The Chalice Dungeon feature in Bloodborne includes both standard dungeons as well as procedurally-generated dungeons. Both types of dungeons can be played offline or online with other players, but generating new dungeons requires connecting the game online once to download required data. You can also publish your Chalice Dungeons online to share with other players, and download dungeons created by other Bloodborne players. Shared Chalice Dungeons are codes to the creations of other players. An active Playstation Plus subscription is required to share or download chalice dungeon data.

  • You must have made a chalice of the same type including offerings before you can search and join any chalice (this does not apply to the short chalice). Do not worry, materials won't be consumed again in search mode. Please note that if you have made a root dungeon of any type with all offerings (cursed, rotted, and fetid), you can join any root dungeon of that type regardless of the combination of offerings.
  • The wiki has specialized Defiled Chalice (b4bi2s3n) and Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice (egn5rrdj). Use these to maximize chances to get help. Use Official Wiki Chalices for other non-root codes.
  • See Chalice Dungeon Weapons for a table with what drops where.


Date PSN ID Glyph Chalice Used Offerings Used Layer 1 Loot Layer 2 Loot Layer 3 Loot Layer 4 Loot Notes
5 April, 2015 Yoshie1995 up6tgug5 Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice Ritual Blood (5)
Blooming Coldblood Flower
Tomb Mold (5)
Red Jelly
Ritual Material
Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis (20% bonus Stamina)
Ritual Material
Lost Stake Driver
Ritual Material
Uncanny BurialBlade
Lost Beast Claw
  Yoshi1995's Sinister Lower Loran Root Chalice Info
27 March 2015 TheClovenOne 3zuzathw Sinister Lower Phtumeru RootChalice           Uncanny Kirkhammer and a Lost Saw Cleaver can be found
27 March, 2015 FreeQuebec86 462yygcg     Uncanny Saw Cleaver       Fast/Easy . First bonus room to the left, you don't even have to start Layer 1. Dungeon Info
28 March, 2015 LegendaryBlade h6u6x2jy             Pthumerian dungeon for low level characters, extremely well laid out. Great challenging enemy and trap locations, feels almost premade. Not great loot though
28 March, 2015 Anedime wg6c9sib Central Pthumeru Root Chalice Fetid   Uncanny Threaded Cane     Fetid Central Pthumerian
Uncanny Threaded Cane first bonus room second floor. Info
29 March 2015 Bs-Mystik h6nav3wb Ailing Loran Root Chalice           Field : Airing Loran Rite :
Special Loot : Lost Rifle Spear
29 March 2015 Unknown 5543imxn Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice           Lost Burial Blade, Lost Reiterpallasch, 4 Layer Depth 5 Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice,
Note that this code is from another forum, and I haven't checked it yet. Still getting a character build set up and working toward the requirements.
30 March 2015 Fulcrum96 aecve32n Isz Root Chalice   Lost Kirkhammer Ludwig's Lost Holy Blade Blood Rock   Isz Root Chalice, Depth 5. Lost Kirkhammer in a chest on the first layer in the optional area, Ludwig's Lost Holy Blade on the second layer optional area. 3rd layers additional area has a Blood Rock. In addition I've found Ritual Blood (5)'s, Pearl Slugs, Great One's Wisdom and a Yellow Backbone.
31 March 2015 LONER1 evuke3qg Ailing Loran Root Chalice Fetid Lost Hunter Axe Uncanny Tonitrus Uncanny Beast Claw   Fetid Ailing Loran.
31 March 2015 LONER1 rih2kkuw   Rotted     Logarius' Uncanny Wheel   Rotted Pthumerian Defilement. Its in Layer 3, swamp area theres a door all the way at the end of the wooden planks.
31 March 2015 Arcerinex xk329uc8 Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Uncanny Stake Driver       Bonus area before boss fight.
1 April 2015 LONER1 syrsqjhb Sinister Isz Root Chalice   Lost Kirkhammer Lost Threaded Cane Ludwig's Lost Holy Blade   Sinister Isz Gravestone, one weapon per layer
2 April 2015 Rafahil zc8654cz Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice   Lost Saw Cleaver Uncanny Rifle Spear Uncanny Kirkhammer   Lower Ptumerian Labyrinth. Depth 3. Very easy except for the last boss fire dog, but you don't need to kill him anyway. It's quite a low requirement dungeon for the amazing loot you get so almost everyone can do it.
2 April 2015 MadBater sjhewj9u Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid   Uncanny Hunter Axe     Fetid Hintertomb depth 2
3 April 2015 Ham_Szynka 7r2q7gs5 Lower Loran Root Chalice Fetid Rotted   Lost Stake Driver Lost Beast Claw   Easy bosses
3 April 2015 Nylus-Sutnak gc2nhw6u Sinister Isz Root Chalice   Ludwig's Lost Holy Blade       Very easy to get Ludwig's Lost Holy Blade, in bonus room before starting the first layer.
3 April 2015 TheDarknessZero rgk6qk9a Cursed Ptumerian Defilement   Uncanny Chikage       Bonus room before layer one starts.
3 April 2015 staysis 5c6s5de5 Lower Loran Root Chalice Rotted     Uncanny Blade of Mercy   Easy bosses
