Brador's Set

bradors set
physical DEF 240 bolt DEF 170
VS blunt 270 slow poison RES 77
VS thrust 190 rapid poison RES 70
blood DEF 220 frenzy RES 56
arcane DEF 170 beasthood 204
fire DEF 130  

Brador's Set is an Attire or Armor In the The Old Hunters DLC.


Brador's Set Information

"[Unique to each Piece]
Brador donned a compatriot's beastly scalp and hide while still moist with blood. Most of the blood stains on this hide were from that day"



Brador's Set Location

  • This set is found one piece at a time after defeating each invasion of the NPC, Brador, triggered after you reach the Lighthouse Hut Lamp. 3 will attempt to prevent you from reaching the end of the Fishing Hamlet, and a 4th will guard Brador's cell. The sound of a ringing bell signals a nearby invasion spot. Even if you defeat one of the invaders, dying or resetting the map will cause them to respawn indefinitely.
  • 1) In front of Brador's cell. This one drops Brador's Testimony.
  • 2) At the end of the bridge right after lighting the Lighthouse Hut Lamp. This one drops the Blooded Arm Bands
  • 3) On the ground level beneath the bridge where you fought the second Brador invasion, beneath a large building supported by a lot of beams underneath it. Follow an obvious path into the house between the beams and pick up the Kin Coldblood (10) inside, and the bell will ring. Return the way you came and the invader will block your exit. This one drops Beast Hide Garb.
  • 4) In the underground caverns beneath the Fishing Hamlet, Brador can possibly invade you in 2 separate spots near the end of the tunnels where you first encounter leaping slug enemies. Either walk straight ahead to a dead end or turn left away from the dead end and try to exit the tunnels and he will invade to block your path. This one drops Bloodied Trousers.
  • Killing Brador in his cell will prevent him from invading you anymore. However you can repeatedly kill his invader form(s) if you want to farm blood echoes easy and fast. Drops quite a lot of blood echoes.
  • The entire set is still available even if Brador is killed before any of his invasions are defeated. Kill him to obtain the Bloodletter, then proceed to where his clones would have spawned. A piece of the set will be there to pick up.




  • Has the highest Beasthood total out of all attires, minus the Ashen Hunter Garb.
  • The fire resistance in this set is weaker than most attire sets, most likely due to its beastly origins.
  • Frenzy resistance is oddly low for a set which offers such a high beasthood stat. This may be due to Brador knowing about Kos and Byrgenwyth's research into the Old Ones. 
  • The attire is essentially a Foreign Set covered with beast hide, could Brador be, in fact, a foreigner?
  • The gloves and boots are useless outside of beasthood builds, having inferior stats compared to almost all other equipment, however the head and chest pieces offer great physical defenses.



Brador's Set Pieces

physical DEF
VS blunt
VS thrust
blood DEF
arcane DEF
fire DEF
bolt DEF
slow poison RES
rapid poison RES
frenzy RES
bradors testimony
Bradors Testimony 50 60 50 50 20 20 30 18 10 6 56
beast hide garb
Beast Hide Garb 120 120 70 80 60 40 50 38 31 20 66
bloodied arm bands
Bloodied Arm Bands 30 40 30 40 40 30 40 10 13 14 36
bloodied trousers
Bloodied Trousers 40 50 40 50 50 40 50 11 16 16 46
  Totals 240 270 190 220 170 130 170 77 70 56 204


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    • Anonymous

      Note: I killed brador in his cell before killing all four phantoms. The last one I did not kill did not appear but the armor piece it dropped was on the ground where it spawned.

      • Anonymous

        Could you wear the Bradors Testimony with beast's embrace on because if so you can look like the cleric beast?

        • Anonymous

          I'm so confused, a lot of people are saying the parts of the set aren't showing up in their game when they killed Brador before killing all his phantoms, but some are saying that the parts showed up on the floor where Brador's phantoms are supposed to spawn. I don't want to go to all the hassle of killing all his stupid phantoms just to get his set.

          • Anonymous

            I can't get the invader carrying the Bloodied Arm Bands to respawn anymore. He's the one just past the lighthouse hut lamp on top of a building past a bridge. All the other invaders keep spawning since I haven't killed Kos yet. Is anyone else having this problem?

            • Anonymous

              "Following the path to the end of the map here. Bellow the last building. Go up inside it to trigger the ringing and go back outside to spawn the invader". Where is it? Photo please!!?

              • Anonymous

                Odd this guys wearing the same 'foreign' garb as you when you arrive in yharnam. Wonder what significance there is, if any.

                • Anonymous

                  on the thinnest female character. The headpiece just hangs in the air, without even touching the chestpiece.

                  • Anonymous

                    I was pushed off the bridge and killed a different phantom and now the first phantom that dropped the arm bands will not spawn. What do I do?

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