Yamamura Set

yamamura set
physical DEF 210 bolt DEF 190
VS blunt 170 slow poison RES 82
VS thrust 200 rapid poison RES 81
blood DEF 240 frenzy RES 75
arcane DEF 230 beasthood 57
fire DEF 370  

Yamamura Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne.



Yamamura Set Location

  • Kill Old Hunter Yamamura in The Hunter's Nightmare. In the jail hallway after killing Ludwig, Yamamura is in the lone cell to your left.
    • You can use either the Underground Cell Key to enter his cell, or hit him through the cell door with the Beast Cutter in its trick mode. < Clarification of how it's properly done. Face AWAY from the door, backstep into it, then use the R2 attack, pointing your L3 stick TOWARDS the door. This will turn your character around during his attack, and give them enough reach to kill the NPC.




  • Only the Charred Hunter chest and the Bone Ash Armor has higher fire defense than Khaki Haori , however the rest of the Yamamura set has significantly higher fire defense than the Charred Hunter set. For the highest fire defense (without equipping runes) in the game equip Charred Hunter chest along with the gloves, hat , and legs of this set for 380 fire defense.
  • Low thrust and bolt defense.







Yamamura Set Pieces

physical DEF
VS blunt
VS thrust
blood DEF
arcane DEF
fire DEF
bolt DEF
slow poison RES
rapid poison RES
frenzy RES
yamamura hunter hat
Yamamura Hunter Hat 50 30 40 50 30 60 20 5 11 19 13
khaki haori
Khaki Haori 80 60 70 90 80 130 70 37 34 25 18
old hunter arm bands
Old Hunter Arm Bands 40 40 40 50 60 90 50 19 17 12 11
wine hakama
Wine Hakama 40 40 50 50 60 90 50 21 19 19 15
  Totals 210 170 200 240 230 370 190 82 81 75 57


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    • Anonymous

      One of the best sets to wear, especially if you’re doing a full Yamamura cosplay or doing a Skill/Bloodtinge build. It makes you feel like you’re a samurai or a shinobi (Sekiro, maybe?) walking through Yharnam & showing the beasts who’s boss.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll never get his armor :( i missed his questline and now that i’m in ng+ the eye of a blood drunk hunter never spawned after amelia so i just cannot access the dlc anymore unless i start over completely :/

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact, Masaru Yamamura was the lead combat designer for sekiro, and he also worked on bloodborne. Pretty neat that the "sekiro-esque" armor has a name that belongs to one of sekiros lead devs.

          • Anonymous

            Old Hunter Hat (not top), Khaki Haori, Old Hunter Arm Bands, Maria Hunter Trousers. Looks really *****ing dope. Try it out if you don't believe me. Goes with any Skill/Bloodtinge weapon. Simon's Bowblade/Chikage especially.

            • Anonymous

              Normally this set is a little too baggy to really look good on your character, but if you use the Beast's Embrace rune it actually fits pretty well, somewhat ironically since Yamamura was so terrified of becoming a beast...

              • Anonymous

                The base of the outfit is eastern, but the hat, boots, and hand wraps are all in the style of Yharnam hunters. You can imagine that after arriving in Yharnam, Yamamura adopted some elements of the gear worn by hunters there, either for practical reasons (more functional for fighting beasts, or better suited to a hunter's combat techniques in general), or out of a desire to blend in to some extent (understandable, given Yharnamites' distrust of foreigners), or simply to replace damaged gear because eastern-style clothing would be difficult or impossible to come by in Yharnam.

                • Anonymous

                  Interesting mix of Japanese clothing with European articles jury-rigged in, which in itself seems to tell quite a story. It's such a shame that Yamamura wasn't used even a little more, as both the look and lore of his clothes imply a pretty interesting background.

                  • Anonymous

                    pants got a nigga lookin like mc hammer. the top is where it is tho. its got the right amount of length and bagginess to it - looks straight out the new kanye west collection for real. rock this with one of the old hunter hats or any dope hat to kill tha game

                    • Anonymous

                      so I was fighting ludwig, with valtr, and he cornered valtr between the wall and stairs, that area, and used his sword slam. and he managed to kill yamamura through the wall (along with valtr) as I immediately saw an off screen lifebar go down and got the set

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