3 April 2015 DuctDonk gz9mmj7y Lower Loran Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Clawmark Stunning Deep Sea Rune       30% Clawmark and 300 Resist Stunning Deep Sea Rune
4 April, 2015 Tephlonx5 vxi64jjt Lower Pthumerian Chalice Fetid Lost Saw Spear   Uncanny Kirkhammer   Dungeon Info
6 April, 2015 Zabbitt92 4rjs6399 Pthumeru Root Chalice N/A   Uncanny Saw Cleaver      
6 April, 2015 M37_Falcon_Punch nryuyh3w Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Lost Reiterpallasch Blood Rock    
  1. Easy bosses, 3rd layer has 18 ritual blood (5) in 2 separate chests
6 April, 2015 Thanatos6293 jrwffkyp Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice None Blood Rock Oedon Writhe (+3 qs on visceral) Lake   The bosses encountered here are: The Man-Eater Boar, The Beat-Possessed Soul, and the Pthumerian Descendant. There's a lot of Ritual Blood (5) and Tomb Mold (5) here ripe for plundering.
6 April, 2015 M37_Falcon_Punch kmcwckhw Isz Root Chalice Fetid Rotted   Great Lake(+5% damage reduction from all sources) Deep Sea (+300 frenzy resistance)   The Deep sea rune is not found in a bonus room in the 3rd layer. Bosses are the 3 watchers, Celestial emissary, and Rom.
7 April, 2015 Rolingachu (Not mine, just sharing) fmu9qx9g Isz Root Chalice Rotted   Blood Rock
Lost Threaded Cane
  The blood Rocks are found on a chest on layer 2. The Lost Threaded Cane is found in a chest on layer 3. Bosses are: Undead Giant, Guardian of the old gods, Amygdala and Ebrietas.
8 April,
Raikagu rg56w9w8 Pthumeru Ihyll Root Fetid Rotted Communion (+5 Blood Vials)
Lost Reiterpallasch
Lake(+7% damage reduction) Lost Blade of Mercy   Layer One boss Beast Possessed Soul. Layer two boss Pthumerian Descendant.
Lake rune is located in layer two, bonus room in the middle section.
8 April,
Scudman_Omega 5bfq7tyk Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice Fetid Ring of Betrothal   Lost Chikage  
9 April,
Zack Niteblade euna35ev Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid   Uncanny Stakedriver    
  • Found in bonus area before boss
10 April,
AyzZai 8bafmefj Lower Root Loran Chalice Fetid
(30% Boost Visceral Attack)
(100% Boost Transformation)
  Cant really remember which layer got the Clawmark rune but definitely not layer 3.
Just a vid on the Beast Rune Stat
11/04/15 WhyteMajik fwvrhcgf Isz Root Chalice Fetid, Rotted Great Lake (5% DMG reduction to all) TBD TBD  
  • Great Lake is in Layer 1 pre-area
  • Layer 1 boss is Keeper of the Old Lords
11/18/15 M37_Falcon_Punch 834jfqmn Pthumeru Ihyll root Chalice Fetid Rotted Cursed         4 layers, great potential for cursed blood gem farming for the first layer. Found 2 scurrying beasts on all floors except the fourth. Bosses are the 3 watchers, man-eater boar, headless bloodletting beast, and sickle wielding Pthumeru Elder (Descendant).
11/04/15 Zamarneim 9p4i7it9 Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid   Stunning Deep Sea Rune
(+100 rapid poison resistance)
Uncanny Stake Driver   Stunning Deep Sea Rune is in layer 2, 1st bonus area.
Uncanny Stake Driver is in layer 3, 1st bonus area.
April 21,2015 JarthMader_ 5vbj9dnk Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice None Blood Rock Clawmark and Beast Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis   First two bosses are easy, Beast-possessed Soul and Keeper of the Old Lords. Last boss is Abhorrent Beast. There are actually two coffins on the second floor, one has Clawmark and the other has a Great One's Wisdom (which may actually be a Beast rune according to one of the comments below).
4/22/2015 Glyph for PVP hizzngr3 Pthumeru Root Chalice None         This chalice is for pvp. A large portion of the community use it for an optional pvp arena inside the chalice. Link to information video with more info in the description on what to do below:
4/24/2015 Xeno_future u37b5h48 Isz Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Cursed Lost Threaded Cane, Eye Rune max Arcane Lake Rune Max Blood Rock   Bosses are: Undead Giant, Brainsucker and Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
4/25/2015 DoctorNockers 3zz6vgtk Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid Blood Stone Chunk   Frenzied Colblood (9)   Bosses: Beast (fire-wielding), Boar and Fire Watchdog. There is an illusion wall on layer 2.
4/26/2015 M37_Falcon_Punch jvz8469j Lower Loran Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Cursed         4 layers, Bosses are blood starved beast, Loran silver beast, Amygdala, and Pthumeru Elder. Blood starved beast drops powerful circular blood attack bloodgems for firearms. Amygdala has a chance to drop level 20 cursed waning nourishing bloodgems which increases attack. There is also quite a bit of ritual materials such as bastard of loran and sage hair found throughout the dungeon.
9/23/15 UltraViolet371 vgh3p98u Lower Loran Root Chalice Rotted Lost Tonitrus, Lost Stake Driver   Dissipating Lake   Two Lost weapons are tresures in bonus areas before and after the main area of Layer 1. Bosses are Loran Silverbeast, Undead Giant (cannon), and Amygdala.


