Hostile Hunters in Bloodborne are enemies that may or may not be named, but share skills, weapons, and character model with the player character. These enemies are always hostile by default, and will not respawn once killed.

Location Hostile Hunter Details Echoes Drops
Tomb of Oedon Henryk, spawns as part of Eileen the Crow questline. 5198 Heir Rune
Cathedral Ward Yahar'gul Hunter (Tonitrus & Wooden Shield). 3420 4 Bolt Paper
Yahar'gul Hunter (Rifle Spear & Ludwig's Rifle). 3420 10 Quicksilver Bullets
Forbidden Woods Madaras Twin (if you join the League). ?? Madaras Whistle
Old Yharnam Djura, spawns at the top of a tower with the gatling gun. (Note: Can be made friendly via certain conditions) 875 Powder Keg Hunter Badge
Djura's Ally (Saw Spear & Hunter Pistol). 795 6 Bone Marrow Ash.
Grand Cathedral Bloody Crow of Cainhurst (Chikage & Repeating Pistol), spawns as part of Eileen the Crow questline. 6238 Blood Rapture Rune
Yahar'Gul, Unseen Village Yahar'gul Hunter (Beast Claw & Hunter Pistol). 5198 Clawmark Caryll Rune
Yahar'gul Hunter (Threaded Cane, Flamesprayer & Tiny Tonitrus). 5198 1 Madman's Knowledge
Yahar'gul Hunter (Rifle Spear & Cannon). 5198 20 Quicksilver Bullets
Strategy: The three hunters are aggro-linked. Threaded Cane one has long range so advisable to defeat him first, he is down the circular stairs. Approach him from behind for backstab and attempt to defeat before other hunters reach you. You may then run out of the building, they won't follow you, so you can get another jump attack on Beast Claw hunter next.
Nightmare Frontier Hunter of Despair (Threaded Cane & Hunter Blunderbuss). 4050 1 Lead Elixir.
Hunter of Despair (Hunter Axe & Hunter's Torch). 4050 1 Lead Elixir.
Nightmare of Mensis Choir Intelligencer Edgar (Ludwig's Blade & Rosmarinus), spawns on the first bridge. 10,635 3 Sedatives
Byrgenwerth Yurie, the Last Scholar (Threaded Cane & Rosmarinus), spawns in the upstairs of the building. 5453 3 Blue Elixirs
Research Hall Brador (Will also spawn in various areas of the Fishing Hamlet). ?? ??
Hunter's Nightmare

Gattling Gun Hunter (Gattling Gun and Saw Spear), spawns  in a cave in the bloody revine protected by Bloodlickers.  (You can obtain the Gattling Gun upon his defeat)

Beast Claw Hunter (Beast Claw), spawns in the area resembling the second lamp in the main game.

?? 1 Gattling Gun

    • Anonymous

      25 May 2019 17:38  

      What about those lads in the Chalices? Tomb prospector Queen Killer Cainhurst Knight Bone Ash Hunter Beast Claw Hunter A few more, probably.

      • Anonymous

        07 Nov 2018 14:43  

        You guys forgot the Research Hall Hunter that you fight on one of the platforms and the Church Pick Hunter.

        • Anonymous

          05 Jan 2018 04:27  

          I've got a cheesy strategy for the three hunters in Yahar'gul:

          1. Make sure the scourge beast-thing in the lowest level of Yahar'gul Chapel is dead, and open the door to the cell you get dropped off at when the Snatcher drags you to the Hypogean Gaol.
          2. Sneak up on the hunter on the spiral staircase, give him a visceral attack, and you'll probably have time to finish him off with a charge attack followed by an R1-combo. This will likely aggro the other two hunters (not always, I've found), so run back down to the lowest level and into the cell.
          3. Shut the door from the inside and wait for Dumb and Dumber to appear. They'll both try to fight you through the bars of the cell, but they're too stupid to know how to open the door.
          4. Equip a ranged weapon like the Threaded Cane or Beastcutter and smack away to your heart's content, lob a molotov or Accursed Brew when they get close, or spam the Flamesprayer or Rosmarinus. Be careful of the Rifle Spear poking through the bars, and also for the Tiny Tonitrus that occasionally clips through the barrier, but for the most part, this method provides near-perfect protection. If you didn't manage to kill the first hunter, be careful of their Threaded Cane, but you should still have enough room in the cell to distance yourself from all of their attacks. They should go down ridiculously fast.

          Prison is awesome.

          • Anonymous

            10 Sep 2017 18:43  

            Wonder about lore on all these npcs with missing pages. Keep up the good work FEXTRA team! Love the lore in the notes

            • Anonymous

              20 Aug 2017 13:12  

              I find that playing against the beast claw hunter in the nightmare: best strategy doge, doge behind him, hit a few times, back away and repeat

              • Anonymous

                01 Jan 2017 16:35  

                What about the Beast Claw hunter in the Hunter's Nightmare, in the area resembling the second Lamp's area? That guy has killed me eight times, and I have no way of beating him.

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