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Bloodborne is a new IP developed by Sony & Fromsoftware, following gameplay elements from the acclaimed Demon's & Dark Souls series. Announced with emotional attachment by Shuhei Yoshida as a Playstation 4 exclusive at E3 2014, the game reunited Fromsoftware & Sony Japan studios with Hidetaka Miyazaki as the Director, and is said to have been in development since 2012's release of Dark Souls DLC Artorias of the Abyss.

The game is an Action RPG with focus on strategic combat choices, offering melee and ranged mechanics and replacing magic with gadgets and an arsenal of weapons. The game performs at 30fps/1080p, with character customization, online components and otherwise similar mechanics to that of the Souls series.

Bloodborne Initial Gameplay Concepts

  • Keywords "Blood" and "Beast" in a Gothic setting.
  • A Terrifying New World: Journey to the horror-filled gothic city of Yharnam, where deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner.
  • Strategic Action Combat: Armed with a unique arsenal of weaponry, including guns and saw cleavers, you'll need wits, strategy and reflexes to take down the agile and intelligent enemies that guard the city's dark secrets.
  • A New Generation of Action RPG: Stunningly detailed gothic environments, atmospheric lighting, and advanced new online experiences showcase the power and prowess of the PlayStation(R)4 system.


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    • Anonymous

      This game is sooo not edgie

      • Anonymous

        you are all complaining about why u can't dress up as gehrman, but i have found a way, it's called the old hunters dlc, and if you go around and collect the attire called "old hunter set' you can dress up as gehrman!

        • Anonymous

          i made a fetid rotted sinister root chalice with lost and uncanny versions of all DLC weapons, you can only get it from a bath messenger, so you have to get dlc to get them, ill tell u the glyph when i check back but it is very cool

          • Anonymous

            I shelled out my annual 10 dollars to Sony for the PRIVILEGE to be able to play online this month. Yall better not be sleeping on this game during Spooctober.

            • Anonymous

              I might get disliked by some fanboys but honestly i dont care, i hope bloodborne gets a pc port soon. Most possible ppl deserves to play this game, also i would like to see some funny mods lol

              • Anonymous

                I feel like a sequel would hurt this game's reputation. This story has 3 solid ends and it's better to leave it that way.

                A prequel could work tho. Imagine being in the ranks of laurence back in the days of loran.

                • Anonymous

                  its a great game BUT 4 huge problmes dump it down for me
                  1. you HAVE to play aggeresive to win other wise the bosses will kick your ass and you lose every god damn time and playing it cool with dodging and parrying wont quite work out
         can just spam attacks and the bosses cant do **** to you
                  3.the chalice qungeons do help you quite a bit but most of the players wont even use them and the content in them is quite repetitve
                  4.30 fps. i understand that its in a console but 60 fps will help a lot like a lot.
                  hopefully it will come to pc. the mods and high fps will help it really well and the sales will be huge to be fair there are lots of leaks so it is a 50/50 that it comes or no

                  • Anonymous

                    so no one is no longer replying to my comments which is the bashon of loran comment. sh*t!
                    i guess this wiki is also dead!!! yeah i think... huh? right.... this f*cking wiki damn dead. hmmmmm...... oh yes... indeed cool eternal sh*t

                    • Anonymous

                      so i cannot get bashon of loran for defiled chalice to conduct ritual? i just need at least one of bashon of loran and i'll duplicate it. does this mean i need playstation network agian?!

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