White Church Set

Physical DEF 200 bolt DEF 280
Strike Defense 200 slow poison RES 152
VS. thrust 250 rapid poison RES 135
blood DEF 330 frenzy RES 25
arcane DEF 290 beasthood 91
fire DEF 290  

White Church is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


White Church Set Information

"Attire of special Church doctors.
These doctors are superiors to the black preventative hunters, and specialists in experimentally-backed blood ministration and the scourge of the beast.
They believe that medicine is not a means of treatment but rather a method for research. and that some knowledge can only be obtained by exposing oneself to sickness."




  • Forbidden Woods, atop a roof in the village. Climb the ladder on the side of the house by all the dog cages. It will be guarded by a pair of crows.




  • It would seem that wearing parts of the Choir set, or the Church garb set, periodically prompts Yharnamite enemies to shout 'Death to the minister!' while attacking the player. (Was wearing both a piece of the Church garb set and the Choir set when this happened; not sure which caused the dialogue)
  • Worn by Iosefka.
  • This set has the highest slow poison resistance.
  • If worn when meeting Adella the Nun, she will initiate a dialogue with the hunter.



White Church Set Pieces

White Church Hat 30 40 40 60 60 60 60 21 18 3 12
White Church Garb 80 80 110 120 110 100 110 63 55 11 36
Surgical Long Gloves 40 40 50 70 50 50 50 32 31 4 22
White Church Trousers/Dress 50 40 50 80 70 60 60 36 31 7 21
  Totals 200 200 250 330 290 290 280 152 135 25 91

Concept Art 

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    • 09 Apr 2021 16:46  

      Took a liking to this set on my third playthrough after creating a female character. Wish you could use the the white boots without the skirt to match other outfits, some sets have priority over the skirt which is nice though.

      • Anonymous

        Not the highest Rapid Poison Resist05 Jul 2016 14:42  

        Black Church set has 6 more Resistance to Rapid Poison at 141. The trivial is false in saying this set has the highest of both poison defences.

        • Anonymous

          Cosplay as Aurora from Child of Light05 Jul 2016 14:42  

          Create a female character with red hair and orange eyes. Wear this set with the Crown of Illusions and equip either Holy Moonlight Sword or Ludwig's Holy Blade buffed with Empty Phantasm Shell.

          • Anonymous

            hoodie is op05 Jul 2016 14:42  

            the hood on this thing is the real mvp - so versatile and able to rock with any black or white outfit to full freshness. if you gonna rock it with a coloured top, then make sure the pants are white. church hood got a son lookin like a real ny nigga

            • Anonymous

              Best armor05 Jul 2016 14:42  

              For any resistance other than physical and blunt. Good set to get, and looks awesome too, like an Arabian wanderer..

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