Bone Ash Set

Physical DEF 290 bolt DEF 340
Strike Defense 180 slow poison RES 80
VS. thrust 240 rapid poison RES 70
blood DEF 140 frenzy RES 101
arcane DEF 140 beasthood 61
fire DEF 350  

Bone Ash Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.


Bone Ash Set Information

" Armor made of bone ash,worn by the oldest keepers.
The keepers, who mind the slumbering Great Ones,
gained eternal life, preserved in ashen form in
a ceremony of flame that cremated body and soul"

Gloves, Boots and Chest-piece
"Now, their frail armor is white and sinewy,
a window into an arcane lost art."

"The long, pointed hat is a symbol of the old keepers
and is considered evidence of their companionship,
forged in a certain sin. "



Bone Ash Set Location




  • Features excellent physical and fire/bolt defense, but has very low blood and arcane defense.
  • It cost 10 insight to purchase the whole set at once.
  • Worn by Keeper of the Old Lords.



Bone Ash Set Pieces

Bone Ash Mask 60 30 40 20 20 60 60 11 9 14 8
Bone Ash Armor 110 80 100 40 40 140 140 33 29 41 25
Bone Ash Gauntlets 60 30 50 30 40 70 70 17 15 22 13
Bone Ash Leggings 60 40 50 50 40 80 70 19 17 24 15
  Totals 290 180 240 140 140 350 340 80 70 101 61

 Concept Art

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    • Anonymous

      04 Aug 2021 06:07  

      This set is really good because elemental defense actully matters in bloodborne and most enimes do fire or bolt damage.

      • Anonymous

        12 Aug 2019 22:32  

        " Armor made of bone ash,worn by the oldest keepers. The keepers, who mind the slumbering Great Ones, gained eternal life, preserved in ashen form in a ceremony of flame that cremated body and soul" - references dark souls The description for gloves, boots, and chest talk about 'an arcane lost art'. The description for hat talks about 'a certain sin'. - with the hat size and shape and the arcane bit, this references Big Hat Logan. The sin references possibly Seath the Scaleless and his betrayal of dragons, as Logan was once a member of the dragon school, but the 'certain sin' part is less clear.

        • Anonymous

          09 Jul 2018 19:18  

          I'm fine with the theory that Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Demon's Souls all exist within one universe, but I don't care to believe that their stories are linked in any way. I would actually go even further as to suggest that Dark Souls and Demon's Souls are legends in the universe of Bloodborne, like old mythologies that have passed out of memory, but are revived by the power of the dream and the timeless power of the holy chalices, in the same manner that they revive the Great Ones.

          • Anonymous

            28 Mar 2018 13:44  

            Really cool both as a full set and for mix match fashion.

            I just wish there were more sets like it, ie: things to get in the chalice dungeon "main" run.

            • Anonymous

              preety much total reference to DS and DS205 Jul 2016 14:55  

              I mean really? A ceremony of flame that cremates body and soul? such as linking the fire? An armor of ash and bone? Companionship forged in a certain sin (this coming specifically when we get the Scholar of the First Sin for DS2?) This is one gigantic exclamation mark linking bloodborne to DS and DS 2 and it's not even subtle ...

              • Anonymous

                About Bone Ash set05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                This set reminds me of Yuria the Witch from Demon's Souls, especially the hat . Can these sets be connected?

                • Anonymous

                  Chest piece has an artorias vibe.05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                  Mix the chest with some cainhurst items and you come somewhat close to artorias.

                  • Anonymous

                    People saying this is a reference to De/DkS05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                    "OMG this is totes a link to Dork Soles!" "OMGWTF this is OBJECTIVELY a reference to Demon Poles!" *****ing stop. Until something in the game or the creators say so, stop saying "this is a reference to _". Start saying it APPEARS to be a reference to _. This wiki is so full if this kind of ***** and it makes it look unprofessional as hell.

                    • Anonymous

                      they are not prepared for the chikage05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                      rather unfortunate for the keeper of the old lords that I use a bloodtinge build yet the armor provides no defence for.

                      • love mixing it in for certain bosses05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                        One of my favorite sets! I like mixing it with others because it has some of the best physical defense in the game. Mix it with the student set to get a good arcane resistance for bosses like Rom (:

                        • Anonymous

                          Armor inspiration05 Jul 2016 14:55  

                          Seems to be a blend of Ciaran's set from Dark Souls and Yuria's witch hat in Demon's Souls. The mask's six eyes appear to reference the Chaos bug in Bed of Chaos from Dark Souls. I think From Soft was trying to make the enemy who wears this be a reference to Dark Souls PvP meta; using the pyro glove, a katana, and a lot of people used the witch hat as well. Same kinda reference making fun of Dark Souls PvP meta, much like the enemy in chalice dungeons that rolls around naked except for shoes using a giant hammer.

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