4/27/15 hyperphania p9pkfx2k Isz Root Chalice Fetid
Rotted Cursed
Blood Rock TBD TBD    
5/2/15 Hypospadias yd3e93ac Isz Root Chalice Fetid Rotted Curse Eye Rune (max) Great Lake or Arcane Lake(?)     The two runes are in the bonus areas (pre 1-2). The main thing is this is an easy way to get Eye which is in the bonus area before level one. Its in the room with the brain sucker. I can't remember if the 2nd rune was Great Lake or Great Deep Sea. It is found through a door left at the top of the stairs leading to the upper balcony part of the courtyard. The bonus area before 3 appears to be bugged. Bosses Pig, Brain Sucker, and Ebrietas. Note: on my second play through this dungeon, I got Arcane Lake for the 2nd rune (which I didn't the first time).
5/5/15   5kum4jin Cursed and Defiled Fetid, Rotted Blood Rapture (max level) Sage Hair (pre-lantern)
Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem (pre-boss)


Uncanny Logarius Wheel   Layer 1 Boss: Beast-possessed Soul
Layer 2 Boss: Boar (with good drop)
May 7, 2015 Phisc xy8abwm9 Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice None Uncanny Logarius Wheel Uncanny Chikage Blood Rapture   Layer 1 Boss: Keeper of the Old Lords
Layer 2 Boss: Maneater Boar
Layer 3 Boss: Amygdala
The Chikage is guarded by a fire-throwing witch, a madman, and several spiders. Use the trees for cover while drawing out the spiders one by one.
Close to the room with the chikage is a small room blocked by a chest facing the wrong way. The chest can be destroyed though.
The area with the Blood Rapture, which is located behind the boss door, is also connected to the main area, which means you can skip the lever.
May 10, 2015 Phisc 54yek4a2 Great Isz None Great Deep Sea +150 Lost Threaded Cane Blood Rock   Layer 1 Boss: Undead Giant (Cannon)
Layer 2 Boss: Watchers (The boss door is guarded by a hunter with Ludwig's Blade)
Layer 3 Boss: Ebrietas
May 10, 2015 Phisc fxx8phm9 Lower Loran None Lost Tonitrus Lost Beast Claw
Uncanny Blade of Mercy
Stunning Deep Sea +300 Beast+100 Layer 1 Boss: Watchdog
Layer 2 Boss: Silverbeast
Layer 3 Boss: Pthumerian Elder
Layer 4 Boss: Darkbeast
May 13, 2015 TennisFreak2009 awwkvgwv Great Isz None   Lost Kirkhammer Great Deep Sea +150 resist all types
Arcane Lake +10% Arcane dmg reduction
  Layer 1: Undead Giant (Cannon)
Layer 2: Brainsucker
Layer 3: Amygdala
May 24, 2015 Polmon u4y8ekjg Lower Loran Root Rotted Fetid Uncanny Blades of Mercy Uncanny Burial Blade Blood Rock   Can't remember the bosses perfectly; I think it was Merciless Watchers, Beast-Possessed Soul and Bloodletting Beast.
June 3rd, 2015 Yoshie1995 jzxquzdc Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll Sinister Third Tier Heir Rune Third Tier Lake Rune Blood Rock (if not collected already)   Layer 1: Beast-Possessed Soul
Layer 2: Maneater Boar
Later 3: Pthumerian Elder
(Side note, this can be used for high level PvP if one so chooses due to how late this chalice is recieved.)
June 17th 2015 Stromsgard sb6dmtpy Lower Loran Root Rotted Lost Stake Driver Clear Deep Sea (+300 slow poison res) & Beastclaw (+30% v.Atack damage) Lost Tonitus   Layer 1: Beast-Possessed Soul
Layer 2: Blood Starved Beast
Layer 3: Loran Darkbeast
Great dungeon for fans of beasts.
November 1st
ID: Guidafunkyman

Name: S.D. Plissken
ezmwx2rh Pthumeru Ihyll FRC Lost Burial Blade

Oedon Writhe +3
4 Yellow Backbones

Sage's Hair
Lost Chikage   Layer 1: The Undead Giant, who drops good Adept Gems.
Layer 2: The Boar
Layer 3: The Bloodtingle Beast

