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Brador is a non-player character in Bloodborne and is part of The Old Hunters DLC. He wields Bloodletter.

"A Church Assassin, who killed his compatriots and wore their beastly remains as attire, going into hiding in the deeper cells of The Hunter's Nightmare. The Church provided him with a single, soundless bell of death to ensure their secrets would be kept."

Brador (and Armor) Locations

This character can be found in the prison past the Underground Corpse Pile lamp, in a cell accessed with the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key.

After lighting the Lighthouse Hut lamp in the Fishing Hamlet, Brador will invade the player's world at 4 specific locations with each of these summoned versions dropping 1 piece of Brador's Set and with Brador himself dropping the Bloodletter when finally killed. Alternatively, you can simply go straight to his cell and kill him, receiving Bloodletter and preventing the invasions, without any consequences; all the set pieces will be found on the ground in the locations where the shadow versions would have normally spawned.

The locations of the shadows and thus the set pieces are as follows:

  • Just in front of the passageway leading to Brador's cell. This encounter drops Brador's Testimony.
  • On the bridge around the front and to the left of the Lighthouse Hut lamp. This encounter drops the Bloodied Arm Bands.
  • After the second encounter, continue off the bridge and onto the next rooftop. The next encounter is inside building you are standing on. Drop to ground level and enter through a break in the beams to reach the stairs. Take the Kin Coldblood (10) and Brador will appear when you try to leave the house. This encounter drops the Beast Hide Garb.
  • In the underground caverns after the area with the ammonite enemies. Follow the path on the left towards a dead end with an item and some enemies. Brador will spawn behind you once you are halfway down the path. This last encounter drops the Bloodied Trousers.



When speaking through cell door

Are you a hunter? Well, that's very odd.

Do you hear the toll of the bell?

If selecting "I hear the bell"

Hmph. Liar. Such pettiness will be your undoing.

The beasts you seek will not be found here.

Go back to your hunt, and if you have the chance, put this night behind you.

...places better left untouched, secrets better left alone...

...only a fool would so brazenly roam...

If selecting "I hear nothing"

Very well.

The beasts you seek will not be found here.

Go back to your hunt, and if you have the chance, put this night behind you.

...places better left untouched, secrets better left alone...

...only a fool would so brazenly roam...

Generic dialogue

"Bear in mind.

Some places are better left untouched, and some secrets are better left alone.

...only fools do brazenly roam..."

Speak through cell door after obtaining Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key

"Do you hear this?

Fear the bell's toll.

For only death awaits prying eyes,

and the Church assassins are never far behind.


After entering cell

"Well, well, look who's here.

Welcome to my quarters. I've never entertained a guest before.

Are you going to kill me?

After all you've done, kill me, as if to right your wrongs?


Generic dialogue

"What is it? Aren't you going to kill me?

Or perhaps, beg my forgiveness?

Well, leave off. What's done is done.


If killed by Brador

"Unending death awaits those who pry into the unknown..."

On death

"Nothing changes, such is the nature of man...



- Mhazard Mhazard - Brador, The Church Assassin


Based on his description and the size of his cleric beast attire, we can assume that when the scourge was young, cleric beasts were smaller. Hunters like him would quietly assassinate victims who would transform or who the church knew were bound to transform sooner or later. Eventually as they dabbled more into the old blood, this method became obsolete as beasts became bigger, more dangerous and more public.

Other Notes:

  1. It is possible to kill Brador after obtaining the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key, without killing him when he invades. In that case he will no longer invade you and the gear pieces dropped by killing him will be found where he would normally invade your world.
  2. Brador will use Lead Elixir making regular attacks bounce off. He will trick the Bloodletter straight away, as soon as he spawns, and use the transformed mace form, usually spamming around 5-6 hits in a row (especially if he drinks the Elixir), making him very susceptible to parries. Brador is also vulnerable to Blacksky Eye.


    • Anonymous

      24 May 2019 14:55  

      >lore: we can assume that cleric beasts were smaller We can read description of the Laurence's Skull to find out who was the first Cleric beast. Based on the size of Laurence's skull in the waking world plus the size of the First Vicar boss in the nightmare, we can assume that Cleric beasts can be either big or small. Or that size difference is just a simple convension.

      • Anonymous

        04 Feb 2019 15:24  

        Easy tip for his invasions if you keep dying: when he spawns just run past him until he stops following you, he'll lose interest and walk back to his starting location and stop giving his back to you, just walk to him, backstab him and repeat until he dies.

