Student Set

Physical DEF 120 bolt DEF 120
Strike Defense 120 slow poison RES 66
VS. thrust 120 rapid poison RES 49
blood DEF 160 frenzy RES 54
arcane DEF 210 beasthood 54
fire DEF 110  

Student Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


Student Set Information

"Uniform of the students of Byrgenwerth, a bygone institute of learning. (Features a thick cape.)
The Healing Church has its roots in Byrgenwerth, and naturally borrows heavily from its uniform design.
The focus not on knowledge. or thought. but on pure pretension would surely bring Master Willem to despair, if only he knew."



Student Set Location

  • A variant of the chest piece can be found in Lecture building, require the key to theatre.
  • Byrgenwerth in chest you can find trousers and chest piece.






Student Set Pieces

Student Uniform (A) 70 70 70 100 140 60 70 42 31 35 35
Student Uniform 2.jpg
Student Uniform Variant (B) 70 60 60 90 140 60 70 42 31 35 45
Student Trousers 50 50 50 60 70 50 50 24 18 19 19
  Totals Set A 120
Set B 120
Set A 120
Set B 110
Set A 120
Set B 110
Set A 160
Set B 150
Set A 210
Set B 210
Set A 110
Set B 110
Set A 120
Set B 120
Set A 66
Set B 66
Set A 49
Set B 49
Set A 54
Set B 54
Set A 54
Set B 64


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    • Anonymous

      Really the most disappointing thing in the game is that you can't get one of those mortarboards to go with the set. Or a little mortarboard for the Messengers! How cool would that be?

      • Anonymous

        Kinda lame that the goofy little graduation caps worn by the Slime Scholars aren't included, considering they all wear the uniform...

        • Anonymous

          what most fashionborne players miss out on is the freshness potential of these pieces. like for real on both versions you got solid torso pieces to mix and match with dope hats. can't go wrong with that collared shirt and coat

          • Anonymous

            The one in the Lecture Building will have it without a black cloak, the one in Byrgenwerth is as you see here. Both have neither a hat or gloves. Description will be the same, only one will say that it DOES have a cloak, while the other one says it doesn't. Fascinating, really.

            • Anonymous

              Seeing as Micoash wears the caped set in conjuncture with the Mensis Cage, could the Mensis Cage be considered the head piece of this set?

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