New Player Help is a page dedicated to providing helpful information to new Bloodborne players. While it does not attempt to replicate or summarize the playthrough guides or other information found elsewhere in this wiki, its intention is to give new players the basic tools to have success at playing Bloodborne. This page includes FAQ's, tips for PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player), links to helpful pages such as character creators and damage calculators, and lastly a list of Wiki members who have volunteered to be available to help players with simple questions that often clutter the message boards. Also, before you ask a question, try to find the answer by searching on the wiki. Almost everything you need to know about the game is contained in this wiki. Feel free to add to this page as you see fit (see "Notes" at the bottom of page before editing please).


Please Read These Pages Before Getting Started!

They include a lot of information not shown on this page.

  • About Bloodborne: This page includes basic information about Lamps, Covenants, Stats, Classes (Origin)and Combat.
  • Dodge: This is the new "Shields" - Read this page to learn!
  • Parry and Visceral Attack - slightly different from riposte! An in-depth article can be found here.
  • Weapons: This page shows all weapons and their stats/requirements. It can help you when planning out a character
  • Attire: This page shows all armors and their stats. It also has a link to a useful page that compares armors by ratio.
  • Game Progress Route: This page gives you an easy overview of your progress through the game
  • Tools and Calculators: Sortable tables, Summon Range Calculator, and other useful pages for character and play optimization and assistance are linked here.


Tips For Beginners

For first play through - Acclimatization

At the start of the game dying doesn't matter, so it is the best time to learn the basics and build a solid foundation for your hunter skills. The first thing to practice is dodging; timing is paramount and knowing your environment will play a large role in determining your learning curve. You cannot dodge through enemies, so learning to position yourself and the enemies will be crucial as well. It is best to lure them (using pebbles or a gun) into an area that is safe if they are in large groups or you lack knowledge of the environment. Once you get hit, do not try to retaliate right away, dodge and wait for an opportunity to retaliate. Enemies that have large move sets will punish you and you will lose a lot of life otherwise.

Attacking is quite straightforward but learning the subtleties and mixing in transformations in your move set will take time. Learn your reach as well as the one of your enemies, as it will play a large part in the fights. It is also better to attack in short spurts as opposed to continuously dishing it out. Enemies will not stay stun locked forever and will retaliate at the first opportunity. Your best bet is to attack the enemies quickly and then dodge out of the way; this will save your life quite a few times. When you lose life you will have an opportunity to gain it back, but it depends on attacking, dodging and attacking back at the first opportunity is key to make it work, but beware, if an enemy hits very hard, it is more often than not a gamble, pull back and heal. Getting hit will often stun you as well, and will put you off your game, pull back and wait for a better opportunity to attack.

The counter and riposte is a tricky thing to pull off, certain moves are bad to counter as it will end up with you on the ground and unable to riposte, learning the enemies moves will go a long way. The enemy has to be almost completely hitting you for it to work, it is a last second thing, but pulled off correctly will do massive damage and depending on your setup might even heal you.

Finally the back stab, it is probably harder than the counter to pull off as you need to be behind the enemy and charging up the move, and most of the time the enemies will move quite a lot, making it challenging, but wait for one of the moves which leaves them open, dodge behind and charge up, with a bit of luck the attack will stun them and leave you a chance for the back stab. Some weapons are quicker to charge than others, which makes this move harder for some play styles.

Equipment wise I suggest a torch in one of your off hand slots, it comes in very useful as some areas are quite dark, the rest is up to your play style.

With time you will fashion your very own play style and get a rhythm and learn your limits, keep practicing and you will come out on top.


New Player FAQ's

This is a list of commonly asked questions by new players and the answers to each. If you don't see a question you have, refer to one of the members listed at the bottom. If a question is asked enough, we will add it to this section.

How to level up: An issue right here for new players who have the intention of farming. You cannot level up until you get your first insight point. Insight is a special currency for buying special items in the insight shop or summoning other hunters to your world. You must see a boss for the first time (cleric beast recommended) or kill a boss, or find the madman's knowledge in the sewer area, and use it, to get insight. Once you have gained your first insight, the doll in hunters dream will come to life and level you up.

