Choir Garb

Armor Type Chest
Set Choir Set
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
80 80 80 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_DEF.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
80 150 110 110
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg frenzy_RES.jpg beasthood.jpg
46 38 16 38

Choir Garb is a Chest Armor/Attire in Bloodborne. It is part of Choir Set.


Choir Garb Description

"Attire of the Choir, high-ranking members of the Healing Church.
Members of the Choir are both the highest-ranking clerics of the Healing Church, and scholars who continue the work that began at Byrgenwerth.
Together with the left behind Great One, they look to the skies, in search of astral signs, that may lead them to the rediscovery of true greatness."



Choir Garb Information

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  • ??






Player Notes

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