This dungeon is a good challenge too. ;-)
November 28th 2015 ID: TwilightTitan 3wnsz2pa Isz Root Chalice Fetid
ALL DLC Weapons (Lost & Uncanny versions only) TBD TBD   The very first branching path from the beginning, unbelievable find if you just starting the DLC. Each weapon is 16k echoes to buy, Haven't progressed past the first floor so feel free to add in what you find.
Enjoy :D
10th, 2015
ID: Akseptance e6eibcsk Pthumeru
Ihyll Root
  Communion +5
Ritual Blood (5)'s
Tomb Mold (5)'s
Bloodshot Eyeball
Sage's Hair
Yellow Backbones
Yellow Backbone   Layer 1: The first two enemies you encounter are hunters. They are both in the same room and can kill you in two hits, so be careful. They both wear full Bone Ash and use a Hunter's Pistol, Saw Spear, and use Fire Paper. With no Moon runes, they gave 74,000 echoes, per kill, each. Boss: Maneater Boar - Drops a random gem and 1 Blood Stone Chunk.
Layer 2: Underneath the elevator are two Witches of Hemwick. Up the elevator is an invisible wall and two doors. The door opposite of the 2nd floor elevator button is the one that leads to the Communion +5 rune. Be careful, the room with the rune has multiple spiders, a Labyrinth Ritekeeper, and a Labyrinth Madman. Boss: Merciless Watchers - Drops a random gem and 1 Blood Stone Chunk.
Layer 3: *WARNING* Frame rate drastically decreases in the elevator room due to there being five poison floor lamps underneath the elevator. Frame rate returns to normal after they have been destroyed. Unfortunately, this layer has nothing special. There is another Witch of Hemwick in this layer. Boss: Bloodletting Beast (Headless version) - Drops a random gem and two Blood Stone Chunks.
Multiple high tier cursed Blood Gems drop from the enemies on all floors if your discovery is high enough. I received about 15 blood gems with a discovery of 194.
December 11th, 2015 ID: Akseptance g3y4e742 Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice Fetid
  Ritual Blood (5)'s
Bath Messengers (All DLC Uncanny and Lost only)
12/Sages Hair
Ritual Blood (5)'s
Lost Burial Blade
Great One's Cold Blood x2
  Layer 1: Has a Bone Ash Hunter. Boss: Pthumerian Descendant - Drops a random gem. Optional area after the boss has Ritual Blood (5)'s, a Great One's Wisdom, and a Cainhurst Hunter wielding Chikage and Evelyn.
Layer 2: First enemies encountered is a tag team consisting of a Maneater Boar and a Bone Ash Hunter. Bath Messengers are up the ladder to the right, through the door to the left, past the Bell Maiden. Boss: Maneater Boar - Drops a random gem and 2 Blood Stone Chunks.
Layer 3: This floor has a Beast Possessed Soul, a Bone Ash Hunter, and a Pthumerian Descendant (one of each) as normal enemies. Boss: Bloodletting Beast (with head, so be careful of it's grab attack) - Drops a random gem.
December 11th, 2015 ID: Akseptance y5wesi8v Lower Ailing Loran Root Chalice Fetid
Uncanny Burial Blade
Ritual Blood (5)'s
Clear Deep Sea +300 Slow Poison Resist
Loran Bastards
Sages Hair
Ritual Blood (5)'s
Uncanny Blades of Mercy
Loran Bastards
Dissipating Lake +10% Bolt Reduction
Stunning Deep Sea +300 Rapid Poison Resist
Loran Bastards
Ritual Blood (5)'s
