Throwing Knife


Throwing knife with a finely serrated blade.

One of the old hunter Henryk's favorite weapons.

Does not cause a great deal of damage to beasts, but with deft use, can distract attackers and keep them at bay."


Throwing Knife is a projectile Item in Bloodborne.



Throwing Knife Usage

  • Throw at enemies to cause physical damage (Please add detailed amount)








  • Item has more range than Hunter Pistol, allowing a hunter to kill enemies at middle to long distances (e.g. Bell Maiden in Nightmare Frontier can be killed across the gap or Huntsman shooter on the path to the right of Grand Cathedral, both are out of range for Hunter Pistol)
  • This item has Scaling: strength.jpg D skill.jpg A



  • Using the Throwing Knife at the head of the Cleric Beast will immediately stagger him for a visceral attack in the beginning of the fight.






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