A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.

The "Heir" sees sentimentality in the warmth of blood, acknowledging this as one of the darker hunter techniques.
More Blood Echoes gained from visceral attacks.
Perhaps the "Heir" is a hunter who bears the echoing will of those before him.

Heir is one of the Caryll Rune in Bloodborne. It can be slotted in one of the 3 Caryll rune slots in the character screen.


Heir Effects

  • More Blood Echoes are gained from visceral attacks.
  • Other Versions: There are 3 versions of this rune:
  • Tier 1: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 30% increased Blood Echoes
  • Tier 2: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 40% increased Blood Echoes
  • Tier 3: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 50% increased Blood Echoes
  • The above values are estimates, the real values fluctuate quite a bit.
  • The lowests value measured for the tier 3 rune is 50% and the highest is 80%
  • Values vary by enemy (example: Scourge Beast = 50% but Huntsman = 80%)
  • If the tier 3 outcome is (50%), then the above values for tier 1 and tier 2 are correct.
  • If the tier 3 outcome is (80%), then the tier 1 and tier 2 values are 56% and 68%
  • For tier 3, the values (50%) and (80%) are common, and 25% is rare
  • Every rune stacks multiplicatively with other Heir and Moon runes.





  • The effects of these runes stack with each other multiplicatively. This means that using Tier 1 (30%) and Tier 2 (40%) together will net an 82% gain to echoes, not 70%.
  • It is sufficient to Visceral an enemy once to receive the bonus , the enemy must not necessarily die for the visceral attack but must die in a short space of time.  
  • Visceralling a chime maiden appears to also buff the echoes recieved from her summons dying. (confirmation needed)
  • The rune works on bosses as well, granted that the boss dies soon after the last visceral. 
  • Viscaral two times an enemy in a short space of time double the effects.
  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: df235ysm ( Treasure room between Chamber of the Seal lantern and Layer One lantern)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: fp3kttda (First layer, first side room after Seal lamp)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: zziz2qbx (Side area after Layer 3 lamp)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: 9t7w9mcu (Layer 1, preboss side room)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: srigzz9m (Layer 1, first side room after Seal lamp) Feb 2021



  • You can still receive the bonus blood effect from the runes if the target is (technically) already dead and you did not get a visceral attack off before-hand. But, the killing blow must put them in visceral state (charged R2 from behind or timed shot)





Caryll Runes
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    • Anonymous

      03 Sep 2021 18:48  

      Finishing Celestial Emissary in NG+4 with the 3 heir runes stuck you got 10 million blood echoes,delicious

      • Anonymous

        12 Apr 2021 13:52  

        This is actually incorrect. The visceral doesn't have to be the killing blow. Merely landed at some point prior to death.

        • Anonymous

          12 Dec 2020 19:11  

          Form currently playing my stats wont let me V.Atk kill boars with one visceral, it requires 2 V.Atks and I have noticed that the ("Viscaral two times an enemy in a short space of time double the effects.") is false, currently i get 21k from a V.Atk kill from the boars with having to do it 2 times and still only getting 21k from both a tested 1V.Atk and then finishing it off and then a "supposed double effect" 2 V.Atks still only gives 21k.

          • Anonymous

            24 Mar 2020 16:22  

            Mergos loft base visceral the.giants off the cliff ez farm. Altho if youre.good finding some wolves might get you the doubble parry easier

            • Anonymous

              02 Jan 2020 01:25  

              A really, REALLY broken use for this is the living failures fight. Finish the fight with two viscerals within five seconds of each other, while having three heir runes stacked. Boom, instant 660,000,000 echoes, ng7

              • Anonymous

                12 Aug 2019 17:56  

                Does this "blood echo buff" stacks with the overkill mechanic that was present on dark souls? If so, clawmark rune will do great

                • Anonymous

                  21 Jun 2019 09:39  

                  Just a warning, with glyph rf235ysm, there is a bloody crow of painhurst clone guarding the ladder to the rune. He felt scaled back (no hunter bone, smallish health pool, less aggressive?) but otherwise it was good old bloody crow.

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Apr 2019 11:10  

                    I think you get 80%ish bonus from huntsman because the damage you deal is too great, so they render 20% more souls. This mechanic works with most Souls games. So you actually get 1.2*1.3*1.4*1.5=3.267 times Souls, which equals to 1.3*1.4*1.8

                    • Anonymous

                      20 Mar 2019 17:56  

                      you don't get the bonus echoes if someone else gets the backstab viserical kill so just be aware if u use it during coop

                      • Anonymous

                        22 Nov 2018 21:52  

                        It only works with backstabs and it sums several backstabs in a row to the same enemy. Just got 110k from a merciless watcher in great pthumeru yhill with just tier 1 and 2 heir runes and tier 3 moon. To compare, with 3 moons I got only 46k. I am now searching for heir 3rd level to make profit even more crazy

                        • Anonymous

                          07 Apr 2018 10:53  

                          "It is a myth that visceralling an enemy more than once increases the effect"
                          Fake. I actually try it and the effect are doubled

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Sep 2017 20:11  

                            While viceral attacks dont need to kill for the buff to be applied, the enemy has to die soon after, or the echoes buff will fade away

                            • Anonymous

                              17 Aug 2017 17:50  

                              I tested on the Church guys with the Cannon and Greataxe at the Nightmare Church. I had Moon, Heir (the one dropped from Henryk), and the other Heir run (the one found in Yahar'gul) on. I chain visceral attacked the cannon one from behind with Charge Attacks, and I'm granted 8620 echoes. I then killed the Greataxe one with a Visceral Attack from a gunshot-stagger and only got 4736 echoes, so it seems Heir only counts with the Charge-ATK Visceral Attacks?

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Jun 2017 11:54  

                                A few questions regarding heir and co-op:
                                If I have the heir rune(s) equipped, and a cooperator (without heir rune equipped) performs a v.atk, will I get the bonus echoes?
                                If I perform a v.atk with heir rune(s) equipped during co-op, will the cooperator (without heir rune equipped) receive the bonus echoes?
                                If I and the cooperator both have heir rune(s) equipped, will they stack between us?


                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Mar 2017 12:45  

                                  I generated a F/R/C Pthumeru Ihyll, glyph upe5fkqt . Contains: tier 3 Clockwise Metamorphosis rune in Layer 1 pre-lamp side area, tier 3 Heir rune in Layer 2 pre-lamp side area, a Great One Coldblood in Layer 2 main area. Also a good amount of Ritual Blood (5) scattered throughout the dungeon. The first two bosses are among the easier ones.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    05 Jul 2016 08:36  

                                    Does anyone know if the Heir runes (Increases Blood Echoes gain from slain enemies by XX%) stacks with the Moon Runes (Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant XX% increased Blood Echoes) ???

                                    • Anonymous

                                      05 Jul 2016 08:36  

                                      I believe the Tier 1 Heir rune actually gives a 30% bonus, not 20%. I tested on the giants outside of Mergo's loft. No Heir runes equipped would yield 14577 echoes, while killing them with Tier 1 Heir gave 18950 echoes. This comes out to a 30% bonus. The Tier 2 does give a 40% bonus (20407 echoes total) so that information is correct. Not sure how to edit the wiki so I'll just leave this comment and hope someone more adept at wikis sees it.

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