Henryk is a non-player character in Bloodborne. Henryk

"The taciturn old hunter Henryk was once partners with Father Gascoigne, and though they were a fierce and gallant duo, their partnership led to Henryk's tragically long life."


  • Henryk can be found at the Tomb of Oedon and is automatically hostile. To meet him, you must follow the quest of Eileen The Crow and talk to her at the Cathedral Ward.
    • Can this NPC be an ally?: Yes: He can be summoned in Forbidden Woods and Byrgenwerth. However, he has a set of conditions that must first be met.
    • Can this NPC be an enemy?: Yes: Tomb of Oedon
    • If he isn't killed until you encounter Rom, the Vacuous Spider, he will disappear. People think the dead body with yellow garments is Henryk's corpse. In fact, it isn't actually his body. The body can be seen while he is still standing there. The disappearance from Tomb of Oedon can happen even before the encounter with Rom. The trigger is either entering Forbidden Woods or defeating the boss of the Forbidden Woods.


Strategy (vs.)

  • In NG, Henryk is encountered at a point where he is incredibly tough (but not impossible) to kill alone. However, the Hunter has a few things that will help him/her with this fight to make things a bit more fair.
    • The Hunter can carefully sneak up to him by dropping from the ledge where you normally find the Red Jeweled Brooch and get a free visceral attack.
    • After a short while, Eileen will appear and help you kill Henryk.
      • She does a lot of damage, but it's possible for her to be killed, therefore it's suggested that you help her by attacking Henryk to ease some of the pressure.
      • Be careful not to hurt Eileen since your attacks can damage her as well. She can turn hostile if you damage her too much.
      • Do not, under any circumstances, allow Eileen to be stunlocked; Henryk can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.
        • His Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol can quickly stunlock Eileen if she is cornered or backed up against a tombstone.
        • He isn't shy about using his Hunter Pistol and will use it to keep Eileen from moving away quickly.
      • If you die the first time and reappear in the Tomb of Oedon, Eileen will automatically be there fighting Henryk.
    • Henryk can be poisoned with only a handful of Poison Knives; these go a long way towards weakening him and giving Eileen a fighting chance.
    • Overall, the fight is a careful balance between assisting Eileen and keeping yourself alive.


Strategy (Ally)

  • Henryk can be summoned at two locations in the Forbidden Woods and Byrgenwerth, both spots near the area's boss location, but you must meet two requirements.
    • First, you have to kill Henryk at the Tomb of Oedon.
    • You also need to be a member of The League and have equipped the Caryll Rune "Impurity."
  • Overall, Henryk is a valuable summon.
    • He has high health and can serve as a distraction.
    • Furthermore, like all NPC summons, he does not fill a summon slot for other players.



[None, but he does the Roar Gesture on random occasions while he is fighting you]


  • Henryk was one of the Old Hunters as mentioned by Eileen, and was a member of the League as stated by his Confederate title when summoned.
  • Henryk was Father Gascoigne's partner during the Hunt. This explains why Henryk is found where he is, possibly returning to look for his partner.
    • Eileen mentions that she plans to assassinate Henryk because "he has gone mad."
      • It's possible he attacks you on sight because he somehow knew that you killed Father Gascoigne.
      • Another possibility is that he simply went insane when Father Gascoigne died, and now attacks virtually anyone he comes across.
      • Whatever the reason might be, Henryk is clearly not in his right mind since he attacks you on sight and roars in anger while he is trying to kill you.
  • It's speculated that Father's Gascoigne's youngest daughter was referring to Henryk when she mentions her "grandad."
    • Due to Henryk being Father Gascoigne's trusted hunting partner for a long time, it's plausible that Henryk had a part in her life and thus she sees him as an important figure.
    • At the same time there is no concrete evidence that he's the grandad figure being mentioned, but it's a popular theory nonetheless.



  • The name Henryk is the Polish equivalent of the English name Henry and stands for "mighty, formidable."
  • The description of the Throwing Knives states that Henryk enjoyed using them during the Hunt, and he does use them when he fights you or alongside you as a summon.


