Bone Marrow Ash


Additional medium that strengthens Quicksilver Bullets.
According to the workshop, this is a special bone marrow ash collected from Hemwick Charnel Lane.

Invaluable to hunters with weak bloodtinge who require the use of stronger firearms.

Bone Marrow Ash is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Bone Marrow Ash Usage

  • Increases Quicksilver Bullet damage on the next shot only.
  • The buff can only be applied to left-handed firearms.
  • The buff lasts for 60 seconds after applied, or until the shot is fired.
  • The buff also ends if you swap out your left hand weapon after applying.







  • You may only carry 10 at a time.
  • Very high damage output can be achieved by parrying with the Reiterpallasch's special form and shooting after with a bone marrow ash imbued weapon.
  • Particularly effective against bosses with weak points that are normally out of reach of the player's melee attacks.
  • It takes a second to use this item (the Hunter enters a "loading the gun" animation). About the same time it takes to consume a Blood Vial.
  • The gun will give off grey smoke, indicating that it is loaded with the ash.
  • Just like with any enchant, switching the weapon will result in the buff disappearing.



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    • Anonymous

      Not sure if this is really lore relevant, but the bottle pictured in the hud icon is a flask used for pouring out an exact amount of gunpowder. Just something I thought was neat.

      • Anonymous

        I know this is super late, but I did a quick test and the damage seems to increase by something close to 340%: regular: 171; with bone marrow ash: 580. Tested with a +9 Evelyn and 60 bloodtinge shooting at good ol' Cathedram Ward's Stairway Crow

        • Anonymous

          Just for the record, to the best of my knowledge this *does* work with the flamesprayer and rosemarinus.Moreover, its buff lasts for as long as you can hold the button without being interrupted. For*****s and giggles? Go to blood starved beast with it, then throw an oil urn and hold L2 for fun times.

          • Anonymous

            I honestly have no idea how this calculates damage. If anyone could shed light on it, I'd love to hear it. My Repeating Pistol +10 somehow almost did as much damage as my Cannon +10 with bone marrow ash (only 14 less damage!) on the same enemy in exactly the same circumstance. Does it increase scaling a bunch? Does it add a flat percentage of damage? Does it greatly affect smaller weapons by a higher multiplier than larger ones? I have no idea how it works, because the damage seems to be personalized for each weapon. It's bonkers, I tell you.

            • Anonymous

              Pair 10 of these and a high Bloodtinge with Evelynn and you'll kill Micolash from where he stands in front of the second mirror.

              • Anonymous

                the riflemen in the forest before Hemwick Charnel Lane seem to drop this as a rare drop (whit item discovery of 280 was able to gain this but rarely thouh 2 in one drop)

                • Anonymous

                  I've used this vs amygdala with the cannon and with my +9 cannon with a shot to her face it did like 3.2k damage...

                  • Anonymous

                    I've defeated only three Bosses but can already buy it. Killed Blood-starved Beast, Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne. Have engaged Vicar Amelia but haven't defeated her. Either one of the defeated Bosses is the requirement, or it's something else, but Rom, the Vacuous Spider is incorrect.

                    • Anonymous

                      Alright so I'm curious how this item works. Does it just give you like a status where no matter what the next shot uses the bone marrow ash. Oooorrrr, can you use it with a specific gun, change to your secondary and fire off without using that bone marrow ash. In a specific example in my head, you apply the bone marrow ash to your cannon, switch to pistol, fire off a counter-shot, then switch back to the cannon for like what 4X damage?

                      • Anonymous

                        To make this item available at the Hunter's Dream Messenger you need the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge (found at the top of the Healing Church Workshop).

                        • Anonymous

                          ...cause it sort of fits with the aesthetic. They had to manually load and ignite flintlocks and stuff around the time period this is based on. Even if you can "spam" shots (I just chalk it up to blood magic. lol), the only way you can actually legitimately fire a deadly gun shot is to manually load it with this item each time just like they had to back in the day. Sort of gives it flavor imo.

                          • Anonymous

                            Looks like some of his attacks once buff will deflect a buffed pistol shot, not sure if anyone else has had this happen, but just did while I was Beckoned to help.

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