Black Church Set

Physical DEF 220 bolt DEF 270
Strike Defense 220 slow poison RES 146
VS. thrust 260 rapid poison RES 141
blood DEF 300 frenzy RES 20
arcane DEF 280 beasthood 98
fire DEF 260  

Black Church Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


Black Church Set Information

"Attire of Healing Church hunters.
Most Healing Church hunters are elementary doctors who understand the importance of early prevention of the scourge, achieved by disposing of victims, and even potential victims, before signs of sickness manifest themselves.
Their black attire is synonymous with fear, and that peculiar Yharnam madness.
When a cancer is discovered, one must pinpoint its location, reach in, and wrench it from the host's bosom"




  • Found in the round plaza in Cathedral Ward.
    • From the Hunter Chief Emblem gate, go left, past the enemy with the Flamesprayer, and to an alley where several enemies will attack you as you talk to NPCs in doors. The Set is on a corpse.



Black Church Set Notes

  • Has very high elemental defense (blood, arcane, fire, bolt).
  • Adella the Nun is inconsolable unless the Hunter speaks to her while wearing a chestpiece representing the Healing Church, such as the White or Black Church Set, Gascoigne's Set, Choir Set  or the Executioner Garb. If this is done, she will calm down, offer some lore, and ask if there is any place safe where she can go. The hunter can then choose to send her to the Cathedral Ward or Iosefka's Clinic (after speaking to the resident NPCs of those two areas)
  • Worn by Adella the Nun.




Black Church Set Pieces

Black Church Hat 40 40 40 50 60 50 50 20 19 2 13
Black Church Garb 90 90 110 110 110 100 110 60 58 9 40
Surgical Long Gloves 40 40 50 70 50 50 50 32 31 4 22
Black Church Trousers/Dress 50 50 60 70 60 60 60 34 33 5 23
  Totals 220 220 260 300 280 260 270 146 141 20 98


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    • Anonymous

      Wearing the Beak Mask with this set makes you look even more like a medieval plague doctor, especially on the female version. Good weapons to pair this look with are the Church Pick, Rakuyo, or Threaded Cane, as they all look somewhat like the pokey-sticks that plague doctors would use to keep
      a distance from their patients. Blade of Mercy is also good, since it resembles an oversized scalpel. Gotta match the weapons to the context.

      • Anonymous

        I play a male, but I really love the split cape that the female version gets. I don't understand why they arbitrarily limit things like that to gender. Why not just let anyone wear whatever they want?

        • Anonymous

          The female church hunters had to be pretty hardcore, since under the dress if you look hard enough, they're hunting in heels. Same for the white set.

          • Anonymous

            The Black Church Trousers/Dress have the highest Blood Def in the game and the Surgical Long gloves have the highest Poison Def

            • Anonymous

              I'm planning on spending 10K on the emblem that will allow me access to this set. I've been stuck on the BSB for a bit now. I keep getting killed because the poison drains my health. It kills me when it's in it's third mode. Does anyone think this will raise my resists enough to make it through the fight? Or should I just use the 10K for leveling? Cheers, Guest

              • Anonymous

                I didn't realise there was a difference for genders i thought i was missing two armour sets haha, is there any more sets that change like this?

                • Anonymous

                  That item description really sounds like the visceral attack hunters use. Possibly, the healing church hunters are the inventors of the technique, or at least the original practitioners.

                  • Anonymous

                    And ta-daa! You are now Van Helsing purging the lands of beasts!... Where them werewolves hidin at? (Works on males, Look like a penguin as female, kinda cool in its own regard i guess...Maybe.)

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