Enemies hurt too much: Enemies always hurt like hell. Learn to dodge, and find good moments to attack. Do not get greedy with hits. Leveling up also boosts defense, so enemies that wrecked you at level 10 will do much less damage by level 50. Getting some hp, even tho the boost isnt much, will slowly help you out with life as you keep adding more and more health. Something like 20 points to vitality is nice so you don't get one-shotted too much.


PvE Tips For Beginners

PvE is player versus environment. This is basically you against the game. While there are no strict guidelines to playing the game, here are some simple tips to make it easier for you.
If you are the type of player that falls in every single hole in the game, therefore dying a lot, it is highly recommended you do this:
Tips go here!

  • Just because the life regen feature is implemented into this game, does not mean you HAVE to make use of it. It sometimes makes you rush to get your health back, and for just starting out, get the mechanics of simple combat down before you start worrying about your life regen.
  • Practice the new parry mechanic, the big mobs in the first area (the ones that try and smack you with cinder blocks) are very slow and very easy to parry. (Blunderbuss is advised)
  • Pressing the lock-on button even when you can't see an enemy, will sometimes lock-on to an enemy that was "playing dead" or simply hidden from view.
  • At the start of the game hit all corpses that you personally aren't responsible for killing. Some may simply be pretending to be dead.
  • Become familiar with both of your weapon modes and try to figure out what they're best use is. The threaded cane's normal mode, for instance, is very fast and great for staggers, while the whip mode is excellent for crowd control and does bonus damage against beasts. Try all of your moves--dash and dodging attacks, R1 combos, R2's and rolling attacks all have different animations and different damage multipliers.
  • Weapon damage and stats are far less important than move set. Try to pick weapons that mesh well with your play style, and then build your character around your preferred weapons.
  • The gun is primarily for parries and for staggering enemies, but is also a great finisher. Use it to quickly dispose of enemies you've damaged without having to get in harm's way.
  • Hit enemies as they drop dead. You can steal an extra hit for regain system, even if the foe is already dead.
  • Do not get greedy with combos for huge enemies that are stagger-resistant. Even if you only hit them once or twice and back away, as long as you are not getting hit, that way is better.
  • Dodge towards the enemy, aiming to be at his side or back, and use them iframes to pass through enemy attacks(time the dodge). You can max the hits you can deal onto stagger resistant foes before having to back away and dodge. Keep circling foes too, move around them, avoiding the front. Lots of enemies have moves with poor tracking. They may miss if you are always forcing them to turn.
  • Fire is effective vs lots of beasts. Later in the game, give one weapon a fire gem. It will lose str and skill scaling, becoming weaker against non beast foes, but vs beast, Silverback beast special mention here, it will murder them.


PvP Tips for Beginners

PvP is Player versus Player. PvP is quite different from PvE (although the two can take place together) and there are many other factors that come into play with PvPing. PvP occurs when you are invaded by another player who enters your world as a dangerous phantom. Alternately, in time you will be able to invade others as well, or be summoned to defend a "host" player against other player invaders. Your first few times being invaded you are likely to die, but, just like PvE, every death is a learning experience. You are likely at some point to create a character specifically for PvP and this page is not here to help you with that. You are also likely to be invaded at a low soul level, or at some point during your first play-through while you are not prepared. These tips can help you survive invasions or at least learn something from them.

  1. Carry emergency items. You do not need to have them equipped at all times, but when the Chime Maiden rings begins to summon enemy players, you can equip them fairly quickly and be ready. For example; Numbing Mist makes it so your target cannot heal, making enemy players much more defensive and easy to fight off.
  2. Be prepared to lose, and don't feel bad if you do. Practice is the only way to get better at PvP, and just like any other enemy, it may take you many tries to figure things out.
  3. Try to keep pressure up to prevent healing and fleeing when you have the upper hand. Remember that a well timed shot can interrupt a blood-vial use, and a perfectly timed one can even lead to a visceral attack.
  4. Be wary of opponents attempting to lead you into ambush--if you haven't cleared the area, many players will try to lead you into enemies.