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    • Anonymous

      Henryk [Bloodborne Wiki]11 Nov 2020 00:48  

      Оправляетесь в 2020 году в на отдых стоит заблаговременно решить вопрос трансефра. Забронировав дешевое такси краснодар крымск
      по выгодной цене стало быстрее. Звоните наш номер телефон и диспетчер сразу сообщит сумму по маршруту.

      • Anonymous

        Henryk [Bloodborne Wiki]11 Nov 2020 00:14  

        Оправляетесь в 2020 году в на отдых стоит заблаговременно решить вопрос трансефра. Забронировав дешевое такси краснодар крымск
        по выгодной цене стало быстрее. Звоните наш номер телефон и диспетчер сразу сообщит сумму по маршруту.

        • Anonymous

          01 May 2020 11:42  

          I entered the Forbidden Woods, but did not progress through it. Henryk still spawned at the Tomb of Oedon. After killing him, I could summon him for the Shadows fight.

          • Anonymous

            15 Apr 2020 18:19  

            I see a lot of people use the applause gesture in MP so I’m assuming this is obvious but just in case ... it’s best to leave the fight with Henryk until after Hemwick and Yahar’Gul so you can be at a good level with a +6 weapon because going straight for this guy after Eileen reaches the ward is a death sentence.

            • 24 Jun 2019 06:22  

              Can someone please remove the whole "Henryk is the little girl's grandfather" from both Henryk's and the Little Girl's page? It is completely grasping at straws and a very extremely lose fan theory, with the only 'evidence' being that the little girl stated she had a grandfather. I mean, if it had some decent evidence, then putting it on their pages would make sense, but there's literally nothing to support the claim that they are related or that the little girl just refers to Henryk as her grandfather

              • Anonymous

                16 May 2019 16:43  

                Henryk is insanely cool. I was having trouble with Shadow of Yharnam boss on NG+ and couldn't find friends who still play this game so I summoned Henryk to fight with me. Henryk went after the sword and fireball guy leaving me with candle man (I don't know their names). Im underlevelled for someone on NG+ (did bare minimun last time) so it took a while to finish candle guy off. After Candle man died and the were all Meduas-snake-thingies, Henryk was able to get Sword guy done to half. Me and Henryk finshed him off together and we were both in one shot range (Don't know if NPCs can exhaust their blood vials but he didn't heal after swordfighter). We ganged up and Fireball man and at the same time finished him off with a Heavy slash attack. Now there is a giant hole in my heart that cant be filled because Eileen (and partially me) killed him.

                • Anonymous

                  02 Apr 2019 17:32  

                  It's very unlikely Henryk is related by blood to either Gascoigne or his wife. Henryk is black, whereas Viola, Gascoigne and the presumable older daughter are white. (You never see the little girl from the beginning, but considering her family she must be white as well. )

                  • Anonymous

                    17 Mar 2019 05:45  

                    I've never felt so ashamed of myself more then when I just watched Eileen die to him. Almost tempted to start my game over.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jan 2019 00:13  

                      Easy way to win is just let Eileen agro him then do a fully charged heavy. He would shoot me once afterwards, I'd heal, then I'd do another fully charged heavy. Pretty easy to get a visceral this way also.

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Oct 2018 00:22  

                        Ok so I just managed to do this first try, amazingly. After reading all this, I was pretty sure I was gonna get my***** pushed in and fail and Eileen would be dead and everything. So I tried visceraling him + a charged attack from transformed weapon. It worked but did like no damage, so I was panicking at that point. Then Eileen comes in and at first she didn't do anything, I used the Gascoigne strategy with the tombstones which was working well, I got him down to probabbly 1/2 health. Then he realized that this was now 2v1 instead of 1v1 and goes after Eileen and I used poison knives and my pistol as covering fire while Eileen laid into him and I had to kite him around a bit but he went down before I knew it. Overall, it was heart-pounding but not as difficult as I thought it would be after reading all this.

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jun 2018 17:39  

                          You can actually summon Alfred in Central Yharnam, after you kill the blood-starved beast. It's a pain to get him to the tomb of Oedon, but it makes the fight much easier.