Layer 1: Boss: Beast Possessed Soul - Drops a random gem and 2 Blood Stone Chunks. Optional area after the boss contains the Clear Deep Sea rune.
Layer 2: There is a Beast Claw Hunter in front of the boss door. Boss: Keeper of the Old Lords - Drops a random gem and 1 Blood Stone Chunk.
Layer 3: Boss: Amygdala - Drops a random gem and 2 Blood Stone Chunks. (The arena should look somewhat like a chapel. Position him at the bottom of the stairs, while you're on top of the stairs. Very easy to hit his head from here, even with shorter weapons.)
Layer 4: A very straight forward layer. Kill enemies, find the switch, head to the boss. Boss: Abhorrent Beast - Drops a random gem and 2 Blood Stone Chunks.
I unfortunately forgot to write down where the Dissipating Lake and Stunning Deep Sea runes are exactly located. They might be in the main dungeon layer, or in an optional area. I do remember finding them either on layer 2 or 3 (optional areas included).
January 25th, 2016 ID: KaptinSkorge zb2vswup Sinsister Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Sinister Lost Chikage Clockwise Metamorphosis (15% health) Logarius's Lost Wheel
Heir (+50% blood echoes from viscerals)
Blood Rock
  Layer 1: Lost Chikage is before the 1st layer lantern in the bonus room on the right, once you're down the stairs, head to a doorway on the opposite side mid-way of the giant hall. Now head up the stairs and its in the room across the bridge, there should be a snatcher patrolling it. The boss on this layer is Merciless Watchers.
Layer 2: Clockwise Metamorphosis +15% is in the bonus room before 2nd layer lantern. Once opening the door you'll climb up a ladder to a room full of spiders, head down to the door on the far left side of the room, then head to the very bottom of all the stairs. You should now end up in a room full of grave stones and a draw bridge above, enter the door way on the right side and there is fat rolling mace guy guarding it. The Boss on this layer is Maneater Boar.
Layer 3: Logarius' lost wheel is before the 3rd layer lantern in the bonus room on the right, head down the stairs to a circular room, take a right to a grave stone room, then head to the left passage way. Now head up all the stairs, then take the right door in the next room. You'll end up in the grave stone room again (2nd level), jump down and enter the door on the left to a treasure room. The "Heir rune" is in the main area after the 3rd layer lantern, take the left side door, then take another left, then drop down and take a left once again, you'll come across a room full of enemies. After that head up the ladder to a room with a necromancer and continue through the door in front of you, then take a right, then a left. A madman will be guarding the rune. The blood rock is through the door on the left side, after the lever door. Just head dead straight through all the doors until the last room, head up the stairs and there is a flaming greatsword guy guarding it. The boss on this layer is Pthumerian Elder.
March 1st, 2016 ID: Wasted07 x7u237ae Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll
Sinister Lost Burial Blade Lost Reiterpallasch Blood Rock
Heir (+50% blood echoes from viscerals)
Blood Rock (Layer 3 boss drops it)

