Visceral Attacks are the equivalent of ripostes in Bloodborne. Performed after a successful Gun Parry, players can inflict massive damage on enemies that are in a susceptible state.

Visceral Attack Basics

A Visceral Attack functions much like a riposte from the Souls series. There are two ways to set up a Visceral Attack:visceral-attacks-bloodborne

  1. Parry the enemy right before it attacks. To parry you need a pistol, a shotgun or Augur of Ebrietas, and the Quicksilver Bullets  to fuel these tools.
  2. While directly behind an enemy, hit that enemy with a fully charged R2 attack. This works on most, but not all enemies.

If the trigger is succesful, you will hear a very specific sound, and the enemy will go into a "stunned" animation.

From this point on, walk up to the enemy and press R1 to perform a Visceral Attack, which will knock the enemy down.


Visceral Attack Specifics

- Visceral Attacks scale with Blood Level and the Skill stat.

- Visceral Attacks deal Thrust damage.

- Visceral Attacks scale with a weapon's projected Thrust AR.

- This means that weapons specced for Blunt, Arcane, Fire or Bolt, will have considerably weaker Visceral Attacks.

- Weapons that deal primarily Blunt damage, but are not specced to do only Blunt damage (Adept Gems) have normal Visceral Attacks.

- Some bosses can be parried, while others will be left open to a Visceral Attack after absorbing sufficient damage.

- A Visceral Attack will restore all orange health.

- For the duration of a Visceral Attack, you are invulnerable.


Runes Affecting Visceral Attacks

- Heir (increase Blood Echoes gained)

- Clawmark (increase Visceral Attack damage)

- Blood Rapture (regain health with Visceral Attacks)

- Oedon Writhe (regain Quicksilver Bullets with Visceral Attacks)


Visceral Attack Super Specifics

- Visceral damage increases dramatically between 1 and 10 points in Skill.

- Visceral damage increases additively by roughly 2% per point in Skill (between Skill 10 and Skill 50)

- Visceral damage increases additively by roughly 0.5% per point in Skill after Skill reaches 50.

- Visceral damage increases from Blood Level end at Blood Level 200.

- You may be visceralled by hostile hunters and certain bosses (Maria and Gehrman).

- Visceralling an enemy can disrupt adjacent enemies.

- After a Visceral Attack, there's enough time to heal or dash away.

- After stunning an enemy, there's enough time to perform a single roll towards them, and press R1.

- The Visceral trigger (R1) may be disrupted by a height difference between the enemy and the player (like when fighting on stairs)

- The player need not be in front of an enemy to trigger a Visceral, but the player does need to be directly in front of a boss if that boss is not otherwise parryable.


You can read a detailed article on visceral attacks here.



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