Dodge, also known as Backstep or Evade is a key combat mechanic of Bloodborne. Combat in Bloodborne is fast and frenetic, and dodging and evading enemy attacks to stay out of harm's way and position yourself strategically to strike is the key to survival. Use the Circle button to back-step, roll, or hold it to run if you need to get somewhere, or away from something, fast. If you aren't locking onto a target your character's dodge animation will be a basic roll similar to the roll from the previous souls games, however, when locking on the roll animation is replaced with a side-stepping dodge motion like strafing and has more distance than the standard back-step from the previous souls titles.

Dodging Basics

1. Dodging consumes Stamina and has some delays/cooldowns for executing
2. Dodging can be chained with R1 attacks to create specific weapon combos.
3. Dodging has i-Frames, which are invincibility points at which your character cannot be hit by enemy attacks


  • When locked on to an enemy, use dashing (locked on to an enemy while dodging) to quickly close distance with an enemy, while simultaneously dodging attacks. This consumes less stamina than sprinting, and is safer.
  • Rolling into some enemies staggers them, such as hags in Hemwick Charnel Lane or Bound Widows in Cainhurst Castle.
  • Iframes can be invaluable for bosses so see their pages to understand what attacks are best sidestepped.

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    • Anonymous

      damage of dodging05 Jul 2016 14:39  

      Yes dodging damages foes but only if you have the right equip a weapon with poison damage then dodge a couple of times in that enemy and he receive that poison effect damage from dodging only tested with both poison types not with something else tested with hunters bone and works better due to faster dodging Version 1.00

      • Anonymous

        I just want to know. Who does back step? Anyone?05 Jul 2016 14:39  

        Because it just seems like for every souls game, and Bloodborne, the back step just seems like the most useless ability in the game. Why do it when you have the backwards dodge that moves faster, farther, and has invincibility frames.

        • Anonymous

          iframes / dodge distance05 Jul 2016 14:39  

          Is there a stat that governs (increases) the iframes or distance covered in a dodge?

          • Anonymous

            Name of the dash05 Jul 2016 14:39  

            Does anyone here know what the dash is called? There are multiple ways to animate what a "dash" is, but this sort of thing seems physically impossible in real life and seems rather special on its own.

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