The control scheme for Bloodborne is very similar to the Demons Souls and Dark Souls series, however there are some differences as timing and positioning mechanics are introduced.

Bloodborne PS4 Controls



Transformation of right-hand weapon (transforming weapon)
When transforming during attack, it becomes a "Transformational Attack"


Attack using left-hand weapon (gun/torch):
When holding right-hand weapon with both hands, it becomes a special attack


Attack using right-hand weapon (transforming weapon)
Standard Attack


Strong attack using right-hand wepon (transforming weapon):

    • When holding down the button, it becomes a charged attack


    • Left stick forward +R2 Button: Jump Attack



Use to see Stat properties when on your stat screen.
When enemy is nearby: Turns on/off lock-on
When enemy is not nearby: Resets Camera


Use Consumables that are equipped

  • Can include; using antidotes, throwing items, using enchantments, etc.



Use Blood Vial (Restores HP) - (Unable to use if inventory is empty)




    • When locked-on to enemy: use left stick and will step in the inputed direction
    • When not locked-on to enemy: use left stick and will roll in the inputed direction
    • Hold Down button + Left Stick: Sprint Press again while sprinting and will become a sprint-roll (can also be used to jump short gaps)



Action button

  • If held while moving the controller, motion control gestures can be used


Right Stick:

Control the Camera


Left Stick:

Controls the player character

Directional Buttons:

    • Up: Gain Blood Bullets (+5) at the cost of your HP (can be regained back)
    • Down: Switch equipped consumable item to be used
    • Right: Switch right-hand weapon
    • Left: Switch left-hand weapon

Options Button:
Open inventory menu

Touchpad [Left]:
Open gesture menu

Touchpad [Right]
Open "Personal Effects" menu

  • Essentially an alternate set of consumable items that lack the quick use button
  • I recommend equipping multiplayer based items here


Counter Shot:

  1. Shoot gun just before enemy attack hits
  2. The enemy will start to collapse
  3. When the enemy is collapsing follow up with a short hold of the R1 button
  4. A high power special attack will Occur



  1. Hit the enemy with maximum charged attack from Behind
  2. When enemy is collapsing follow up with a short hold of the R1 button
  3. Will set off a high power attack different from normal attacks.


Bloodborne PS Vita Remote Play Controls

DualShock 4 Control In-game function Remote Play Control
L2 & R2 Gun & Strong attack Bottom corners of front touchscreen
DS4 Touchpad (split to left & right halves) Gestures & Personal Effects Front Touchpad (split to left & right halves)
R3 Lock-on to enemy Right half of Rear Touchpad

Below is an image from the Gamescom 2014 demo.

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