Please make sure to specify which bosses are present in said dungeons and, if the location of the items is easily missable (behind an illusory wall for example), give off their location in a more specific manner.

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    • Anonymous

      Cursed Fetid Isz
      Id: slschuga
      Status: Open
      Code: n9582pxe
      Bosses: Watchers, Brainsucker, Ebrietas
      Notable: This Ebrietas fight is particularly easy, at least imo. She's in a copy of Yharnam's room, and the central structure can block all of her attacks. She dropped a very nice waning cursed arcane gem and a blood rock - I don't know if the rock is dependent on anything, I've never seen a boss drop one before.
      I plan on keeping this one on the tombstone for the forseeable in case anyone wants it. I don't know what other loot was available in the dungeon, I have all the runes so everything just gave me GOWs.

      • Anonymous

        I scoured all three Bloodborne wikis as well as Reddit for glyphs and the details about those glyphs. Then I checked every single one of them to see if they were still active, some of them twice just to make sure they were really dead. This is what I came up with; the fastest paths to all the Runes and Lost / Uncanny weapons as well as all the gem farming glyphs that are still active. Enjoy!

        • Anonymous

          Fetid Central Pthemaru Chalice

          Glyph: v4kisnn

          Layer 3 bonus room bath messenger sells uncanny and lost dlc trick weapons.

          • Anonymous

            Can somebody see about adding the glyphs from the weapons? Things like the "ydit83ur" for the uncanny threaded cane and such?

            • Anonymous

              Okay i Really need some Help here....i play offline....i have all my chalice...but i cant some how not reach depth 5...only depth 4 a couple of times and i have About 400 times try without reaching it...what am i doing Wrong???

              • Anonymous

                PSN ID: Arcerinex Lower Hintertomb Root Chalice Fetid Offering Rotted Offering Glyph: xk329uc8 Layer One Uncanny Stakedriver Layer Two Great One Coldblood (Gives 40k Echoes) Stunning Deep Sea Rune (+100 Rapid Poison Resist) BOSS - Keeper of the Old Lords Layer Three BOSS - Pthumerian Elder (Staff) Layer Four BOSS - Blood Starved Beast

                • Anonymous

                  I'm not sure if this has been posted anywhere, I found in the Isz Standard Chalice on depth 5, (uasgmk3j) a really good blood farming spot. You need to get to layer 3, but once you're there, all you gotta do is farm the aliens and the werewolves in the first room, then use a hunter's mark to make them respawn. Timed my runs @lvl 150 I get roughly 90k blood, tons of blue elixirs, good farm for blood vials (werewolves) and good farm for quicksilver bullets! And you also get tons of tier 4 to 6 gems from those aliens!

                  • Leave your shared dungeons active on their tombstones or they will be forever lost. Try to edit or at least leave a guest message here so that we can learn which one is no longer active when you have to delete it.

                    • I don't think it wise to post Pthumeru Chalice dungeons. Their the first dungeon, and there really isn't very much variation in their design. I could be wrong, though. I did all of the Pthumeru Chalice dungeons listed here, and none of them have really been any different.

                      • I found this great site that is making a chalice dungeon database and it has an easy to use form. Here's the form

                        The actual page with all the dungeons is here:

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't think this is entirely true. I can share my ones and I'm not on PS+ at all. Unless something's going off here. If you want to see for yourself I got a chalice open Glyph: c32jmeaa Central Pthumerian. Just to double check.