        • Anonymous

          02 Oct 2018 21:31  

          I wonder if Brador is based on Mills/Bisley character "Slough Feg" the Old "Weird" Horned God: He's a representation of the Green Man (a very CelticBritish Isles thing). A few things that caught my thoughts: 1) He's only got the one horn - whereas when you wear the set you have two (as the new Horned Gods in Slaine) 2) He's an old "king" who hunts down the new Kings (who are wed to the Earth Goddess and know how the earth works - have insight) But as they say... seek for signs and you will find them.

          • Anonymous

            18 Jan 2018 12:09  

            Augur of Ebrietas is very effective against him. I'm at level 38 in Arcane and just 3-4 shot of it and Brador is always defeated.

            • Anonymous

              28 Nov 2017 01:31  

              My theory is that he kills hunters who ‘know too much’. After witnessing his allies turning into beasts due to their insanity he now kills any hunter whi pries too much.

              Its worth noting that his weapon is extremely effective against hunters WITH HIGH INSIGHT, because of its frenzy attack. High insight is a sign of a hunter acquiring too much knowledge.
              Therefore it makes sense that he fights hunters who go mad!

              • Anonymous

                15 Jan 2017 21:41  

                He's one of many Bloodborne's cool characters, but why didn't he attack us in his cell? And the "church gave him a silent bell to kill all nosy people who want to pry into their creepy experiments" sends shivers down my spine, now every time i invade i wear his set except the hand and pant cause they have very low stats, instead i use valtr's hand and pant which look very closely to Brador

                • Anonymous

                  if he kills you05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                  He managed to kill me at one of the locations, the one under the house, and now he's stopped invading me there. is there any way to prompt another invasion?

                  • Anonymous

                    What`s next?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                    Been to all 4 locations, has all 4 set pieces and then what?Nothing? Kill him for weapon?Forget about him?

                    • Anonymous

                      Figuring out the details.05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                      As a small experiment I looked for the fastest way to get his items. Didn't light ANY lamps in fishing village, and went directly back to his cell after recieving the key from Simon. Brador's phantom appears outside his cell. I ran past and unlocked his cell and gave him a quick little pop on the head. Voila! The resullts? Getting the key from Simon triggers the invasions, not the lamps, and his real form has a tiny healthbar that only requres one hit.

                      • Post Brador05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                        I'm not 100% sure when exactly it happened because I wasn't really paying close attention, but after killing Brador in his cell the Church Servant and Wheelchair Mob remain dead even if you leave and return. Seems they may be tied to Brador somehow (maybe they're guarding him?). Someone should check to confirm, but I'm pretty positive they stopped respawning after killing him. They're just lying there dead whenever I come back by.

                        • Anonymous

                          Getting His Set05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                          You can get a piece of his set each time you defeat one of his phantoms. Returning and fighting the phantom in an already defeated spawn locations just yields blood echoes.

                          • Anonymous

                            Killing him early.05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                            If you kill him as soon as you get the key for his cell, he'll only invade you before you get to him and drop the head piece, then if you kill him you get the weapon. From this point, you won't get invaded and you will find the rest of the armor set where he was supposed to spawn to invade you. Tested and Verifyed !

                            • Anonymous

                              His darkwraiths05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                              You don't have to fight them at all. After you get the key tp to ludwigs arena and run to the cell of Brador. He will ring the bell and try to kill you, but his spirit disappears when you descend the ladder leading to his cell. Open the door, kill him and pick up all his armor pieces, including the head attire.

                              • Anonymous

                                Repeated Invasions05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                Once I kill him he never invades in that spot again. Even before I killed him in his cell.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Bouncing Attacks05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                  After getting his health down a bit, he drinks a potion or something and all of my attacks bounce. Is there a way to counteract this?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    ***** this guy05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                    Soon as I got his key i went into his cell and shoved my knife in his mouth before he finished speaking. ***** him already for being a church hunter, ***** him twice for not atleast being cool about *****ing you like patches, ***** him three times cause he fights like a cheap little ***** and so he dies like a little *****.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Cleric beast armor is cool but why not lawrence cleric beast armor?05 Jul 2016 14:42  

                                      If only we could wear a burning version of his armor that wont hurt us. Lawrence looks so much more badass than the average cleric beast in all those flames. If only the hunter would skin his foes like this psycho killer. Though I guess if we did skin lawrence, we wouldnt be fire proof and just die eventually...or the fire would go out when he dies.

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