Simple Build Tips for Beginners

These are some simple tips on how to build a character for PvE. On your first play-through in particular, don't get too wrapped up in "perfect" build optimization. Instead, see what kinds of weapon, armor, and spells you like, and keep track of their stat requirements for a better designed second character.

  • Any of the builds in the starting menu (apart from Waste Of Skin) are viable for a beginner
  • A melee build is likely where a beginner should start. Look for starting builds with good STR/END/VIT/SKILL stats
  • In the early Yharnam stages and when you've unlocked the ability to level up, grind the mobs for Blood Echoes. Not only will this help you get proficient with the game's combat but it will allow you to level up
  • For melee based characters, focus on levelling up VIT/STR/END evenly, giving you level stats across the board.
  • For a starting weapon, avoid the Threaded Cane. The cane takes longer to figure out how to use, and has limited use against bosses, though it can be useful for crowds. The Saw Cleaver is a good all round weapon with fast attack and strong hits whereas the Hunter's Axe is a great Strength weapon, slower than the Saw Cleaver to hit but it hits harder.
  • The blunderbuss is an advisable starting offhand weapon as its wide blast is ideal for pushing mobs back. The pistol has quicker recovery after the attack and better range, so can be safer, but doesn't work at all for crowd control and has weak overall stopping power. Both are effective for setting up visceral attacks, however.
  • Bloodtinge and Arcane aren't very useful until much later in the game, so don't spend many points on these unless you know what you're doing.
  • Skill is useful after Strength has reached 25 or so, it may give you more damage per point than Strength at this point, and it increases the power of your visceral attacks. It's usefulness depends primarily on your weapons, though.
  • If a weapon scales with Skill, you can expect less damage and faster attacks. Faster attacks let you get into and out of trouble more reliably, but stagger enemies less effectively. The faster attacks will generally make up for the reduced damage. Many such weapons also deal high damage when used with dodges, dashes and rolls.
  • If a weapon scales with Strength, you can expect high damage and slower attacks. Slower attacks are more dangerous and harder to get out of if you find yourself in danger, but will generally stagger enemies quickly, so if it hits, you will usually be safe from retaliation, at least against most human-sized enemies. The damage usually does not drastically outpace Skill weapons because of the low speed of the attacks.


Simple PvP Build Tips for Beginners

At some point in the game you may want to create a build specifically for PvP. Much like PvE builds these builds take some thought to create, but unlike PvE builds PvP builds need focus and finesse to execute. Some simple tips to create a good PvP build are:

  • Tips go here


Wiki Members to Contact With Basic Questions

You can use our Bloodborne Forums or the Bloodborne Discord to get in touch with users and ask for help.

These members have volunteered to be available to contact (personal message) with questions that are not answered by this page or this wiki. Questions such as "my stats are like this... What weapon would you recommend for me". Before you post on the bulletin board please message one of these people. If you're interested in helping out please post your username on the wiki, and if you're willing to your psn username.

JudasBlitzkrieg - Long time forum contributor, Wiki editor and YouTuber. ID is the same for PSN if you want to add me on there too.
Tr0npl - The one and only for helping in defiled chalice, stats placement and or helping in anything.

Notes for editors: This page is supposed to serve as a non-biased source of information to new players. If you are adding information please make sure it doesn't favor one style of play over an other. Also we would like to keep controversial subjects out of this page. So if you're posting tips, FAQ's or external links make sure they don't introduce these subjects. If you find any redundant information that is posted somewhere else on this wiki please remove it and replace with a link to the page it is located on. Please do not erase the names of people who have posted their ID's in the contact section. This exists to clean up the message boards and provide new players with the information that they want. Feel free to make additions, edit information and even add new sections that you feel are needed.

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