                          • Anonymous

                            I've done 3 blood rock glyphs and every time I get a Great Ones Wisdom instead of a blood rock. They must have patched it to not allow people to get blood rocks this way...

                            • Anonymous

                              Fetid Rotted Cursed Isz Root Dungeon. Chalice Glyph: gwsb3sxv Layer 1 (side dungeon) - Deep Sea Rune (+300 Frenzy Resist) Layer 3 (side dungeon) - Great Deep Sea Rune (+150 All Resist), Also found a Great One's Wisdom which may/may not be a Blood Rock. Layer 1 is also a great spot for farming Crescent and Triangle Blood Gems.

                              • Anonymous

                                One of the chalices listed above has the max blood rapture rune listed for one of the levels but I always thought that this Rune and the Max Moon rune could only be got trough Eileen's quest and from the nightmare of Mensis in the main game. I thought these two were not included in the chalice loot list. Can anyone clarify?

                                • Anonymous

                                  "You do not need Playstation Plus to download Dungeon Data" Eh... wut? You can't use glyphs in offline mode, and you can't use online mode if you don't have PS+. So you DO need a subscription to download chalice dungeon data.

                                  • I'd like to add a really good Pthumeru Ihyll Labyrinth I just got. It has one chest containing twelve Ritual Blood (5), a chest containing four Red Jelly, as well as four layers, meaning you get extra boss gems and upgrade materials. There was also a chest containing a Great One's Wisdom, meaning that it might contain a blood rock for those who haven't obtained one from Pthumeru.

                                    Glyph: pkn2wf52

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Please help me with the defiled chalice its super hard I can't get through it and it would be a big help if you could help me add or message me yoshiseggs4 glyph code 976xxeqi

                                      • kttqbh39

                                        Chest on (I think) layer 2 has a Blood Rock
                                        Level 3 boss is Amygdala who dropped Blood Rock and Nourishing Abyssal blood gem. (Obviously this drop is probably random).

                                        • Hi, I can't modify the table so I give you the glyph of my Ihyll dungeon: m2kbhjqx, creator's name: Calvin Broadus.
                                          I've just visited the 2 first floors, and at the first I found the formless oedon rule lvl 3 (+5 bullets) and at the second the clockwise metamorphosis lvl 3 (+15 HP).

                                          • Anonymous

                                            Sinister Pthumeru Ihyll loot: Formless Oedon (layer 1 side area) Logarius' Lost Wheel and Great One Coldblood (layer 3 main area) bosses: layer 1 - Undead Giant layer 2 - Maneater Boar layer 3 - Watchdog

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Chalice glyph 8c6uyna5 Has 3 layers Layer 1 has lost burial blade Layer 2 has blood rock Layer 3 has formless oedon tier 5 version (hold 5 QS more)

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Isz Chalice - Fetid, Rotted, Curse -Loots- Great Deep Sea (Layer 1 Pre-area) Great One's Wisdom (Layer 2 Pre-area; This is probably a rune or Blood Rock I already found prior) Bastard of Loran x10 (2 in layer 2, 4 in layer 3, 2 in layer 4 pre-area and 2 in layer 4) Great Lake (Layer 3 side area) Yellow Backbone x3 (Layer 4) -Bosses- Layer 1 - Undead Giant Layer 2 - Merciless Watchers Layer 3 - Ebriatas Layer 4 - Pthumerian Elder

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Chalice code: 4dtr8gjj Saw Spear is in first treasure room, Threaded Cane is in treasure room before third boss.

                                                  • pthumeru ihyll with all offerings. in the first large room on layer 2 there are 2 hunters. The cainhurst hunter stays behind the wagon on the left, he drops Cursed Triangular gems (6) up to +26% physical damage(has rare chance to drop elemental gems). Then, far to the right of the entrance is the ashen hunter who drops Cursed Radial gems (6) up to +26% physical. She is facing the other end o the room and can easily be backstabbed. Both hunters drop 82k blood echoes.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Are they only available if the player who created them keeps the the chalice on their ritual alter? Or is it a case that once a chalice glyph is create, it will always be available?

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