Crowfeather Set

crowfeather set female small
physical DEF 240 bolt DEF 200
VS blunt 280 slow poison RES 69
VS thrust 220 rapid poison RES 88
blood DEF 320 frenzy RES 138
arcane DEF 190 beasthood 46
fire DEF 220  

Crowfeather Set is an Attire  or Armor in Bloodborne.


Crowfeather Set Information

"Wood-carved mask/Attire of Eileen the Crow, Hunter of Hunters. The beak contains incense to mask scents of blood and beast.
Hunters of Hunters dress as crows to suggest sky burial. The first Hunter of Hunters came from a foreign land, and gave the dead a virtuous native funeral ritual, rather than impose a blasphemous Yharnam burial service upon them. with the hope that former compatriots might be returned to the skies, and find rest in the Hunter's Dream"



Crowfeather Set Location

  • Bought from Messengers after receiving the Crow Hunter Badge from Eileen the Crow by finishing her quests or killing her.
    • Beak Mask: 10000 Blood Echoes
    • Crowfeather Garb: 18000 Blood Echoes
    • Crowfeather Manchettes: 8000 Blood Echoes
    • Crowfeather Trousers: 8000 Blood Echoes




  • Has good physical defense and blood defense.
  • This set's headpiece Beak Mask notably has the highest frenzy resistance, the rest are surpassed by Ashen Hunter Set.
  • Prior to patch 1.04, the male version of the chest piece had a bug causing the right side of the cape to be abnormally stretchy. This bug was not present on the female set.



Crowfeather Set Pieces

physical DEF
VS blunt
VS thrust
blood DEF
arcane DEF
fire DEF
bolt DEF
slow poison RES
rapid poison RES
frenzy RES
beak mask
Beak Mask 50 40 40 60 30 40 30 8 10 40 2
crowfeather garb
Crowfeather Garb 100 110 80 120 70 80 70 29 37 46 21
crowfeather manchettes
Crowfeather Manchettes 40 60 50 70 50 50 50 15 20 25 11
crowfeather trousers
Crowfeather Trousers 50 70 50 70 40 50 50 17 21 27 12
  Totals 240 280 220 320 190 220 200 69 88 138 46



  • This set is based on the outfit worn by plague doctors during the Black Death, a pandemic that killed millions of people in Europe and the Mediterranean in the 14th century. These doctors were "specialists" in treating the disease. Since it was believed that the disease spread through smells and odours from the corpses of the sick, the doctor's costume featured long beaks holding different substances and powders that gave off scents that protected them from catching the plague while caring for their patients.
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    • probably one of the best armor sets in the game, for what it's worth. great physical defense all around, good blood defense, good frenzy defense, decent magic defense, not to mention the fashion souls

      • Anonymous

        Prior to patch 1.04, the male version of the chest piece had a bug causing the right side of the cape to be abnormally s t r e t c h y. This bug was not present on the female set. sounds interesting

        • Anonymous

          Is it possible to miss this set I didn't know where to get it and after beating Rom I searched and when I knew her location I went there and she wasn't present this is my first playthrough (I'm a noob I know laugh if you must) so I'm worried I had missed her ignorantly

          • Is it possible that the talk of a "sky burial," and the phrase "came from a foreign land" could be a nod to Demon's Souls, specifically the Shrine Of Storms and its inhabitants? They also fought with very fast, deft manuvers and offered their dead to the sky, so maybe its a small nod to their beliefs?

            • Anonymous

              The clothing physics in this game are amazing I literally ran around for 5 minutes because the feather cape looks so cool

              • Anonymous

                I just started the game, but have wanted this armor seitever since I got it. Is it possible for me to complete the quest early in the game? Or does one need to have high stats to even beginnthe mission?

                • Anonymous

                  Was playing the other day and the cape just disappeared entirely when I used the teleport bath in Yahar'gul. Looks dope without the cape, too, so I'm not complaining. It came back after respawning, though.

                  • Anonymous

                    So you are a hunter, and Eileen is a hunter hunter. So If you kill Eileen, are you a hunter-hunter hunter hunter?

                    • Anonymous

                      This might be wrong, but I think the creators might be giving a nod to the Mistborn series. The Crowfeather set, with the exception of the head piece, reminds me of the cloaks the Mistborn would wear, and the Dual Daggers being her choice of weapon really bring it together. Just a thought.

                      • Anonymous

                        Its reminds me of SCP-049 and eileens role is the same. She/SCP kills the infected and other beings (corrupted hunters/ people they think are infected). Eileen talks less then the other talkable npc like the SCP.

                        • Anonymous

                          I believe Sherpas dispose of their dead by chopping the bodies up and letting the birds eat the remains. I could be wrong or they don't do that anymore.

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