Visceral Attacks are the equivalent of ripostes in Bloodborne. Performed after a successful Gun Parry, players can inflict massive damage on enemies that are in a susceptible state.

Visceral Attack Basics

A Visceral Attack functions much like a riposte from the Souls series. There are two ways to set up a Visceral Attack:visceral-attacks-bloodborne

  1. Parry the enemy right before it attacks. To parry you need a pistol, a shotgun or Augur of Ebrietas, and the Quicksilver Bullets  to fuel these tools.
  2. While directly behind an enemy, hit that enemy with a fully charged R2 attack. This works on most, but not all enemies.

If the trigger is successful, you will hear a very specific sound, and the enemy will go into a "stunned" animation.

From this point on, walk up to the enemy and press R1 to perform a Visceral Attack, which will knock the enemy down.


Visceral Attack Specifics

- Visceral Attacks scale with Blood Level and the Skill stat.

- Visceral Attacks deal Thrust damage.

- Visceral Attacks scale with a weapon's projected Thrust AR.

- This means that weapons specced for Blunt, Arcane, Fire or Bolt, will have considerably weaker Visceral Attacks.

- Weapons that deal primarily Blunt damage, but are not specced to do only Blunt damage (Adept Gems) have normal Visceral Attacks.

- Some bosses can be parried, while others will be left open to a Visceral Attack after absorbing sufficient damage.

- A Visceral Attack will restore all orange health.

- For the duration of a Visceral Attack, you are invulnerable.


Runes Affecting Visceral Attacks

- Heir (increase Blood Echoes gained)

- Clawmark (increase Visceral Attack damage)

- Blood Rapture (regain health with Visceral Attacks)

- Oedon Writhe (regain Quicksilver Bullets with Visceral Attacks)


Visceral Attack Super Specifics

- Visceral damage increases dramatically between 1 and 10 points in Skill.

- Visceral damage increases additively by roughly 2% per point in Skill (between Skill 10 and Skill 50)

- Visceral damage increases additively by roughly 0.5% per point in Skill after Skill reaches 50.

- Visceral damage increases from Blood Level end at Blood Level 200.

- You may be visceralled by hostile hunters and certain bosses (Maria and Gehrman).

- Visceralling an enemy can disrupt adjacent enemies.

- After a Visceral Attack, there's enough time to heal or dash away.

- After stunning an enemy, there's enough time to perform a single roll towards them, and press R1.

- The Visceral trigger (R1) may be disrupted by a height difference between the enemy and the player (like when fighting on stairs)

- The player need not be in front of an enemy to trigger a Visceral, but the player does need to be directly in front of a boss if that boss is not otherwise parryable.


You can read a detailed article on visceral attacks here.



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    • Anonymous

      19 Oct 2021 05:27  

      Binding it to skill is quite possibly the worst combat decision they've made in this game. Unlike the guns and invasion problem, this hurts PvE too

      • Anonymous

        08 Jul 2021 16:38  

        Be careful using visceral attacks in the Chalice Dungeons. If you kill an enemy with a visceral attack, when you return later to the scene of the crime there will be a bloodlicker slurping away.

        • Anonymous

          12 May 2019 00:48  

          Does anyone have theories on what it actually IS? Is it the act of shoving one's hand into a victim's soul, and ripping it out? Are you LITERALLY stabbing your hand into someone and tearing out some chunks? Is this explained anywhere?

          • Anonymous

            11 Apr 2019 23:48  

            Some things to note. No matter what weapon you are wielding, It is considered a thrust attack, and is affected by any blood gems that would affect thrust attack of the weapon currently equipped. ([odd] tempering, nourishing, adept, [possibly?] finestrike, fool's, poorman's, beast/kinhunter, and sharp) I am currently looking into other gems that can affect visceral attacks and have found that the "odd [element]" (arcane, fire, bolt, BUT NOT BLOOD) gems also increase the damage as well. What is left for me to look at is "heavy" blood gems. I don't have one, yet, but I need it to see if it affects visceral attacks. If it does, it opens up a new avenue for strength based visceral builds.

            • Anonymous

              28 Oct 2018 08:20  

              "Likely Branched of from lifedrain" euhm no? Bloodborne lore and Dark souls lore are unrelated. Same goes for the 2nd point where it conflates Demon's Souls Lore with that of Dark Souls. They're just simular gaming mechanics, because all three games are made by the same director.

              • Anonymous

                04 May 2018 14:09  

                am i just lucky or do enemies, killed by visceral attacks, drop more rare stuff?
                the hunters in the dlc seem to drop more often gems and the werewolfes in upper cathedral ward tend to drop more bloodstone chunks.

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