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Jun 2018 23:55  

                            I was being retarded and I killed the hunter of hunters to get the Blade of Mercy early. I realized I fucked up after reading this. I guess I will have to wait for NG+2 In order to kill him.

                            • Anonymous

                              31 May 2018 02:36  

                              Henryk had already murdered me several times prior to me looking up this will. The poison knives no longer affect him, believe it or not. No talent of mine will ever defeat this foe

                              • Anonymous

                                31 Mar 2018 08:53  

                                Now I am having lore-related questions. If Henryk can be summoned, even after being KILLED, what does that mean exactly? Did he "wake up" to some other time or place in yharnam? Did Gascoigne and his family "wake up" too? I doubt he or Gascoigne (and family) were dreamers so... Why can we summon him once we kill him? To me it seems like that anyone who dies in this nightmare "wakes up."

                                • Anonymous

                                  30 Mar 2018 21:37  

                                  To get to Henryk in Oedon’s tomb, simply warp to Cathedral Ward and go back down the stairs. The place where the dweller sits, go through the door and down. If you slowly descend the stairs towards the place where you fought Gascoigne he won’t notice you. You can slowly approach him, he won’t notice you until you’re close enough to lock on him. He’ll then do a roar gesture and either sprint towards you or shoot his gun. If you’re quick and your weapon at least a +3 you can give him plenty of damage. He is quicker than Gascoigne but his weapon has less range. Using an extended version of the Saw Cleaver helps keep your distance while attacking him. About 10-20 seconds into the fight, Eileen will rush out to help. She can distract him while you sneak up behind. Using a charged R2 attack can help take a lot of his health. Be careful of harming Eileen, she doesn’t become hostile unless you hit her more than 3 times. I don’t know if she can take more hits without becoming hostile, I accidentaly hit her 3 times and she was okay. I didn’t try this but its possible that its less likely you’ll hit her if you use an unextended weapon once she comes in to help. During the fight try to get Henryk’s attention so Eileen can heal up. Beware the visceral attack, he spams that shit. Eileen can take one visceral attack without dying, but she’ll loose a big chunk of health, so make sure to attack Henryk and distract him if she fell victim to the attack (so she can heal). You could also use the opportunity to back stab him, as soon as his attack ends. It may take some tricky timing though. Its not a very difficult fight if you’ve already fought the hunter NPC in Old Yarnham - their movements follow a similar pattern.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Mar 2018 04:54  

                                    For the record, I just want to restate loudly for any new players who missed it: HENRYK WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THE TOMB OF OEDON WHEN YOU ENTER THE FORBIDDEN WOODS AFTER DEFEATING VICAR AMELIA. This will make it impossible to get his gear set (best Bolt defense) and to complete Eileen the Crow's questline, eliminating the Crow Set and Blades of Mercy from your game. This really, really sucks. Feels like I wasted this whole playthough now.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      19 Mar 2018 22:18  

                                      The fight started when i was at the bottom of the stairs and Eileen died before i could even get there... Now i'm too weak to take Henryk alone.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        23 Jan 2018 22:16  

                                        This guide fed me misinformation. It says he's at the bottom of Oedon tomb, which doesn't make sense. So I went to Oedon Tomb, only to find that's the place it was referring to. As a result, I wasn't prepared to fight Henryk and Eileen ended up dying.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          12 Jan 2018 15:48  

                                          To beat him at the tomb, get him on the opposite side of a group of tombstones. You can hit him with a melee weapon through the graves, and it is easy to step back without getting hit by his melee attacks. Further more, his gunshots are unable to pass through the graves

                                          • Anonymous

                                            05 Jan 2018 04:11  

                                            If you enter the Tomb of Oedon from Oedon Chapel, you can jump down to the roof where you find Viola, then down again to get behind Henryk. Move carefully around the tree and tombstones behind him and you can get a free visceral attack. Follow with a charge attack, hitlock him, and he should be down to about 1/4 health. Makes it way easier to keep Eileen alive, since she won't appear until a few seconds after he's been aggro'd.

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