away from them as you shoot them to death.
  • The Gatling Gun and any of the cannons would also tremendously help against them, and even more so on a bloodtinge build.
  • If you're co-oping the area, then have your partner either distract or divide the attention of them while you use hit and run tactics to keep it from doing its worst, or gang up on it to finish it off quickly.
  • An easy way to defeat the two Shark Giants in the well is to go there via the tunnels. From the Lighthouse Hut lamp go into the tunnels, kill two Brain Trusts and stand at the balcony, right near the edge. You should be able to aggro the Shark Giant with a Throwing Knife, provided you aim it properly with a Monocular. This strategy is safer if you have a long weapon like the Threaded Cane.



Fishing Hamlet
Near the Well HP Echoes 6 Blood Vials 100% N/A
Near the Lighthouse Hut lamp HP Echoes 6 Blood Vials 50% %


Notes & Trivia

  • Shark giants have a grab attack that looks similar to Mimics from the Souls series, Note that the grab attack will most likely kill you due to how much damage they can rack up before grabbing you
  • The glowing urns in the area appear to kill all enemies who get damaged by them, regardless of health. Using this to your advantage can make short work of the giants.
  • Shark-Giants have red human blood and slimy green blood.



Giant Lunch Munch

Towering Combat Smash Combat Death Crawl

Great Swing Close Combat Uppercut

Giant Jaws Anchor Death Jiggle Jaws

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Brain Trust

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    • Anonymous

      14 Sep 2020 03:25  

      How to git truly gud (2nd character, BL 133, 1st try)

      Use tricked LHB +10 with phys gems, preferably w/ thrust+, Great Lake 5% and 4%. Str 42, Skl 43.

      Regardless, use LHB and DODGE TOWARD THE GIANT WHENEVER THEIR ATTACK ANIMATION STARTS. Aim for their back, then ram that knockoff Dragon Slayer up their fishy cornholes. With timing and skill, you might be able to drop the anchor giant before the other one falls.

      Also, expect to die. The first time I fought these bastards, I was BL 175 in a NG and they killed me 10 times before I got gud. Don't give up, and may the good blood guide your way!

      -an Executioner

      • Anonymous

        11 Sep 2020 01:34  

        I beat Dark Souls 3 in NG+7 SL100 with all kinds of builds, even with low health, or with arbalest etc. I beat Sekiro in charmless mode, demon bell, NG+7 with only 14 attack power. And now, I am in NG+2 against these giant Sharks in the well, and I can't. I though I git gut. But no. This is now the time to really git gut.

        • Anonymous

          31 Aug 2020 02:59  

          These things are literally the biggest flaw of the whole game. What a Journey all the way through this masterpiece, leading all up to a great Final DLC Boss. But these things? **** em, they‘re straight outta all these upcoming bad **** soulslike copies. Don‘t waste your time with them, they‘re not fun to fight against. Cheese them with shaman blades, watch them die, move on, forget about them.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jul 2020 23:32  

            Strategy, first point: "Give up." I'm dead XD haven't gotten here yet (accidentally skipped DLC my first time through, so going through another NG), and dreading fighting these beauties

            • Anonymous

              11 Jul 2020 07:44  

              These guys I’m set on just avoiding at all possible now... it’s ridiculous how much strength they have. I mean it makes the concept of building your stats up rather void— no matter how good your stats your STILL gonna be bulldozed in 2-3 hits

              • Anonymous

                09 Jul 2020 11:11  

                My level 43 took the anchor one out with the almighty flat arcane wheel before the other one could attack me after dropping down, most fun I’ve had in PvE.

                • Anonymous

                  12 Jun 2020 20:51  

                  Is the 3200 health confirmed? I did 1500 with a visceral and it looked like significantly closer to 1/3 it's health than 1/2.

                  • Anonymous

                    09 Jun 2020 11:55  

                    some sadists at FromSoftware would like to taste our tears when they put 2 Winter Lanterns and 2 these giant -***** you in the ass- sharks in 2 ways possible in order to get the sword. TWO WORST AND ANNOYING ENEMIES TYPES IN THE WHOLE GAME.

                    • Anonymous

                      25 May 2020 23:30  

                      thought process at From Software: "ok guys, we need to think up an enemy that's even worse, A LOT worse than the Winter Lanterns some sadistic *****: ladies and gentleman, i present you the Shark Giant

                      • Anonymous

                        24 Apr 2020 10:26  

                        Certainly not easy to pull off, but these guys can be backstab chained with the Augur of Ebrietas. Feels good to pull off because of how cheap their attacks are.

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Apr 2020 06:10  

                          This DLC has me raging my balls off at Ludwig and then I get here after fighting living ***holes and lady parryfest and feel pain and then question my existence. These guys traced my every dang move and smacked me like a ragdoll countless times. Killing them in the well just before my blood pressure was about to shut down my heart was such a relief ugh. Shaman bone blade for the win

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Feb 2020 11:46  

                            When he said "auugggggaaaggagagaggggaaaaauuu" I felt that. I also felt the anchor lodged in my skull 47 times per second

                            • Anonymous

                              21 Nov 2019 22:21  

                              Cheese way for you: starting from orphan lantern go down the cave, kill the winter lanterns and the slugs then jump in the sharks area from the opening, immediately climb the ladder and run all the way to the orphan lantern and down again to the cave, the dude is now in aggro and you can fight it safely from the cave

                              • Anonymous

                                04 Sep 2019 11:14  

                                It seems like Shaman Bone Blade doesn't work against them anymore. Although it does cause them to aggro, they don't do any damage if they hit each other.

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