Ashen Hunter Set

Physical DEF 250 bolt DEF 210
Strike Defense 260 slow poison RES 62
VS. thrust 220 rapid poison RES 107
blood DEF 260 frenzy RES 137
arcane DEF 190 beasthood 176
fire DEF 190  

Ashen Set is an Attire  or Armor in Bloodborne.


Ashen Hunter Set Information

"One of the standard articles of hunter attire fashioned at the workshop.
A fine piece of hunter attire that provides stable defense to anyone facing Yharnam's beastly threat."



Ashen Set Location

  • Can be bought from the Insight Messenger shop for 6 total Insight after killing Djura. This is true whether or not you befriend him at first.




  • Has the 2nd highest Beasthood among all attires, with the Brador set beating it by 28 points.
  • The garb piece on the other hand has the highest Beasthood, surpassing Beast Hide Garb.
  • Has the highest Frenzy resist among all attires, minus the headpiece, which is surpassed by Beak Mask from the Crowfeather Set.
  • Decent physical and blood defense; low arcane and fire defense overall.





Ashen Hunter Set Pieces

gray_wolf_cap.jpg Grey Wolf Cap 50 40 40 50 20 50 30 9 12 19 37
ashen_hunter_garb.png Ashen Hunter Garb 100 110 80 110 70 50 70 25 45 60 70
ashen_hunter_gloves.png Ashen Hunter Gloves 40 60 50 40 50 40 50 13 24 28 32
ashen_hunter_trousers.png Ashen Hunter Trousers 60 50 50 60 50 50 60 15 26 30 37
  Totals 250 260 220 260 190 190 210 62 107 137 176



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    • Anonymous

      I have played this game like 4-5 times for the platinum and never found this. I guess I was wrong to befriend him and not fight him.

      • Anonymous

        I don't seem to have access to this set. I have the powder keg badge and the option to buy the weapons but the set isn't in the insight bath

        • Anonymous

          "Why is his fashion so terrible? That plague doctor mask looks terrible with the grey rags."

          "If you know, you know."

          • Anonymous

            Regarding frenzy resistance--the headpiece is also outclassed by the Graveguard Mask, which is arguably easier to obtain than the Crowfeather headgear.

            • Anonymous

              For sure. Due to Frenzy resist being super important for the last stretch of the game it's the only set I ever caught myself saying "Where the hell is my Ashen set??". Knowing the lore of the game and the Powder Keg hunters also suggest the writers for this game thought these guys were the most sane hunters group. The group everyone else seems to mock for being insane for NOT wanting to slaughter all the beasts. They saw the truth in the curse and decided to fight agains't it, even when they knew their efforts would more or less amount to nothing. Special group these guys.

              • Anonymous

                Honestly, this is best set in the game. It combines two most useful aspects: high frenzy resist and high beasthood. With low enough insight it really takes a while to cause frenzy even in front of two winter lanterns. Without rune +200 res you likely will be frenzied anyway, but in this set you can kill both of them before it happens, what is nice. And beasthood that high allows effectively keep 70% damage boost for all pellet duration. Really good combination of defense and offence.

                • Anonymous

                  It's a shame that the Powder Keg Badge doesn't unlock this set. I like Djura too much to want to kill him but ... Fashion Borne

                  • Anonymous

                    I'm just to stupid in character creation to make this set look good on my hunter. Well, it definitely looks awesome on Djura. He's a cool dude. (Once you befriend him)

                    • Anonymous

                      do you HAVE to kill him or does it come with the badge or smt. i used his hat as my main (hat) but in my current second playthruogh i found out you can befriend him and i will try to do that so can i do both ? need help fast

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